Kevin Feige On Not Recasting T’Challa In The MCU: ‘It Was Much Too Soon’

  1. They will probably recast him eventually, where they have a variant version of him. I like that they are waiting and know they have that option in the way the MCU was made.

  2. I think whatever take you have about casting or not recasting tchalla is valid, but ultimately I feel like it's kinda cold and unfair to coogler and the rest of the cast to ask them to make this movie acting like nothing happened while they're all grieving the loss of their friend if they decided to recast.

  3. Can't really argue with the thinking of those who worked with him here even if we all don't agree with it . This was a very personal Choice

  4. I think Feige's very much aware that whatever they decided, some people will be unhappy. It's basically a given now with every new movie (or show).

  5. I don’t know the right call. In the moment it feels like they made the right one but in the long term looking back 10 years from now it would probably be fine to recast him

  6. I strongly thought they should have recast the character - but this statement really helped me understand why they didn't

  7. Ngl if T’Challa was recast people might have judged the actor playing them or compare them and it might be unfair or even the actor might not totally be comfortable with it.

  8. Critics and fans alike are rarely kind to the second* actor to play a major role like that. Just ask George Lazenby, Val Kilmer, or Brandon Routh.

  9. I feel like a recast would feel like somebody playing Chadwick playing Black Panther. Anyone trying to match his speech pattern is just going to come off sounding like an impression.

  10. Everyone always says this. People said it when they recast the Joker too, yet people moved on and simply enjoyed more Joker content.

  11. Christopher Judge already said he turned down playing BP in Marvel’s Avengers initially, because he felt like the role belonged to Bozeman. And that’s in a totally different medium.

  12. There was a show called Spartacus that this happened to. The main character died and they recast him but the fans hated the new guy and the show never really recovered.

  13. This sounds like the beginning of the conversation to move towards a roundabout sort of recasting, and I'm here for it. Like the MCU gets a multiversal or incursion-based recasting of T'challa by adopting an orphaned BP with no home.

  14. ya it does. and that has me excited. i'll miss chadwick, but........i know they'll pick someone good. i look forward to it!

  15. Absolutely agree, tchalla is too great and singular a character to not be featured more. So far we’ve only gotten glimpses of him in civil war and he didn’t even show up in his own movie.

  16. I understand not recasting within the time frame they had and to do a movie that’s a tribute to Chadwick, but I really hope in the long term we do get another T’Challa even if it’s another from the multiverse

  17. It's kinda weird that the movie comes out in a few weeks and we still don't know the main character and protagonist...

  18. I got the impression there is not a main protagonist. There are multiple protagonists. And the story is about all of them

  19. I understand that tho for me personally I was hoping this movie was set in the blip and they’d recast for bp3. I just think it’s a shame this character has spent more time dead in universe than king.

  20. This is exactly the kind of move they should’ve made after Chadwick’s death. Set BP 2 the during the 5 years so you don’t need to explain where T’Challa is. Then the third movie could come much later with a recast T’Challa. Simple. Respectful.

  21. this is weird, T'challa had died like 3 times now in the MCU and has been dead to the Wakandan people for 5 years now and they have to grieve all over again?!? kinda weird from a story telling perspective

  22. Recasting him was a lose/lose across the board. The only "win" possible is continuity and merchandising/marketing

  23. Yeah, shortly after Chadwick’s passing, I had figured they were going to postpone the sequel a couple years, kinda like how Guardians Vol 3 was postponed dud to unforeseen circumstances

  24. I’m happy for those who will see themselves represented in the Black Panther suit next but my god, the young man in me needs T’Challa back.

  25. Yeah, I think avoiding a recast honors Chadwick but does a disservice to the character of T’Challa. T’Challa’s story was faaaaarrrrrrr from finished, and he could’ve been a key player in the MCU going forward.

  26. That's me. That's been my whole case for recasting- realizing how many young men needed a figure like that just from how it made me feel.

  27. I think Avengers: Secret Wars should be used to introduce a T'Challa from another universe, maybe a T'Challa that lost his entire family and Wakanda, and bring him into the main MCU.

  28. If a character can just be replaced with a variant, the character and their death no longer matters, which is the very definition of disrespectful when it comes to handling character deaths (especially with the real life circumstances here).

  29. That's real, fans want a recast but the fact is they might have sacrificed the feelings of the actors and creators who had real life connections. People online can sometimes lack empathy

  30. I'm on the other side of it and I'd argue it's about empathy, empathy for all the kids who were so stoked to have a hero that looked like them and represented them who now have to see their hero replaced by his sister. We spent weeks online talking about and reveling in these schools and church groups who were taking huge groups of kids to the film opening week and folks buying tickets for lower income places because it was so important to so many, and I argue my side mostly in empathy to those people who now have to grieve this in-universe as well when you know damn well Batman or Superman or Bond would have been recast because we understand the character is bigger than any actor.

  31. Feige’s point is well taken. But maybe the answer was to simply wait. Give people the space and time they needed to grieve and then recast him. Perhaps in a crossover movie, where he is not the central focus, to ease people into the idea. I mean, we know thanks to the initial phase 4 announcement (which included Fantastic Four and some others that were pushed back) as well as No Way Home/MOM being switched up, that nothing is set in stone and that things can be moved around. Perhaps the wisest thing to do was just take a beat, bump Wakanda Forever back a phase and see how things felt with some space.

  32. It's not like they can't still replace im similarly to how Captain America changed. Black Panther is once again just a mantle and could be taken up by another character moving forward if they wanted to bring him back

  33. I can understand their decision and the thought process behind it, 100%. But, If they had waited and held off on making a decision and public announcement instead of so close to his passing, so so so many more people would’ve been open to it. I mean it was completely frowned upon for like the first 2 months following his death to suggest a recast. Emotions and tensions were very high. But now I see more people of the “recast” opinion rather than not, including his own family.

  34. Nonsense. I do not believe Boseman would want his character to die with him. What better monument than to carry on his legacy with the character?

  35. When Brandon Lee died when filming 'The Crow' and Walker died during filming 'F7', did either of those films exploit those untimely deaths during the marketing of the film to secure more tickets being sold? Did they change the film's entire plots so that the real life deaths could be used for emotional stakes in the fictional worlds? Black Panther 2 certainly did.

  36. The only opinion on the matter that I’d actually respect is Chadwick’s. He knew he was dying. What did he want done with the role after he passed? My guess is that he’d want somebody else to pick up from where he left off.

  37. I'm kind of wondering the same thing. He must have mentioned it to someone. But if they're not saying it, then maybe he didn't.

  38. He knew he was dying but never bothered to let anybody at Marvel know so they could properly transition the character either so...

  39. I feel like I read something about his brother saying that's what he would have wanted but take that for what it's worth

  40. Definitely agree that Chadwick probably would have wanted the character to just be recast but I also understand looking out for the emotions of those they left behind foremost (as they are the ones who potentially have to suffer through horrible personal experiences)

  41. To me I don’t think there’s really a need to recast him maybe if we get a variant or something but I feel like not only is it too soon his character was too iconic like imagine just recasting Chris Evans as Steve rodgers right after winter soldier

  42. Naturally, Wakanda Forever will be the moment that people's feelings will crystalise on this subject. Perhaps a few people who were in favour of recasting might feel differently after seeing how the next chapter of the story unfolds; perhaps others who were against recasting might feel T'Challa's absence more than they expected.

  43. Then..wait? If you’re not focused on releasing the next 10 installments of the MCU then maybe you could take some time and read the room. Id like to think a majority of people wanted to see T’Challa continue his character development and relationships with other heroes into phase 5 and beyond.

  44. Lol money talks, sad is if the movie sucks, it will still be praised as greatest marvel movie of all time

  45. I hope they can just not show him as black panther but bast In the MCU can just make him king of the dead and he don't need to take off his mask

  46. It's a lose-lose situation. There was no "right" choice here, and they made the choice that they felt was best for them and that they felt was most respectful to Chadwick's memory.

  47. They shouldn’t recast him. It would be disrespectful. Just let the black panther franchise rest. He played his part in phase IV.

  48. I get it. It was too soon for the cast/crew to be comfortable with the idea of having another actor in his place. It’s 2022, and society is trying to move in a direction that prioritizes real life over entertainment. It’s sad but understandable.

  49. This was the right move. I can understand replacing Ed Norton before the MCU really took off. I can understand replacing Terrance Howard after the 1st Iron Man. But Chadwick was so incredible in that role, so memorable that trying to recast would only hurt the character and the MCU as a whole. He deserves to be the only T'Challa in the MCU and his impact will always be felt.

  50. Assuming that Shuri takes the mantle of Black Panther and becomes the Queen, that is the most logical choice. And she’s a fun character.

  51. I wanted T'Challa's stories to continue the same way Kal-El or Bruce Wayne's stories would continue, regardless of the fate of any actor. I value him that highly.

  52. Right! Everyone’s giving him shit for not recasting but if did recast as soon as he died the he would’ve been VILLAINIZED.

  53. Anybody saying they could grab a tchalla from another universe, I just don’t see how a different universe’s tchalla could become main universe wakanda’s black panther, much less its new king.

  54. Reading between the lines, the difference with Chadwick Boseman's death and, say, Richard Harris (original Dumbledore) is that Boseman kept his illness secret. It seems to me like Feige is couching the idea that he and others at Marvel Studios hadn't personally processed what happened when he says "the world is still process the loss of Chad".

  55. It was not too soon. Recast the character. There was nothing about Boseman's performance that was any more or less impressive than Downey, Evans, Hemsworth, or anyone else. He was great, it's very sad he died, he is separate from the role he played.

  56. I think re-casting would’ve been seen, rightly, a as cold and heartless decision against Boseman. He really was admired by many in the industry for his accomplishments. While Black Panther is no more his character than, say, Dracula is Bela Lugosi’s, like Lugosi, Boseman added to the character greatly. Others may portray the Black Panther someday, but not now, not yet.

  57. Man I think recasting would have been cool or whatever but I feel like this next black panther is going to be beyond iconic because of the emotional side of things. Do love me some sad movies tho

  58. If it does end up being Shuri then this next BP is going to be insanely divisive given her... politics.

  59. Is it gonna be another “fast n furious” movie where the plot and/or pacing suffers because a bunch of “memorial” stuff is thrown into the movie?

  60. I think a recast would’ve been very soon. And with the way Danai Gurira described how a particular day on set was too hard for her how the cast got her through, it woulda felt wrong. Imagine acting with a friend for the past few years and they tragically died, then when filming another movie their replaced and you have to act like nothing happened in movie time. It would’ve been even more painful.

  61. At the time i didnt want them to recast. Its respectful and it was so sudden for most of us, im sure they knew people wouldnt want a recast. Now i kinda feel like they should have. I mean im cool with someone else talking over as black panther like shuri or whoever takes over in wakanda forever. But we really didnt see much of t’chala

  62. Recasting would have been the wisest decision. The passage of time was always going to change the original optics. A hasty decision was made. I wish that hadn’t been the case.

  63. Good. There is no need to recast. The character is already defined as transferable, it’s established it can move right in the first movie. The story will evolve, Black Panther will persist, T’challa will be remembered.

  64. Still feels like a shortsighted decision. They could’ve recast and just pushed the movie back another year to give it more time.

  65. All due respect to the great Chadwick Boseman (RIP) but these characters are greater than any one person, they’re modern day myths. No role should be forbidden from recasting, especially one so important. I’m pretty sure it would’ve been what he wanted anyway. But it’s too soon right now.

  66. Give me a "Wakanda kept him on ice in case we can change him" scenario for warmonger and give him a redemption arc.

  67. Unpopular opinion but I think they should of recast him. I don’t think Chadwick would’ve wanted the role to die with him. He’s such a great character, I don’t think he should have to die for ever and not get recast or something.

  68. There is no doubt in my mind that whether consciously or somewhere in the back of his mind he might regret not re-casting, at least until the new movie comes out and solidifies if it was a good decision or not.

  69. I’m willing to bet we’ll get a recast T’Challa showing up in Secret Wars. Then they can easily come up with a reason to have him stick around in the main MCU. Then, everyone gets what they want.

  70. I dunno. Too soon? Maybe for a straight recast. But honestly I think recasting and putting a 30-second clip before the movie with the new actor explaining how honored he is to take over the role, and how sad everyone at Marvel is over Boseman's passing would have gone a long way.

  71. Michael B Jordan will be the new Black Panther. Whether it’s Killmonger revived by the Atlanteans or a multiverse version sent to the MCU, it’s the only choice that makes sense.

  72. I still think, despite everything that stands in the way of it happening, that M'Baku should be the one to pick up the mantle. He's a fan favorite, Wakanda has to unite around T'Challa's death and in the face of a war with Atlantis, and Winston Duke is just an absolute gem and a serious fan favorite who already saved T'Challa's life at least once, and fought with the rest of Wakanda against Thanos twice. I know he doesn't worship Bast, but if he somehow made a tribute to Bast and worshipped both Bast and Hanuman and was given a suit, a double-god-powered M'Baku would be a PROBLEM for Namor. It would just be such a cool thing to see happen on screen, and a looming war and the death of a King is a perfect time for something extremely drastic to happen that would fully unite Wakanda and bring the Jabari back into the tribal court.

  73. I don’t see how that can work tbh. It’ll feel cheap. Because they’ll have to make him basically a different person. He can’t be Mr Race War like he was in Black Panther and still be the hero of Wakanda. And if he’s not that, you are changing his whole character just so it “fits” what you want. That’s weak. I don’t see why his views would be any different now than they were for his entire life previously

  74. I'd love that. Killmonger was the best villain in the MCU for me. It'd be amazing to see him get a redemption arc

  75. I understand the sentiment for Chadwick, but I really don't like how Marvel is tying the characters exclusively to the specific actor playing them. So, no more T'Challa, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Drax, Thunderbolt Ross, etc? These characters have decades worth of storylines still not touched a land they'll never get told. They should recast as neccessary like other longstanding characters in cinema like James Bond, Batman, etc. The characters are far more longer lived than the actors.

  76. Then maybe you shouldn’t have made the movie. Thats such a shit excuse because everyone with a brain understands the situation. His passing was much to soon but if you’re gonna continue the Wakanda story may as recast.

  77. They are doing IronHeart and Tony is dead along with Iron Man. They could have recast this, they are race swapping and gender swapping everything else, why not this?

  78. I remember when it came out that T'Challa was not being recast to respect Chadwick, Twitter and Reddit were happy with this decision and almost everybody now has changed their minds about this matter.

  79. I mean Chadwick death was still fresh on our minds when it happened and we were still grieving, so with that in mind alot of people would've been hesistant about him getting recast, but now that 2 years have passed since his death we all have processed things and some may see things differently now that they've done grieving and can see things from another light

  80. I was furious with the decision from the moment it was announced. But I was heavily downvoted. Probably still will be.

  81. I was satisfied with the decision not to recast. I remember how much of a gut punch it was when we lost Chadwick. It's still a gut punch when I see him in a movie I wasn't expecting or on an episode of Justified that I didn't realize he was in.

  82. I feel like we should wait a couple phases before T'Challa comes back, if at all. Maybe Black Panther from a different universe shows up, but damn, it's way too soon.

  83. Yeah but did Feige leave the door open to using Chadwick’s face through CGI on another actor? Like what was done with Paul Walker.

  84. Completely understandable to not recast him. But if they wanted to, with the Multiverse, they could beam in earth 220 (for example) T’Challa and recast him that way. Chadwick is still earth 616 T’Challa and will not be recast.

  85. Imagine not recasting Spider-Man or Superman because the actor playing them died between movies. The character would drift from popular culture and the legacy of their performance would be lost.

  86. Dude, when Chadwick died, you were making a film ENTIRELY about how one of your characters was recast 3 times. Just admit you didn't want to put in the effort.

  87. What are you even talking about? It has nothing, literally nothing, to do with effort. There’s many factors at play here, but effort is absolutely not one of them. Making movies is a shit ton of work - from pre production and casting, to filming, to post - and thereby a lot of effort by hundreds of people. That effort is required regardless. A recast would likely require less effort than the effort of writing a story without T’Challa.

  88. Uh the Spider-Man situation is WAY different. Those were reboots, set in different universes. It's not like Tobey and Andrew died or something.

  89. Okay, but the filmmakers of Harry Potter weren't in charge of the story. There were more books with Dumbledore and no Richard Harris. They couldn't just work around it, they HAD to recast.

  90. I feel like the easiest thing they could have done was have T'Challa be severely injured, have him put on ice similar to the way they put Buckey on ice after Civil War, and then leave it open to the possibility of T'Challa coming off the ice and played by a new actor. T'Challa is way too important of a character to not be included in the MCU further...

  91. Why would they have any say at all? They have fuck-all to do with anything Marvel does. If they wanted to use his likeness or something, sure, that’s reasonable. “What would you like us to do with our billion dollar franchise?” is not something you need to ask the family of an actor about.

  92. Hence why i say Secret Wars is where it will be done. because time would have pass, and then for the consequences of the movie.

  93. I’m of the opinion that not recasting was a mistake. No way they can talk themselves out of the decision. It’s a movie and a sequel, you can feel however you want about Chadwick, but the story of the movie has to go on. I saw how Star Wars bungled the death of Carrie fisher. While I think it won’t be the same in BP2, I believe it’s better for the film to move forward with someone else. There will be a time when people will see this without the backdrop of Chadwick’s passing and just see it as a sequel to BP, that doesn’t have the black panther from the first movie in it.

  94. Given how the multiverse is going in the MCU they still have the opportunity to recast in the future, so while at the time I thought they should recast I now think they have made the right call, they can have a film that’s a tribute to Chadwick and then have a new T’Challa show up in a few years time.

  95. They shouldn't recast him. But being in the multiverse stories they absolutely should have had Michael B Jordan come over from an alternate timeline where he was Panther and use him going foreword. Could have been fantastic. Instead we see some great acting in the new trailer but nothing looks interesting imo. Just a lot of directionless shots. That said I love Coogler and hope he does a great movie again. I'm rooting for him.

  96. I think it was a mistake not recasting. I understand the hardship it puts the cast and crew through, but it is a job and ultimately part of a job is dealing with coworkers needing replaced for whatever reason. Black Panther is a hero and inspiration for children. Is it fair to take him away from future generations of children because we had to get a movie done by fall 2022? I think it was an unforced error come about by ill advised attemps at compassion fueled by greed.

  97. I'm in middle of recasting Chadwick and also not recasting Chadwick. I'm pretty sure we all would love to see more of the black panther character arc in the MCU and Chadwick would want to carry that character's legacy but it's pretty clear we don't want a recast of t'challa. Maybe an all new well written character could take up the place of black panther later on in the movies. Just my opinion

  98. I think they’re gonna pull a Spider-Man: Freshman Year after Feige and co. believes enough time has passed, and give T’Challa an animated series on Disney+.

  99. I understand but with this logical we may not see a male Black Panther for at least 10 years, while Batman, Superman and Spider-Man get multiple version of those characters. I really hope they didn’t close the door on this character coming back and it just a misdirect.

  100. I think Secret Wars would be a good time to recast T'Challa. They can play on the idea that the new T'Challa is from an alternative universe.

  101. I know there is a lot left for that character to do from the comics. A lot of people I’m sure wanted T’Challa to be recast. But anyone they put in there will not be as good as Chadwick and will never live up to it.

  102. I'd much rather them do the same thing as Rhody and just say get over it or whatever. I think T,challa's character is too important to not have him.

  103. As someone who hasn't read the comics, why is it so vital to recast T'Challa specifically? The Black Panther is a title, wouldn't it make more sense to have the mantle pass to someone else?

  104. Imagine if Sean Connery had passed away after filming “Diamonds Are Forever” and the producers decided to just stop doing Bond films because it was “too soon to recast.” That is pretty much what is happening here.

  105. I’ve always said that if we just bit the bullet on recasting him, then one Black Panther movie later we’d have moved on.

  106. I can agree that it was too soon; however, that doesn't mean that people are going to like a Black Panther movie without T'Challa, even if the title, "Wakanda Forever", is emphasized over "Black Panther". Obviously, fan like or dislike of the movie isn't indicative of any respect or disrespect of Chadwick Boseman.

  107. It’ll be super interesting to finally see Wakanda Forever, hoping it’s really good, but ultimately you’d think if it was too soon to recast T’Challa, why wasn’t it too soon to make the sequel? Is it just cause it made a billion dollars that they were told they literally had to put out Black Panther 2?

  108. After Secret Wars they can bring in another universe Tchalla and make him the new main universe Black Panther. That will be in 5 years. Then I think it's a good time to (unfortunately) move on.

  109. I feel like Chadwick would have been fine with a recasting. He wanted this character and what he represents to be a strong influence. A role model. It's hard to have that if they don't have the character anymore. It'll be interesting to see what they've come up with though.

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