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  1. It's dangerous because if they both fall asleep like this the big brother could end up inadvertently suffocating his sister by rolling onto her in his sleep. The parents should take more care to check periodically on a child that young and not expect older childs to take care of their younger siblings

  2. lol i know right. it's just a simple big bro taking care of little sibling. maybe he's babysitting, i was doing that at like 10yo sooo it's not really that surprising, maybe he had her in there for awhile to keep her contained while he played games, easy to feed her, play with her and not worry about her getting in things.. pretty smart really.

  3. This family is on Facebook. Dad adopted all 3 kids and is fostering a 4th, he is currently single. The younger son bonded with the baby imm immediately and always looks out for her. Great family

  4. Some of y'all need to stop playing professional victim! Even the video creator. You have zero clue as to what's going on in this clip. Bitching to bitch!

  5. Why did you steal this video? I follow the family on Facebook and each of those amazing kids are adopt adopted and being raised by a single father who loves them. The middle one bonded with her immediately and always looks out for her.

  6. This is the first I’ve heard of this. What an amazing story. Why did the dad decide to adopt? Are all the kids from the same birth mom?

  7. Some good big bro's there. She is going to have nothing to worry about in life I think with them pair. Well done 👍

  8. While I initially thought about that, the little girl definitely looks big enough to not be a smothering risk, especially around two siblings.

  9. First thing I thought too. Other than the fact I’d never leave my kid in a high chair like that, I’d smack his siblings if they put him in bed with a blanket

  10. Ultimately this is a beautiful thing but with some precautions ignored. These are kids so I wouldn’t expect anything more from them than this but many are right on the dangers of co-sleeping with babies but it’s the thought of comforting that child that wins this one.

  11. Am I the only one wondering why these kids are watching the baby? Like why was she even in the high chair long enough to fall asleep. Get a babysitter

  12. Please don’t do this. Safe sleep is super important. My wife works at a hospital and babies are brought in every week passed away from a parent/sibling rolling over and suffocating them without realizing it.

  13. I see so many people saying this, is this actually common? I've never known anyone personally who ever lost a kid this way. I get it's more of a risk, but I can't believe it's actually that risky? Like what's the population of your city? How many of these rollover deaths happen a week/month?

  14. The kids are trained this way. They raise each other in the US and the parents collect food stamps and welfare checks. This is what most of my friends growing up had to do. And cater to the parents as well who did nothing. That is normal life in NYC ghetto neighborhoods at least.

  15. It kinda seemed like they were all up late playing video games, and as soon as they heard their parents coming home they all jumped in to bed

  16. Dad is in the shower and she was watching her brother play video games. She isn't being left unsupervised for goodness sake.

  17. Y'all something else- like this few seconds clip is giving y'all so many informations and y'all so smart detectives!!! I just see 2 siblings taking care of an younger sibling and it's cute. Surprised to see how uncommon it is for people sleeping with babies in bed in some countries lol . It's pretty normal for parents-child to sleep together till a certain age, like till 5 or even 10. I feel like it is pretty unsafe to out your baby/toddler in a different room to sleep. Never even heard or read one case about people smothering children in sleep.

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