This subreddit when INFJ’s exist

  1. Idk that screenshot is not from this subreddit, but for some reason almost every infj post I see here usually has negative upvotes. A lot of ppl think that every infj is mistyped

  2. Damn. I truly can’t express the depths of pity I feel right now. I am truly distraught. I am so sad. This is the world we live in. We live in a society where INFJ gets downvoted.

  3. I honestly think the INFJs reputation as “the specialist most rarest type” tends to attract some rather obnoxious individuals to typing themselves as INFJs.

  4. I always thought that was interesting. I never have really understood some of our type's obsession with being the rarest ones. I just look for online stuff about my type for goofs and laughs.

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