I feel empty after finishing LE

  1. I would definitely suggest Dragon Age. Because DA and Mass Effect release were staggered you can see the progression in both series of what each game took from the other to improve.

  2. Had this same issue. My solution was to play Andromeda. It's good Mass Effect without being "MASS EFFECT." Did a great job of resetting me emotionally. About 10-15 hours in I was back to normal, though I did gain a new appreciation for Andromeda.

  3. Honestly no game has given me the experience that Mass Effect has. My solution to fill the void is just playing it again and again. It can’t replicate a 1st experience but still, it helps

  4. "A little emotional" don't lie. You cried like a baby like I did. I finished the citadel dlc then went right into the ending. I couldn't stop playing it and it was around 0300 when I finished.

  5. Mass effect is kind of like heroine in the sense that the first time you play it is the best time, and then it becomes extremely addictive because you're always trying to recapture the excitement of the first playthrough but are never able to. Welcome to the club man, keep chasing that reaper.

  6. Depends on what you liked about ME. If you want a great story with great gameplay, try the Horizon series (Zero Dawn and then Forbidden West). You don’t get the same squad dynamics or the player choices, but the world building is phenomenal and the story is fantastic.

  7. If you're looking for a game with a great story and compelling characters I recommend Detroit Become Human. The world is really deep and raises a lot of questions regarding the use of AI and the future of humanity. The characters are extremely well written with top of the line actors and in this game your choices really do matter and you can replay the game dozens of times for its many different endings

  8. I mean, for me the Dragon age series had me feeling the same. I love every single one for their own reasons and although you play a different character it was very fun for me to make each character unique.

  9. I don't know if it'll be up your alley gameplay wise, but Dragon Age Origins filled that void for me when I finished the OT back in the day. And if you like it, theres 2 and Inquisition - though the cast of characters changes each game.

  10. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, as well as Jade Empire all have the same Bioware DNA as Mass Effect, they still hold up but aren't nearly as expansive as the ME games.

  11. Very very few games have affected me the way the Mass Effect trilogy did. However, there is one game that hits even harder than ME: Cyberpunk 2077. It perfectly hits on every point you're looking for.

  12. This. I played cyberpunk on launch and even though I encountered tons of bugs it was one of the most unique experiences I've had in gaming. Most of the characters are written very well and feel real, along with a story I really enjoyed. Also there are very few bugs now so it's a perfect time to play.

  13. I have the same feeling after beating this game. The emotions, the grind, the experience etc. and there’s very few games like this I’ve truly felt invested in like this series. It’s phenomenal, but with that the other games I have had an emotional connection to are things like the dragon age series or the Witcher. Personally I feel a need to try to even give andromeda another shot at least until they make another mass effect

  14. I’d add Greedfall to the list, particularly if you enjoy the Dragon Age series after playing it. To set expectations, Greedfall was made by a small studio, so there’s a bit of jank, but the companions are well-written, and there are a number of likeable NPCs in the game. There are romance mechanics too, though the content itself is more limited.

  15. I agree. Dive into some mass effect andromeda. You won’t regret it. It’s different, but just as good as the original. You will love the NPCs. And my boy, Ryder.

  16. Try Andromeda, sure the choices in the story don't matter at all (but I like it that way after making sure I did everything alright in the original games, so I can turn my brain off for a bir) and the faces animations are horrible, but the graphics are dope, armor customization is good too, combat is an incredible improvement and the characters in the ship including romance are pretty good.

  17. Gonna get down voted cuz most people havent checked since the bad press, but Cyberpunk. Glitches have been patched to the point where its never worse than skyrim and most people are fine with that. Best story ive ever played in a video game and its got amazing characters (which means a lot from me considering how much i love mass effect). Also for most of the game there are three parts of the story to pursue at any one time so it’s open world no railroading.

  18. Same. This game helped me when my health wasn't the best, it was a great distraction from pain. But tbh Im glad I can still replay it with mods or just different play styles

  19. Outer Worlds does well with giving the NPCs unique personalities. No romance options like ME, but it's also a much shorter game.

  20. I'm currently 2/3 through an Origins playthrough. I'd forgotten what a good game it is - I played it once a long time ago. Once I got over the dated graphics and learning to use tactics it's just so good. If you like worlds and stories anyway.

  21. There no game out there that can compare to ME story and universe in my opinion. I’m almost done with my play through, full paragon infiltrator, and will probably hit a game or two before I come back and do a full renegade play through as an adept or vanguard. I’m leaning to try a crisis play through or some other one off games the Game pass has to offer

  22. Andromeda if you at least want some sort of Mass Effect fix; despite its inferiority to the trilogy it’s still got some good moments and if you’re obsessed with ME (like, uh, me), then it’s something. Also, the novels have better writing and are good audiobooks. The Mass Effect and Mass Effect Andromeda novels are all worth a look/listen (besides Deception, everyone agrees that’s lore-breaking and inaccurate).

  23. Literally right there with you. For me it's less that I've been looking for a replacement similar to the game, but just finding a sci fi game with an aesthetic that I can't quite place.

  24. Highly suggest Dragon Age. The game is made by Bioware and very much so similar in that it has an amazing story and great cast of characters. DA2 is a bit lackluster but you'll still appreciate it. RPG aspects are there too and there's plenty of exploration especially in DAI

  25. If you're not against trying an MMO, Final Fantasy 14 hits all those notes. You have teammates with personalities you can bond with, who die during the story and you will cry over, you choose your dialogue responses (though they don't drive the story direction as much as in ME, the flavor is there), and you are the unexpected hero who saves the universe due to the visions granted to you by an ancient something. ;)

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