Bois... how do you cope with the post mass effect depression?

  1. Something else that happens is on your second playthrough you REALLY savior the experience because you now know what lies at the end of the journey... Post ME depression. That means suddenly you start paying attention to the details and guess what.. ME excels in the details. Before you know you become one of us hopeless ME trilogy fans.

  2. I’ve reached the acceptance phase. Acceptance that no video game narrative will ever be as engrossing, that no cast of characters will ever be as endearing.

  3. I sound like a broken record by now, I think, but I would really recommend Disco Elysium. It has great dialogue and voice actors, it's a story based game, so no violence (not much anyway) no shooter. But when my husband told me to go play it, I thought I would hate it. I went into it with VERY low expectations and at first I really hated the artwork too, but... holy shit. The game is amazing, it's a rollercoaster. Laughed so hard I was crying, was sad and melancholic.

  4. I'm in the middle of acceptance and dépression, it's more like a melancolic resolve; except maybe deltarune, nothing will ever be as good, and the existence of this universe alone makes me realize how soul crushingly boring and lame ours is. So i wait, i found the purpose of my life through art: to wait. Wait for more. Wait for the wonder of brain digitalisation to become true, then at least we'll be able to have more, infinitely more, forever, as gods in the subjective reality of our own mind. It's comforting to think that fiction universes are no less real than ours; we can only perceive reality, what we consider reality is just our collective, subjective perception, in the limited context of our perception our reality is real, and in the limited context of the perception of the characters we love, their universe is just as real as ours, what gives us the right to define what's real and what isnt when we can only perceive reality?

  5. I've tried. I just couldn't get into those games the same way. I think the combat is what puts ME into a different realm for me. I don't find Dragon Age or KOTOR combat fun.

  6. I feel you, brother. I've finished my first playthrough 1 week ago and I'm still depressed. I instantly started a new run, this makes me feel better about it. :D Sometimes I wish I can forget a game's story just to play it once more ,and feel the sameway like first time.

  7. I went in having been spoiled the ending and still cried like a baby for 1hour afterwards, even when you know the outcome the games are still incredible

  8. I agree. I believe the story should have been more based on survival rather than another big bad alien species. They could have made it that the different ships are against each other. You need to solve these horrible situations and need to gain materials for survival of the entire colony.

  9. This. I played it expecting crap, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. No character is better than the core crew of Garrus/Liara/Tali/Wrex, and the story/lore is lacking when compared to the trilogy, which isn't fair, because it set the bar, and it did so impossibly high. I expected to hate the story, to hate Ryder (I always played male Shep, but went with Sarah - highly recommended, loved her spirit), and to hate the absence of established metropolises. What I didn't expect was to connect with the finality of its concept. Andromeda's story mechanics made the game feel very much like a new frontier (at least to me), and the absence of many of the amenities the trilogy had to offer made my actions feel like they carried more weight. Some of the crew are kinda lame in comparison to Garrus et al, but none are as bad as the trilogy's worst, and I'd place at least two of them above many common favorites like Thane, Grunt, or Kasumi. And, as mentioned, the combat and battlefield mobility is tops and really opened up the different classes for me. If you're on PC, mods make it even better. No comments on the ending, but I was satisfied, and it could have opened up a very cool trilogy. Too bad Bioware rushed its launch and then abandoned it. Ah well.

  10. Well, in the short term you can embrace the feeling of emptiness and acknowledge that it was due to a truly memorable experience that you now feel this sense of loss. Then you can replay the games, spend more time with different characters.

  11. What you've got there my friend is something called PSD or Post Series Depression. I think it is becoming more and more recognised in the psychology community and more people in general are becoming aware of it. But the best description I've ever found for the feeling is on urban dictionary:

  12. Eventually you will... or maybe you wont. I didnt really. It could be considered a form of acceptance, but personally, i accepted that our reality was just inferior. My life goal is to wait, eventually, and i'm likely to be alive to see it, brain digitalisation will become possible, and then we wont be bound by our current perceived reality; we'll be immortal gods shaping the subjective reality of our own mind as we wish. It's helps to think that reality is subjective, and that what we consider fiction is no less real than what we consider real; we call our perceived reality real as it is real in the limited context of our perception, fictional universes are also real in the limited context of the perception of the characters. Who are we to judge what's real when we can only perceive it?

  13. I just finished an entire playthrough of the series for the first time finally after years of different console generations and completely restarting the grind with the legendary edition and i wish the 4th was here already 🥲

  14. I know exactly how you feel. I was the exact same minus the comfort of 4 being announced. If I were to suggest something however, why not make playing the series again something of a hallmark?

  15. I do this too, I always wait for "that feeling" to play the game again. You know that sense of excitement at the thought of starting another playthrough. You boot the game and instantly everything feels right and you know you're gonna be spending the next month in this universe. You have to give that time, like a good wine :D

  16. I tell myself Ill go for a true renegade playthrough next time only to find myself unable to be rude to tali and liara, unable not to mentor young innocent garrus, and filled with diagust at the mere THOUGHT of getting rid of the ultimate Brogan.

  17. Yeah I agree. it took me a long time to get into Andromeda and a big part of that was all the negativity surrounding it. It’s not as good as the original trilogy but really I don’t see how anything could live up to that. It’s still a great game to me and by the end of it I was bummed out that they wouldn’t be continuing the storyline.

  18. This is normal! Mass Effect books, comics, and fanfiction have worked for me in this situation. I have seen many people recommend also playing Mass Effect: Andromeda or/and another play-through of the trilogy. Andromeda is completely different from the trilogy but it still takes place in the same universe, so it might be a good post-trilogy hangover cure.

  19. Back in 2013 when i played all three games one after the over I remember my girlfriend at the tine had to drag me out of bed because I was so bummed out... I don't think I've ever felt so lost after completing something

  20. I find that I have to take a few days off from single player gaming. Like, I can’t focus on the plot of a new game while I’m still bummed about finishing a run.. Took me nearly a month the very first time I beat ME3 with its original all we got was 3 different light shows, wtf ending. My OG Sheps remember those dark days… 😞

  21. I find that the best way to fight post-ME depression is to then play through Dragon Age, and then the best way to fight post-DA depression is to play Mass Effect. The cyclical nature of Bioware RPGs is not lost on me

  22. I watched lots of Mass Effect videos. Then I played Outer Wilds since it was another space game and it blew me away again. Ngl, it was pretty awesome going from playing Portal 2, to the Mass Effect trilogy, then to Outer Wilds, all for the first time, all in the same week.

  23. Kingdom Come Deliverance is an excellent RPG, it has a unique combat system, complex skill trees, multiple reputation systems that mesh with your playstyle and rewarding choices. It doesn't have quite as many memorable characters but it makes up for it with historical accuracy and very deep rpg mechanics. There's no magic system but I still think the combat is worth staying for. There is a sequel on the way but information is a bit scarce but there is some indication they want choices to carry over.

  24. Start over again. Make mistakes, make different choices. It’s a great series but a fascinatingly flawed one. It’s fun to see Mass Effect 3 implode on itself when only you and two squad mates survive the suicide mission.

  25. I'm scared dude. I'm approaching the end of ME3 and I fear the post mass effect depression. I've devoted the last month to the series and when it's done idk what I'll productive I guess. But that's LAME!

  26. I just finished the mass effect trilogy after aiming to play it for years as a kid. You can imagine how empty I feel now that I've finished it.

  27. I annoy everyone I know by not shutting up about how good it is. Feel guilty about it ,stop talking, try to grind another game until it inevitably calls me back.

  28. I had the same issue my first time through, so my solution was to keep playing with different classes. Gonna go through all classes.

  29. Playing another game and placing one depression over the other in an endless chain of depression that never ends

  30. In addition to a replay where you make different choices, install some mods next time around if you haven't already. Seeing things improved/less bugs/more interesting will give you a different experience, too.

  31. Feel the "grief" of having finished the trilogy for a good week and find consolation that you'll probably replay it at some point in your life or that there's a new ME on the way (as well as a new likely TV adaptation of the game).

  32. I usually start another trilogy playthrough to avoid that or play another game to keep ME out of my mind until that feeling goes away.

  33. Go back in NG+, crank up that difficulty, make different choices and LI's, and 100% the game my friend! I just finished my last achievement last night. I guess for me it's time to wait the year or so until the game calls me back. For now, I'm going to give DeathLoop a chance.

  34. I play Dragon Age: Inquisition to cope after a good ME run. It's not as fun gameplay-wise (at least to me) but the story is good, and the characters are loveable and several voice actors from ME make an appearance in it. Dorian, Iron Bull, and Cassandra all rank up there with Garrus, Tali, and Mordin in terms of how much I love their characters.

  35. Been modding Mass Effect for 3 years now. It has totally changed the vibes for me, since I haven't actually played them in that time.

  36. Watch the Expanse. It took away the ME loss and replaced it with Expanse loss once I finished watching and reading it.

  37. After my first playthrough I dealt with it by starting my second playthrough the very next day. Then I played the whole game 2 more times that same year.

  38. Finished my legendary playthrough about a week ago (had played the games years ago in standard edition and was delighted about the DLCs and that your squadmates don't commit suicide quiet that often in combat in ME1 then before).

  39. Lol play it through again. Exactly the same way. Sure I’ll tell myself I’ll see what the other decisions make happen…. But it never happens 1000 hours in XD there is no after

  40. Play a different game to get you into another genre. I recommend 'Life is Strange' or 'Tell Me Why' because they're short, episodic games and they go great with the relaxing fall season.

  41. Play it again immediatley. Mass Effect is one of the few series where it actually works. However, stay away from andromeda until youre desperate for new mass effect content, and cant replay the trilogy anymore because you can recite it in your sleep. If you dont, itll just feel lackluster and disappointing. Because it is in comparison.

  42. I usually go in for a big, inhuman wargame like Stellaris or Hearts of Iron 4. Nothing suppresses 'teh feels' like orchestrating a world war of conquest, or enslaving some xenos scum and cracking their worlds.

  43. I changed game genres entirely. I don't want to launch back in but a lot of similar games just don't measure up. I've got a whole list of games to play but I just really need a break from that sort of game right now

  44. I usually play Dragonage after, or another game. I wouldn't recommend Andromeda because it is quite the letdown compared to the trilogy but some people do seem to like it somehow so maybe you would.

  45. While it would require an additional purchase of the original ME3, I'd say try for the MP co-op. You won't get your squad interactions, but you will get to play as your favorite squadmate, which is a fucking blast.

  46. You finished three triple A games, over 100 hours okay, I’m a few days. I believe you’re experiencing depression, I doubt Mass Effect is a real factor.

  47. More scifi. Check out the Expanse TV series or novels (or both), you’ll dig it if you dig Mass Effect

  48. Honestly Mass Effect was a gateway experience to a lot of Sci Fi literature. It turned me into a complete Sci Fi nerd. It’s a hard transition from the ME games (or any game or book series out there) but I assure there is something out there. It’s hard to capture the great sense of exploration, adventure, and awe Mass Effect offers, but that shouldn’t stop you.

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