Massachusetts, have you dared to touch the thermostat and put your heat on yet? What's your setting?

  1. My wife is from the Caribbean. We just turned our thermostat up to 65 last night. This weekend we will be busting out the fuzzy slippers.

  2. Leave a hat next to the bed makes it easier to get out of bed in the cold mornings. I will not turn on my heat for a while but if I had a woodstove I would light it.

  3. I think we put it on twice so far, but only for a few minutes just to warm it up once the apartment dropped to 65. But we keep our bedroom AC in through October because it still warms up with our body heat and breathing, and when we have Indian Summer. Heat doesn’t become a daily thing until November. I just think we’ve been having unseasonably cool temperatures this September, so it’s felt pretty chilly inside.

  4. I accidentally left a window open overnight, so it's no longer what I would consider warm inside (meaning my wife might think it's cold). And with the upcoming week seeing rain, clouds, and highs in the 50s, I think it's finally time to set the heat.

  5. Mine is set at 67 for "wake up" I've turned it on 3 or 4 times already. If I get up and the house temp is below 64 then it comes on as I hate eating breakfast or showering in a cold house. Once it warms the house to 67 that one time, it usually doesn't drop below 66 for the remainder of the day. I don't wait until any date. 63 is just as cold in September as it is in November. I imagine I will be turning it on full time in the very near future.

  6. Heck no. Windows open, fan in windows still. This weather is perfect and I will not turn my heat on until I'm freezing to death lmfao

  7. Way too early! We just put a second quilt on the bed. Next is heavy throw's to snuggle under while we watch tv or read. The we switch to flannel sheets with waffle weave cotton blanket under the quilts, followed by adding our electric blanket over the sheet and under everything else. There is nothing sweeter than getting into a preheated bed!

  8. I have put it on,just to get the chill out. now off. but im very lucky all my utilities are included. I have a very nice studio apartment every included laundry on site. $1150 not bad

  9. We waited one year to put it on and then found out the inducer motor failed, so now i always test it before it gets cold

  10. Not a friggen chance… oil is like 5 bucks a gallon right now or close to that. don’t exactly quote me, but I have a 250 gallons tank that will need to be filled every 2 weeks or so in the winter.. so that’s around 1200 bucks each fill-up right now… it’s gonna be a shitty winter…. I got some of those oil space heaters to put in the bedrooms so hopefully that’ll eliminate some of the cost, but still… luckily I make some decent change in my job, but I’m going to be retiring soon, and I’m very worried about that

  11. Nope, just got to the temperature I like. I absolutely ABHORE the summer and heat literally makes me sick. I can't breathe, get migraines with full body symptoms, my stomach starts lolling and my intestines act up. My windows are all still open. I keep the thermostat in my room turned off.

  12. If it were up to me, the heat would not have come on yet this season, but I have a family member who feels the cold quite keenly… so, yup, the heat has come in a few times already. I still have my AC in my bedroom window, though, and still turn the fan setting on.

  13. I have rats so my main room has the heat kept at 70-80 but for my bed room I haven't touched it(though I like the cold)

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