She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S01E07 - Discussion Thread

  1. I rewatched The Incredible Hulk a few months ago, and I feel like Emil wasn’t really lying about his perspective. Did he gloss over his obsessive need to win, and relative disregard for civilians? Sure, but how many superheroes do that in their own origin stories?

  2. Let's watch one pay-off being that Abomination helps Jennifer smash up the Leader's forces (assuming it's the Leader). Kinda like the Jack Duquesne fake-out in Hawkeye.

  3. I was surprised she didn’t interrogate the other dude a little more. Did she not realize they were after her blood?

  4. If the Wrecker guy was really sorry about attacking Jennifer, shouldn’t he have warned her that they were hired to steal her blood??? Seems like he really added nothing except to be the object of Jen’s rage.

  5. I think one of the most interesting parts of She-Hulk has been these peeks into just how vast the world of meta-humans is at this point in the MCU. In phases one and two it generally felt like we could assume the world and the people in it were normal beyond those that films explicitly showed to be abnormal. But as we near the end of phase four it feels like for every superhero we've seen in a movie or show there's a hundred more super humans just doing their own thing in the background.

  6. Emil’s therapy for reformed villains would be perfect for them to bring back the shorts with. Just 5-8 min shorts every so often of sessions as his resort.

  7. Last week with Mr. Immortal. This week with Man-Bull, El Águila, Porcupine, and Saracen. Marvel is digging deep with these obscure characters. I love it.

  8. The surprising thing is that She-Hulk is the first MCU property so far to actually SHOW us that the number of "enhanced people" has increased exponentially since Tony revealed Iron Man to the world, and that they increasingly are considered common.

  9. It was a really great scene and now i really love those guys. I just hope they dont end up being evil. But it looks like thats unlikely so far.

  10. I loved how supportive the group was - not the sus ones, but the few like porcupine dude who was obviously there to do some self care

  11. I really hope that the non sus ones are actually nice, because so far any new person Jen/She Hulk has interacted with so far either wants to kill her, get her blood, or just wants She Hulk. Matt and her are going to have some sparks I think though so that will be good as well. I bet Josh is gonna get pounded in the finale though.

  12. I was "who the hell is this guy" and going to open a wiki tab, and Jen saved me by summoning the "Previously on...".

  13. The way everyone went "oooooooo" when Blonsky told Jen to sit in the calming chair was hilarious. I involuntarily went ooooo out loud myself

  14. That opening was super adorable, and then as the episode went on quite saddening, and then finally enraging, but not surprising. Also that therapy circle turned out way more wholesome than I expected it to be. So that was nice. They were right though, they all need to team up and go beat up Josh.

  15. I kept expecting the therapy session to turn into a fight. The dude sitting next to her literally tried to take her blood a few episodes back.

  16. Emil Blonsky actually being a good therapist is legit the funniest shit, I really hope they stick to that joke and dont sour it with the cliche double cross we're all expecting

  17. "Entire episode dedicated to She-Hulk's therapy session in a group circle full of D-list comics characters and run by Abomination and it actually works really well" is one of those "Tell a Marvel fan 20 years ago this will happen in a live-action property and they will never believe you" moments

  18. The biggest development from this episode is definitely that Marvel secured the bag with not one, but TWO car deals with the Toyota and Ford pullin up to the Blonsky Ranch

  19. Damn I don't even want Emil to be part of the Thunderbolts anymore. Getting episodes in random MCU shows having a side quest at his retreat would be just perfect. Abomaste.

  20. Hilarious if he's in the Thunderbolts but only as the team therapist/spiritual advisor. He doesn't have any interest in helping with combat missions.

  21. After watching The Incredible Hulk again yesterday, I think he's sincere. I've enjoyed the way his character has been subverting expectations since Shang-Chi

  22. I was actually so tense when he said to turn back I thought he’d stab her right there and then .

  23. I kinda hope that this is just a coincidence and he really is a changed guy, mostly because a dumb mook turning over a new leaf is a lot more of an interesting plot beat than him continuing a life of petty supervillainy.

  24. I wasn't sure if he was still in on the plan or was at least still protecting his interests or if he legitimately just didn't make the connection since Josh isn't an uncommon name (or possibly he didn't know the names of the other members of the crew). He seemed to be trying to be legitimately helpful, but I suppose Josh seemed that way too.

  25. this episode was cute. feel like i'm the only one enjoying the slice of life-ness this is, at least, i'm enjoying those aspects more than whatever plot they're building towards.

  26. I'm in the same boat. It's refreshing, cute, and relaxing. I have House of the Dragon, Lord of the Rings(kind of), and Andor right now as my drama and action shows. This is a great little break from those in the middle of the week.

  27. You’re not the only one! This series has been everything I’d hoped for so far. Comedy, slice of life, and with meaningful MCU connections without feeling overwhelming!

  28. I really don't get the people who are constantly screaming for more plot, more action, and WHERE IS DAREDEVIL. This was always supposed to be half hour comedy show about Jen's life as a single 30 something lawyer who also has to deal with superpowers. And I think it does that premise fairly well.

  29. Maybe I’m just a loser but is “That was fun. I can’t stop smiling” that bad of a text from someone you’re dating and just hooked up with? I’d love to receive that text

  30. Pretty sure my current GF said something similar after one of our first few dates, nothing wrong with it. It's affirmative and we all need affirmation every now and again.

  31. An episode of all conversation in a superhero show sounds boring on paper, but it ended up being my favorite so far. I just love seeing super powered people living an ordinary life and having ordinary problems and it's why I love the Harley Quinn show. And too bad about Josh I should have known it was too good to be true, especially with a name like that. You can never trust a Josh.

  32. Same. I think many fans just want some typical super hero action, which is understandable since it’s a show about a superhero. But I enjoy this episodic slice of life style show of a super human. It adds more variety to the MCU. I just wish there were more lawyer things.

  33. Literally been going through this lately, ofc the MCU decides to make that relatable moment now of all moments

  34. That stuff hits way to close to home. Too depressing for me. Thats happened way to many times to me. I dont understand whats so wrong about asking if they are okay? If someone isnt responding for a few days, what wrong with caring? Ghosting is a shitty move.

  35. I hope Abomination and his group become friends with Jen and show up to help her in the future against the Intelligencia. I wouldn't mind if Abomination just becomes a good guy.

  36. This whole episode was so relatable. Who hasn’t had that happen on a day off, everything gets derailed by something unexpected and you have to waste your day waiting to repair it. And being ghosted. This might be my favorite episode yet.

  37. In Spain, there's this thing called "capeas" which consist of parties in the countryside where people get drunk and go into a bullfighting ring to get chased by a heifer (no weapons are involved and if you get tackled it doesn't hurt much). I'd call that light matadoring.

  38. "I'm actually making a real difference on peoples inner worlds here - in fact, that's sumfing you could benefit from yourself there, love, innit? As a ma-er of fact, we're running a special on the Platinum membership at the moment; oh, have I mentioned our top of the line yurt facili-ies?"

  39. I love that this episode was literally the whole idea behind the show itself. Like, they straight tell you in the scene in the therapy circle. Amazingly done.

  40. Going to try to squeeze this in before the hurricane gets too bad down here and knocks out my power. Fingers crossed!

  41. It is incredible how a guy cast 14 years ago (Tim Roth) is a perfect cast for the show's version of Abomination :D He was killing it this episode.

  42. Getting mocked for questionable responses you made over text. Damn this show's starting to hit close to home to me lol.

  43. She-Hulk in a therapy circle with a bunch of D-list (or E-list) heroes/villains is far, far more entertaining than a fight between her and Abomination would be :D.

  44. The support group on a witch hunt is a great scene. And the swashbuckler has bio-electricity he can put through his sabre? Awesome.

  45. I had a hard time watching her get close to Josh for both episodes as I anticipated him being someone after her blood. It was very painful to watch her struggle with being ghosted while not knowing what really happened, but I'm sure the payoff of her kicking his ass later will be extremely satisfying.

  46. Between that at the beginning and Dua Lipa at the end, this episode was very relevant to my music tastes. (Mmmbop with the nostalgia kick didn't hurt either)

  47. I know Jessica is a common enough name in America. But when Jen deleted Josh’s number and I saw just a ‘Jessica’ with no surname in her contact list, I couldn’t help but wonder if she’s also heard of/worked with Jessica Jones as an investigator. More likely than Jessica Drew anyway, unless I’ve missed a character by the name already in the show

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