Political climate in Colombia

  1. Free education already exist (it’s crappy tho), it doesn’t exist in university tho so he is trying to do that (most people in the country want more investment in education so that’s a good thing). The really bad topics are his proposal of pension (we have a mixed system, but we wants to make everybody that earns under 1000 USD a month to contribute to the public pension, and everybody above that may contribute to the private pension.. it is not clear yet what he wants and people are worried about what would happen as the private pension works by investing money in the stock exchange and others) and his proposal of land redistribution (he wants to either buy unused land from big private owners to give it to the poor farmers and/or natives or pretty much expropriate that land). The tax reform he proposed needs some changes as it would make small private companies to go broke as the quantity of taxes they would need to pay. So the future of Colombia doesn’t seems like Venezuela, but it seems like Argentina. Also, in the tax reform there are a few articles that states than anybody who earns more than 2500 USD has increment of taxes and anybody that has a net worth of about 400,000 USD will have to pay a net worth tax. Most people are okay with those proposals. But the problem is the private pension reform, a little about the healthcare reform (he wants to end pretty much the private sector, I’m worried about that), and his tax reform on the small companies.

  2. Thanks for the thorough response. I personally was excited about new president, but again all I cad do is to read articles and make some sort of conclusion. Recently I read about redistribution of land and in my experience it’s not always works the way people hope.

  3. Americans use the term "peaceful protest" to refer to riots involving arson, assaults, and murders. Same for "mostly peaceful protest". To avoid confusion, you might want to say a peaceful march or nonviolent protest.

  4. The greater concern is if the new president will end the war on drugs. If that happens, the USA government might put sanctions and other economic punishments on Colombia.

  5. Colombia's elephant in the room is that years ago the government had to abandon managing safety outside the Coffee Zone and the major cities. This was necessary to keep a shining city such as Medellín safe for residents, Expats and commerce.

  6. It always interests me when socialist type policies or programs are considered problematic in Latin American countries yet you have countless European nations that have long had policies rooted in socialism and they thrive. But it’s not really to the liking of the US for their Latin American neighbors to become successful social democracies ergo anything socialist is bad. In the case of Venezuela, corruption played a huge role in their downfall.

  7. Corruption is a big one. I tend to believe that countries that don’t have wealth and economic stability simply don’t have resources to implement these programs and stay afloat. They’ll tax the rich and rich will find a way to fuck a little men. You take wealth with force and you’ll get chaos and revolution. This game is never fair.

  8. Venezuela is a basket case because it's leaders didn't understand economics 101, not because of socialism.

  9. Are you from the USA? Or are you right wing? Because my use of words world depend completely on your stance.

  10. I’m from US, but immigrated from Russia. Not sure why would you have different words, I’m asking for opinion. I myself don’t identify with any party because ultimately i believe both parties lie their way to the power.

  11. Chances are none of that happen. Yes he's extremely left which scare a lot of the wealthier Colombians and baby boomer cable news addict expats in Medellin. That he's taking away everyone's stuff and make it a communist paradise is pretty nuts to believe though

  12. lmao those are just trump supporters looking for their new playground to hate in. the president is left wing but the congress is right wing. they will have to work together to accomplish anything meaningful

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