Maybe Maybe Maybe

  1. Only if she told beforehand Derrick that it's a surprise party he would have put on a really good show.

  2. That’s what I was thinking… drunk son was just the appetizer she coulda just rushed the husband in when he said what party and everyone screamed surprise then it’s just funny.

  3. Completely fake. In a real surprise petty people would have heard dumbass Derek and ran out yelling surprise. No one can resist that anticipation.

  4. How could it be fake when caught on a “doorbell cam” that mysteriously manages to pan left and right to follow the action as it unfolds?

  5. I don't know what's more pathetic: orchestrating a poorly acted video where you pretend a mundane event happened or the people who actually enjoy this kind of content.

  6. My wife and I were headed to a big birthday dinner for her coworker’s girlfriend. We were running like 5 mins lake because of me. As we parked and walking up, I see him and his girlfriend and say, “Yo! How’s it going, excited for tonight!?” And he kinda looks at me awkwardly and mumbles something. Then it clicks, it must surprise party for his girlfriend because he acted like it was random to see us there. My wife never told me and somehow it’s still might fault for ruining the surprise cause it was my fault we were late. Like, the fuck!? You never told me!!!

  7. I've seen plenty of videos that were staged and still funny, the difference between the funny ones and the ones like this one are that the funny ones don't try to pretend they're real.

  8. Because people think it’s more fun to rage about the lady being mean and laugh about how drunk Derek is instead of actually thinking about what they just watched and realizing how staged it is

  9. Honestly, the horrible cynics on Reddit kind of ruin everything. Why can’t we just watch a video, that does seem real because you guys haven’t met my family but they’re just as dysfunctional. You guys just have to chill. Be less crappy. PLEASE for all of us.

  10. If this was real, I’d blame the ruin for ACTUALLY ruining it. Like, way to react to kill the entire vibe lol

  11. How are you the last one to know that none of your kids belong to you Derrick? After all you are the only ín your family that is white

  12. “How are you the last one to show up to your own birthday party” when it’s a surprise party, I’m definitely stealing that

  13. Maybe shit take, derricks not at fault. Why did she let him sit on the patio she should be in control and also you think that the 15 cars in the drive way isnt obvious 🤔 on your birthday I say poor planning

  14. “Thanks a lot Darek” has got to be a meme going forward. I mean even the name just sounds so good as a meme.

  15. Um... Next time you go and fucking TELL the drunk uncle it's gonna be a surprise? Instead of waiting around for his imminent fuck up?

  16. The acting in this clip is dog shit. I've seen better acting at Hank Shroeders mom's epileptic whore house.

  17. But at the end of the day wasn’t the dad surprised since he did not know about it until he was literally a few steps away? I mean he didn’t get the “SURPRISE” yell but still…

  18. I once ruined a surprise party by asking the guest of honor if he was excited for his party. As soon as the words left my mouth I rolled down my window to throw my phone out, like it was a perfect solution to undo what I had said.

  19. Fake or not, I have a cousin that acts just like this so this was a big WOW moment to see someone else do it and be on the outside. I’m young and so is he, both 30s, but he has become an obsessive alcoholic to the point of ruining public family outings and events. He would LITERALLY do what you see in this video and feel no empathy.

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