Drum brake adjustment.

  1. No, not really. I'm sure there is a technical way to do it, but the way that's always worked for me, and I've been taught, is that once you feel the drag, back it off.

  2. There is a gauge tool. (Only seen used once) you spread it to the ID of the drum, then use the other side of the pointers to set the OD of the shoes.

  3. depends on the drum setup, some have self adjusting one way ratchet system and some have a nut you spin through a wheel bolt hole.

  4. I tighten the shoes until I can’t spin the wheel by hand and back off from there, usually about 10 clicks. Like you mentioned, it’s hard to tell sometimes how much resistance is due to drag. This way, I know the shoes are centered in the drum and wheel lock up is a definite starting point.

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