Would you say black widow was more skilled then Hawkeye or were they on the same skill level?

  1. I mean Nat beat him in the first Avengers movie when he was brainwashed and out to kill her so I'm leaning towards her. On Vormir she was also the one that managed to jump, which I would say is her winning that fight as well.

  2. It might be offscreen they did in fact mentions that Clint beat her in their first meet, she's only alive because Clint spares her life, and even with what you have just said Clint might not be fighting his best in that scene he was not brainwashed but mind controlled, just like Erik Selvig the one who made portal for loki he made a failsafe even tho he was mind controlled so chances of Clint fighting back his mind control is high, and their fight in Civil War doesn't count both of them clearly doesn't wanna fight each other

  3. Hard to compare when they have entirely different skill sets. Nat seems to be mostly infiltration, interrogation, and close combat, whereas Clint's is mostly being a sniper/marksman and tracking and surveillance.

  4. Didnt she kinda beat him in a fight in Avengers when they fought on the helicarrier? She didn’t completely beat him but was able to knock the mind control out

  5. They don't really have entirely different skill sets though. Just because he is incredibly good at using a bow doesn't mean that's his only skill. He has shown he is very good at hand-to-hand combat as well. He was Ronin too and you have to be pretty damn good to do what we see him do in endgame

  6. Hard to say. It's different skill sets. In military terms, Natasha is hand-to-hand or close quarters melee combat, but Clint is artillery and his weapon of choice is the bow. Therefore, at a distance he should always win, and due to his aversion to hitting her, in close quarters she would win.

  7. I think there's a difference in the quality of the Red Room conditioning for different generations of Widows. Prior to the mind control drug, rigorous physical and mental conditioning were used to ensure both skill and compliance. Melina mentions being through the Red Room multiple times before Nat was even born, and both are implied to have a kind of endurance and stoicism that I think the newer Widows lack. They are skilled, but haven't been broken and reforged psychologically again and again. Old school Widows can tap into a relentlessness that was hard trained into them, no short cuts.

  8. They don't have different skill sets other than Clint using a bow. He has very good hand-to-hand skills, just like Nat. Don't forget he was the Ronin too, not just now and arrow guy (although I guess swords are different from hand-to-hand). Not saying that he would win, but I think it's 50/50. Both can best the other sometimes. All we've seen is Nat beat Clint, but we also know that in Budapest she didn't beat him. But either way, they don't have completely different skill sets

  9. Nat should easily be able to kick his ass but they weren’t going extremely hard on each other. She’s an assassin so she’ll always have the upper hand.

  10. I think from what we've seen, it's pretty much a tie only broken by the situation. But Clint himself basically said "she's better," and I'll take his word for it.

  11. They both had some heavy plot armor. I’m thinking of the avengers fight against the aliens and Loki specifically. As both agents of shield, more or less, I think judging their skill would be mission specific. If I had to bet on one in a berserker brawl I’d say Hawkeye but it’s close.

  12. I think Nat has come on top in almost every interaction. Avengers fight. Fight for Soul Stone. I am pretty sure she survives longer in What if but I would have to rewatch.

  13. Nat can do very well, but Clint is basically perfect with a bow. I can’t think of a time where he missed. In cqc Nat wins all day. But at range Nat ain’t beating him. Like ya Nat can break every bone in his body in about 5 seconds but Clint needs to hit 1 shot. Which for him isn’t a challenge

  14. They literally sent Clint to kill her and he would have. Clint is basically superhuman with that aim. Give him a gun and Nat always loses.

  15. I believe that Nat and Clint are approximately the same skill level. The difference is Nat is better in hand to hand combat, while Clint is better at range.

  16. In hand to hand yeah she has him beat. From a distance he has her dead to rights. Almost like Daredevil and Bullseye.

  17. They didn’t really show Black Widows skills as an infiltrator and actual spy after the winter soldier, turning her I believe into a generic ‘ass/kicker’. Hawkeye was more of a soldier

  18. Yes she was raised from an incredibly young age to become a highly trained killer, but i don't think their hand-to-hand combat skills aren't as far apart as everyone thinks. It is stated that clint is extremely naturally gifted, especially after his time being ronin, where close quarters combat seemed to be frequent. So while yes, she is better with hand to hand combat, it isn't by a super incredible amount. Also clint definitely has her beat with ranged combat.

  19. I’d say Clint is the better Father. Lost more practical experience. I don’t doubt Nat could be effective in a pinch, but really Clint’s the expert in that realm.

  20. I think it depends, Natasha is more skilled than Clint in close combat cause that's what she was trained for she can shoot accurately good from a far range. So if they got into a fight in close combat Natasha wins, Civil War and Endgame can prove it.

  21. Different skillsets. Natasha was ahead in hand to hand combat and probably better with firearms. Hawkeye would have totally smoked her in an archery contest.

  22. More skilled at what? Clint’s definitely “more skilled” at shooting than Nat is. But Nat is “more skilled” at other things. It all depends about the specific skill you’re talking about.

  23. It’s hard to compare. They’re complete opposites. Clint is far away taking out people. Nat is right there on the front line killing people. Most examples of a fight it’s cqc so Clint’s at the disadvantage because that’s not his job to do cqc. There’s isn’t really any kind of fight that would put them on equal footing, not because of skill just because of the fact that they do the exact opposite in a fight. The best we could get is they really far away from each other and nat has to run to fight Clint. If that’s the case I think Clint wins.

  24. I would say overall Natasha is more skilled. I don’t fully know Clint’s backstory but Natasha was basically trained since birth. They both probably have strengths that the other one doesn’t (Clint’s bow) but I’d have to give the overall edge to Natasha.

  25. In hand to hand nat is 10% better (she lost to him in budapest but beat him in avengers, I mean he was mind controlled there so) but in anything else clint is better

  26. In the comics Natasha had some level of enhancement from a form of super soldier serum. Given in the MCU we've seen her take falls and injuries that should have done way more damage, going to assume she had some form of it in the MCU too. She'd win.

  27. Natasha is stronger imo. Clint is trained in combat but he excelles in marksmanship. Nat on the other hand is all round skilled, as a widow she pulled out her own nails, her own hair, went through training to dehumanise her. Learn to manipulate all weapons and even if she isn’t a typical widow anymore, she can always tap into that animalistic energy and take down a normal human.

  28. It's kind of apples and oranges. Their skills are very specialized (Clint more so) but I do think Natasha is overall more skilled. Aside from beating Clint 1v1 twice (and we know from implication Clint has beaten her once when they initially met), I can't see Clint lasting in some of the situations she does if you switch places during some of their action scenes and I could see Nat doing better than Clint contrastingly.

  29. Same level. If they ever had a real fight, the result would simply come down to circumstances. He beat her when they first met, she beat him in Avengers (2012), and it looked like he had the upper hand for at least a while during Civil War. I believe that if they fought dozens of times, it’d be almost a 50/50 split.

  30. Equally talented but with different specialties that provide different advantages over the other depending on the situation.

  31. She's more skilled than him. Hawkeye wins every fight he's involved in unless it's against Nat. She consistently beats him. Suppose it's possible he's holding back though.

  32. Different skill sets, but I’d say Natasha was better and more versatile. She’s undoubtedly better at hand to hand combat but is also good with a gun and has many different gadgets.

  33. I think overall Black Widow was more skilled but to be fair, we didn’t see Hawkeye do nearly as much so we don’t know the extent of the training he received.

  34. Really different can’t really compare the two IMHO. But they should have made that Black Widow movie after Civil War.

  35. As others have said, different skill set. Clint's hand to hand skills pale in comparison to Nat's, but if he's got a bow and some distance, I don't think there's a lot she can do to stop him.

  36. Depends on what skills you're talking about. Hand to hand combat, espionage, interrogation, sabotage and acrobat? Black Widow easily.

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