You guys are misstypes.

  1. i hear that most people are actually mistyped. bc they see what they WANT to see in themselves and not what they actually use, they also have more bias towards themselves to they type themselves what they want instead of what they are

  2. Objective Personality goes through this pretty well. The explain that the type you most likely want to be usually involves anything but your own type. You know when you get your actual type when you spend a few days contemplating and being disappointed with your type.

  3. Another reason for the mistypes is because people don’t see themselves from an outside perspective, only an inside perspective. Basically other people see things in you that you don’t see in yourself.

  4. This is why I prefer questions that ask "What you would do if ____". I'm not sure if it can actually help with determining what type you are, But it definitely helps (at least for me) to avoid answering about what I want to see in myself.

  5. I considered myself INTJ ("with a strong Fi hurdur") for a couple of years until I got some real life examples of people, as well as life experience leading me to deeper introspection as to how I approached things in childhood and my growth. Discovered that my Te was more aspirational rather than something I could utilize naturally, and that my "Ni" was actually my own misunderstandings of Ne/Si.

  6. I agreee that most are mistyped, but according to personality theory, we are constantly developing at every stage of life- despite that development our type remains constant and unchanged. Rather than to do with age, though it is definitely a factor, the issue is that most people simply don’t invest the time into understanding something very complex. Even someone who puts all their time into learning it, can fail to fully grasp and apply the concepts.

  7. Random thought, but you don't have to overestimate your abilities to not be open to learning beyond your present abilities. Overconfidence is not the only reason for close mindedness, most people like that just seem defensive to me, like they know they can't do better or know they're not willing to try and fail.

  8. But it's good. You have to make the wrong assumptions and lean into them fully until the breaking point to get to better know yourself

  9. I wouldn't disagree that you can become more self-aware as you age due to maturation, but making that assertion is unsubstantiated

  10. I’m still honestly confused af. It makes sense, but I keep finding new reasons why I can’t be this or that type (a sign I might not be a mistype), that I’m not even bothering analyzing myself anymore lol

  11. I have a theory that it goes the other way too. People over 50, especially people with kids, are way more likely to type as ESxJ or ISxJ because they're forced to change their behavior and prioritize parenting for so many years. Like from stories that my 68 year old dad tells me, there's no way he'd type the same at age 25 as now. I don't think type changes but I think it's harder to tell what someone's true type is once they've matured so much and "balanced out" for lack of a better term.

  12. I guess that makes sense but most people say im an INFP and I always get INFP/ENFP on tests (and function wiae) so yeah maybe my personality isnt fully developed yet (im 15) but if I appear as an INFP then I must be, at least for now in my developing process

  13. The number one reason people mistype themselves is still lack to a strong understanding of the typing system itself. It doesn't help that most people's first introduction to MBTI tests is sites like 16p that oversimplify and distorts the understanding. As soon as you start looking at what's under the hood, you find out that the 16 types are so unmistakably distinct from one another. From there the rest is up to the individual's knowledge of their own selves. And sometimes people do have blindspots about their own inner workings, and it usually checks out with their type funnily enough

  14. Yes, some might change personality types, but its usually a very similar type, like an ESTP might become an ESFP, but they are still very similar, and then there are others that don't change at all, between Teens and '20s

  15. I agree. It's not like in the past when you started to become a man at like 15-16. People mature way slower nowadays and it is often times because of the nuclear family, which is just sad. And the society which infantilizes people in a regular basis is also harming in this way.

  16. Is that why when i was 18 i identified with enfp and now im 26, i see myself as entp? Someone told me it's because 3rd function develops in our later stage that's why i feel like i changed?

  17. 3rd function stuff doesn’t really make sense, you would look like an enfp even more as an entp after you developed some Fe combined with Ti?

  18. lol. i seem to be the opposite. since learning about mbti i've thought about many types as a possibility but generally leaning towards entp. but nowadays at 27 i feel more and more like im actually enfp.

  19. True. I thought I was an INTJ for a long time as I had first taken the test at 16 in my psychology class. I’m 28 now, and through cognitive functions just found out I’m not an INTJ at all, but an ENTP.

  20. I did mistype as an INFJ as a teenager and I had such a misconception of Fi that I refused to see it in myself for the longest time.

  21. yeah, people need to talk more about how the rarest types are so common and the most common types are the rarest. Please don’t letter type, please get typed by a typist with cognitive functions and stop spreading misinformation

  22. I mean, I literally cannot relate to any other personality in the slightest other than the one I am typed as, so unlikely I'm mistyped.

  23. Yes. The reality is you can´t see your dominant function. It´s so present since your birth that you are not able to identify it as one function. You think the behaviour of your dom function is normal and all people do this. Only other people can see it in you. Even high experienced psychologists say they don´t have the self reflection to objectively assess themself and some teenagers on this sub say they can type themself.

  24. That depends. I can’t notice the use of my dom function, but I know how it impacts my life. I thought that I was an ENTJ for the longest time but I was just overcompensating with my Te and I wanted to be an ENTJ because it was cool. But now I know that Ni encompasses virtually everything about me. First time that I’ve felt like a balanced person.

  25. Well I'm pretty young here - mid-teens - so I probably am a mistype, but I'll just probably keep taking the test every so often.

  26. I was typed as INFP originally. But couldn’t relate to other INFPs other than maybe some shared interests. This became increasingly more obvious when trying to deal with conflicts with them. I started learning about the cognitive functions and reading Jungs book and it’s what helped me realize I was actually INFJ. I definitely agree though with the not liking your type. No idea why we’re “idolized” by many. Rare isn’t a bragging point, Ni isn’t magical, and no you probably aren’t some famous sage/prophet yet to be discovered. I haven’t found being my type to all that useful to current society.

  27. Oh great wise sage, how does one Si? I don’t even know what it’s like and at this point I’m afraid that I never will😭

  28. I’m 23 rn and currently I identify as a 9. But thing is most people with MBTI/enneagram stuff are like older. So its like most people identify themselves looking back on their younger years whereas I’m in the sweet spot of personality development.

  29. Thought I was an ENTP cause I fit the stereotypes, some of my friends would say it fits. However my way of being is so IxxP it hurts. Go with the flow, don't care what people think, in my own head to a fault

  30. Do you know your Enneagram? Maybe you're a 7 or a 8 and therefore seem more like an ENTP. I think the Enneagram makes a whole big difference in how the MBTI types appear..

  31. Facts. 19-21, typed as INFP. 24, ENFP. Around 24-25 is when I started to realize I might be INTP or ENTP, and now I’m solidified I’m ENTP. Had to go through the emo angst phase

  32. There’s a reason why someone shouldn’t type themselves until fully matured. It’s pointless, but people like to be able to relate to something.

  33. I've typed myself out as an INFJ and fair enough it's really relative to how I mentally function plus I think I just also like being part of rarest types among all personality types and it gives my ego a boost.

  34. Yep! I thought for the longest time I was a INFP because I am very creative/artsy my whole life. Turns out ISFJ is more my vibe and how I approach life.

  35. If I'm miss typed, I wish I'm a miss typed Ne dom or Si dom because being a Ni or Se dom is way too easy to burn out. Even though Fe gives me empathy and the natural skill of emotional manipulation, but Fe parent and Fi trickster is annoying AF.

  36. the reason why I cant wait to grow up. its so tough figuring out my type as a teen and I have no choice but to be patient and wait a little longer 🥲🥲

  37. I'm 26, started this about a year ago. I was sceptical about what my type was and kept thinking maybe this wasn't it because I act so different from the stereotypes. It's delving deep enough into cognitive functions and getting neutral and knowledgeable parties involved to reduce confirmation bias. I have a Te overvalue but the rest lines up.

  38. Yuuup. I think you should, of possible, rely on people that know you well to type you rather than tests or even trying to learn the cognitive functions amd seeing which one you relate to most. If I didnt have friends who were into mbti enough to type me, I'd still be claiming to be an intp

  39. I mean I don’t want to be a Infp but that’s what I get . Also not really sure how seriously I should be taking this stuff anyways

  40. Well I have gotten other people to take the test for me and all different tests from a bunch of different people have the same results (3-4 people)

  41. That's quite natural? We question/ doubt ourselves around the age of 15-20 and only develop certain skills after that process. That doesn't mean we shouldn't go through that process of "finding" our true self. It just means our personalities are still developing, correct?

  42. Which is why I've been avoiding this sub for a long time now, I've realised memes and my personal understanding of cognitive functions don't define who I am lmao

  43. I don't think so, I might be young (16), but I'm sure I use Ni Fe and Ti everyday, since I'm a kid. (Even had a Ni-Ti loop and repressed my Fe since I didn't like to be that sensible)

  44. my personality “changed” a lot because of my negligent family and depression, and I’m still 16y but I don’t know my “real”personality. I think I’m a enfp because of my Ne, but I overthink a lot and I’m pretty introverted :( and my Fi is high tho.

  45. Personally, it gets hard to tell what I am, I hear one thing about a certain type, and it certainly sticks out to me like "that'd be the one", because that's how I'm living at that certain point. I had INFP as the result when I was young, but I didn't really dive into it till 2020. been thinking INFJ, INTJ, INTP, ISFP

  46. Well, there's supposed to be trait changes according to the Big Five. As people get older they become more introverted, lower in openness, less neurotic, more agreeable, and more conscientious. As far as the correlations to the MBTI, That would be becoming more like an ISFJ.

  47. ISTP and ESTP is not far cognitive wise. Safe to say I was mistaken for a chill ESTP when being professionally typed as an ISTP. Then I learned that professional typists only give an outside perspective to get you closer to your true type.

  48. Get a handful of people who know you well to take the test for you, based on what they know of you, then combine the results.

  49. While you become easier to type at around that age, there are some trends and traits that can lead one to lean more heavily toward one direction. For example way, way, way back in the early 2000s when I was a teen I typed as an INFP, I only took the dreamer and Idealist part and ignored the rest, then later on, like early 20s I got INFP again, then waaay later on in mid to late 20s after reading books, doing book tests and going on a variety of sites and studying up on functions I yes you guessed it also got INFP.

  50. I'm 28 and realized that INTP+Ni is possible. Got obsessed with MBTI, enneagram and Socionics. My MBTI always have been INTP when my Socionics is ILI. A bit contradictory based on the hypothesis of functions ILI is INTJ by nature. Specially the ILI-Te subtype. But nevermind, different systems have different rules. Sakinorva test is way good to see the strength of the functions. MBTI is designed for neurotypicals. If you have some condition the result won't be 100% accurate so basically mistyped is the only option, lol.

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