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  1. I was reading about the history of pineapples, and did you know in the colonial days pineapples were so expensive that they were strictly used as ornaments to show off wealth? There were even places you could rent a pineapple for the evening.

  2. Not just EU, in India too kings used to flex them for fancy dinners. So much so the pineapple got famous that it is carved in lot of monuments especially in city of Hyderabad.

  3. My soon to be ex wife loves pineapples. Has a tattoo and everything. We festooned the house with them, as they are a symbol of hospitality.

  4. What the fuck is the context of that shot. It's clearly the part where the dialogue pauses for canned audience laughter, but in silence it's just so... intense

  5. For some fucking reason, i read "nipple" instead of "nice pineapple".... Can i offer you a nipple in this trying time

  6. All these people shitting on this poor girl for dancing, and I am willing to bet a large part of them only clicked because she was on the thumbnail. Y'all chucklefucks are hilarious.

  7. In the 17th century, pineapples were such a rare and expensive item, that many rich people would carry pineapples with them to flaunt their wealth.

  8. I've never asked for much in this world. I try to live humbly and simply. But the one thing I want—with every ounce of my being—is that ruining influencers' TikToks by walking into frame and stoically-yet-proudly presenting a pineapple becomes a thing that lives forever.

  9. So many morons in this xomment section expecting an average girl to have a kim k ass. You lot should look in the mirror and grow a pair before you go off on an obvious minor. Fucking idiots I swear, hope the lot of you never reproduce and inflict your bullshit on your kids

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