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  1. The funniest part about these stupid memes is that if they taught you how to do all these things in 6th grade, by the time you graduated the process would have changed enough to make your entire education worthless.

  2. Math teaches complex problem solving skills and literally hard wires the brain to more successfully solve ANY problem … the more you know folks

  3. that's true of any form of complex thinking. I have a friend who repairs elevators and stays up all night solving those problems in his head. we have all experienced that nagging feeling of wanting to find a solution to a situation that is optimally targeted to my level of skillet AND interest. this is not unique to math.

  4. I question this because I’m relatively ok at problem solving and logic flows (if this, then that type stuff) but I’m shit at math

  5. Honestly, I feel like teachers could have done a better job communicating this. It's not really about knowing trigonometry and the quadratic formula - it's about training your brain to handle more complicated problems. And if you do end up using those specific concepts later on, so much the better!

  6. Incidentally, the people who can't get a job or pay taxes also couldn't figure out how to use the quadratic formula while they were in school.

  7. I don't remember how to do it anymore and why/for what. But yes it wasn't hard for me at school as I recall.

  8. Yeah and if your taxes get complicated, you can afford to have someone do them for you. Complaining that schools don’t teach us how to do our taxes is dumb. If a school teaches you how to use a computer, you can do your taxes.

  9. Imagine looking at the state of the world and saying, “you know, we need even fewer people who understand science and math”

  10. How do I get a job? You fill out a piece of paper with information that you know because it your personal information. How do I pay taxes? You use one of several online tax programs where you fill out a form with information that you know because it’s your information. How do I buy a house? You talk to a bank and realtor and let them do their jobs. Then you use your money from your job to buy the house.

  11. Funny enough we just wrapped up resumes and most of my students still have down pretty well, but there’s plenty that just fighting me over every step and not taking it seriously.

  12. Fun fact: if you rearranged the variables and cube root the numerator... you can actually create a good formula to calculate el que lo lea es puto

  13. If you can't spend some time teaching yourself skills like these in this day and age then you're a dumbass and a part of the problem. Internet? Library? Knowledgable friend?

  14. Math is literally how you pay taxes lmao how tf are you going to understand anything about finances if you don’t even know algebra?

  15. Honestly plenty of home ec options once you hit high school most places. Most of you probably just went "whatever, that's for girls" and didn't take it. They literally had a quarter of the class dedicated to personal finance and another dedicated to cooking for yourself.

  16. School teaches useful critical problem solving which OP would know if they probably didn’t drop out. Yes. Not every single day you use the exact formula’s, some people do, not everyone. And how to pay taxes? Really? Just fuckin buy something and taxes paid. Send a check when asked? How to buy a house? Find a realtor.

  17. True true! OP just plain stupid. And the worst part is a bunch of braindead people my age will probably just think "school bad" and upvote this post and give it fivehundredbazillion awards.

  18. School have enough problem growing your brain already, it's your job to fill it with required information. Plus, your parents suck if they never told you any of that and you sucks cuz you never asked them and keep blaming school.

  19. I heard there were times when people had the ability to reseach and find knowledge on their own. Actually most of this time they did not have internet.

  20. Have you studied history? Had the ability to research?! From what did they research in the 1400? Their only source of knowledge was the church. And today, people are totally unable to look up stuff, I have worked in customer care for a while, and people are dumb as shit. Touch grass.

  21. When I was in school we literally were taught these things, and people still complained about the same thing down the road because they didn't actually pay attention.

  22. I had a class that did teach us these skills, but I didn’t want to learn anyways. I now know what people mean when they say they would go back and do it all over.

  23. Wtf are these comments. Ostensibly, public school does not prepare kids enough for adulthood and rely on families to teach their kids a lot of basic skills like these. Well guess what, a lot of families are abusive and/or don’t know how to do these things themselves. What’s the point of having this institution to teach children if not to teach them useful things?

  24. It's actually fool proof because if you're too useless to figure out how to get a job on your own, you're probably too incompetent to have a job in the first place anyways. And if you don't have a job you don't need to pay taxes and can't afford a house. All 3 problems solved

  25. Well, when I feel life couldn’t get any worse…’s too expensive to eat or put gas in the car, I always find there’s nothing a good quadratic equation can’t solve

  26. God that formula gives me ptsd of high school when my math teacher made me sing this formula in front of the class

  27. That’s called the discriminant and the quadratic formula is where Δ comes from. It was chosen because it is a good indicator of how many real roots a degree two polynomial has based on the behavior of the square root function.

  28. Literally all of you are ignoring the fact rhat the EDU system only teaches us maybe one or two useful things. And absolutely refuses to teach us how to get a guaranteed job out of high school, how to do taxes, or any of that shit.

  29. I can tell you for a fact that teenage me would have fallen asleep much faster in a personal finances class covering the tax system than I would have in math class lol

  30. You learn that shit to get into a college then to get a job then earn money. Ain't nobody asking you for taxes if you don't earn money. And neither can you buy a house without money.

  31. I also spent a week doing taxes and advanced money stuff. It seems these lessons are more prevalent in Canada. But even then, I have some problems with the system:

  32. The quadratic formula is pretty important tbh. Maybe it's cause I'm an engineer, but I feel like everyone should know that.

  33. I thought the main point of the school system is make you competent enough to get a job. I just think that a job would be good enough to be prepared for life

  34. So glad the career I chose involves no math. Seriously, high school math was made by some sadistic devil, no matter how much I practiced, somehow I would forget some stupid little thing and get everything wrong. It's like it was made to prank you

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