1. I’ve always loved them. They are super dinosaury but also seem gentle enough that you could make it a pet, and it’s head is low enough that you could pet it.

  2. I had dinosaur toys when I was a child and the only king was the Ankilosaurus. T-Rex never stood a chance after getting hammered in the face by a flailing tail mace.

  3. I've forgotten then name but I immediately thought "the one with a hammer on its tail"! I remember seeing a documentary long ago watching CGI dinos fight and the Ankylosaurus took my heart.

  4. Thats my favorite one too! I was so confused and had to look it up to make sure I wasnt losing my mind. I decided I liked this one as a kid cause I thought it was fun to say...Triceratops. hehe still makes me smile 😁

  5. I remember being a kid walking home from school one day and just casually breaking into a full on velociraptor sprint. Not a single fuck given as to who was watching. Now i cant walk normally in public without wondering if im doing it weird.

  6. Since there is no pachycephalosaurus here, I will have to take the parasaurolophus. Second favorite, but a close second.

  7. I’m a trombone player and I’ve always liked them because apparently somehow the crest and the way they make noise was similar to how a trombone would work

  8. 3, pterodactyl is a pterosaur, a type of flying reptile, both Ichthyosaurs and mosasaurs are marine reptiles, it still annoys me as am ex palaeontology student, that people confuse these with dinosaurs

  9. Iguanadon, hands down. This is my favorite question to ask as an icebreaker. My favorite people in the world are the ones who have answered genuinely

  10. It warms my heart to see all the Ankylo, Pachycephalasaurus, Parasaurophulus and Iguanadon love in these comments.

  11. Actually an early mammalian ancestor, closer in relation to us than dinosaurs (thought you'd appreciate some info instead of another 'you're wrong' statement)

  12. Mine is Andesaurus, bc And means duck in Danish, and i now Imagine a big duck dino running around millions of years ago.

  13. I can't trust anyone who doesn't love a good spinosaurus. Badass t rex with a big fin and also kind of a fish. What more could you want in a dinosaur? I rest my case.

  14. They changed Triceratops' name?? I knew brontosaurus became brachiosaurus, so much has changed since my childhood

  15. Brontosaurus was thought to be apatosaurus actually, but recently it's been reclassified and is considered its own genus again (so brontosaurus is still it's own thing)

  16. Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Brontosaurus (despite the name change). In that order. Get with it. Preferably while fighting each other using plastic models.

  17. Alright first of all mosasaurs, pterosaurs and ichthyosaurs aren't dinosaurs. Second, I pick the ankylosaurus, turtle dino is a badass.

  18. My best friend is really into dinosaurs, and every time he asks me what my favorite is I always say a Dimetrodon and watch him contain his anger.

  19. Stegosaurus - due to that badass scene in the Dino-Riders movie where the enemy sees one side of it and rule it out as a threat then it turns to it's other side fully strapped up missiles and wrecks shit

  20. No triceratops in this pic? I’ve always been partial to that one. I also really like ankylosaurus because I had a really cool toy one. Also not sure why, but I always got a good vibe from parasaurolophus. All of the other ones are pretty awesome too

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