Anyone know what this is?

  1. Well if it's the battery(seems likely) and located in the same place my 18' escape...I've got some bad news about the replacement process. It's under the windshield!

  2. I drove an old Ford once. Battery and braker fluid reservoir was right under the windshield and i had to remove the gas pedal for a cabin filter replacement.

  3. Battery.. I had a Fusion and the battery croaked on it, did this sorta thing. Start at the battery first, get your alternator load tested as Well.

  4. Something got wet? I'd check ur battery for corrosion. U can poor a can of dark pop on the battery terminals to eat corrosion off without is damaging anything.

  5. Easy tests to tell what component between two. Put the car in neutral and roll it a foot back or forward, if it starts or is not straight flatlining like this, it’s the starter. If it’s not the starter, it’s the battery.

  6. You need a new battery, and then i would test the alternator and then check for a leak or draw. Could have a short somewhere causing a drain or a relay stuck on eating up those much needed protons. After the voltage leak, check a door or light switch, could be stuck or broken and the bulb could be dead by now but it probably failed open. Mainly, you need a new battery

  7. I was expecting the steering to turn around on its own and change direction every 0.5 seconds like it had a cold. And yeah, it looks like battery.

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