Maybe maybe maybe

  1. Ikr, this post probably is up there as one of the best and most apt posts I've seen on this sub since I joined lol.

  2. It can’t be done. It’s impossible I guess. Thanks for this. We all need more failure in our life

  3. I for one, am glad the video doesn’t end with him getting it. Truly this post is in the maybemaybemaybe spirit

  4. Wow, I thought I was so smart checking the length of the video 10 seconds in, then assuming it much be so long because he succeeds at the end

  5. At 21 seconds I looked if this was a gif, to post my anger and hate in comments. However I saw this was a video, so I watched it another 16 seconds just to get disappointed again.

  6. This literally makes my body ache, it’s so annoying. Wtf is this sub and why is it in my recommendations. Should be burned with fire and banished to hell next to TikTok and Katy Perry

  7. Folks, this is on loop. Don’t make mistake and watch for minutes on end waiting for him to make it. He doesn’t. He doesn’t make it. There is no satisfaction at the end of this video. Just pure torment.

  8. He keeps moving his hand after the shot. So any small refinements to position are not starting from the point where he released the coin the last time.

  9. The clip is looped . Same 3-4 tries have been repeated. You can see this by looking at his facial expression.

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