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  1. Okay, so funny story-- my mom is not fluent in English. She once came home from the train mad. She accidentally stepped on a man's foot, but he seemed more mad after she "apologized". I asked her to say exactly what she said.. She told the man, "I don't care!", thinking she was saying "I didn't have care" (at that point the only English she had known was British English, but this happened inthe US)

  2. The bed in drawers seems like a great idea if bigger because it’s dark and can be made to block out noise maybe.

  3. Check out Pashion Shoes. They are heels that convert to flats. 100% swear I don’t work for them (I’m a social worker lol) but I found them and feel like I have to pass them on to everyone in this thread saying they like the heel idea.

  4. Everyone goes through a stage of building stupid suit when they get their first MIG welder. At least he’s giving us laughs while doing so.

  5. "For the design is very human. So are they all, all very human" - Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene II, by William Shakespeare.

  6. The bed that slowly pulls you up on your feet to wake you up is maybe not a terrible idea. I'd like that one.

  7. “The design is very human” has worked its way into my everyday vocabulary because of these videos

  8. That's a lot of wasted material for gags. Seem to be trying too hard to copy the unnecessary invention guy.

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