She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S01E06 - Discussion Thread

  1. All they needed to show was some 'green' on her face as she slides back that fades back to normal.

  2. That was interesting since Jen is usually vulnerable out of Hulk form in the comics. She would still probably just Hulk out and heal from a hit like that anyway but it was notable she kind of just tanked it in that scene.

  3. It's somewhat consistent with Bruce's experiences, at least. He tried to eat a bullet as Bruce, Hulk spat it out. He dove out of aircraft as Bruce (twice!) and Hulk de-lethalized the impact. The transformation appears to be instinctual/reflexive as a self-preservation response, even when the human form is impaired or the transformation is intentionally suppressed.

  4. I just finished veep yesterday and was like oh shit it’s Andrew Meyer. Man EVERYBODY on that show was a piece of shit. Except maybe Gary.

  5. Tatiana Maslany has a (much more adorable) dog like him, in real life -- I think also a fair bit younger of a dog, too. No resuscitation required.

  6. Is Josh actually Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew? Thunderball was the only one masked during the fight so Jen wouldn't recognize him which would make him the perfect person to trick Jen into a relationship and lure her into a false sense of security.

  7. Previously on segment focusing on the masked Thunderball before the episode introduced a guy seemingly designed to perfectly attract Jen's attention had me thinking the same thing.

  8. For some reason I expected Josh to turn out to be the groom himself. When Jen asked "You?" he just said "groom" and the groom's name was never revealed I think?

  9. He’s played by David Pasquesi, who you might remember as basically the same character in Veep. That has to be the single best casting choice marvel has ever done.

  10. I loved Jameela Jamil since The Good Place, and after hearing a few of her interviews, this seems exactly up her alley. I'd bet the slow mo shot of her getting punched was her idea too.

  11. I was worried Patti Harrison would not be allowed to be funny this episode but the first shot of her debunks that so hard, she has the best passive aggressive face

  12. That scene was so funny. I hadn't thought of it before, but it seems almost impossible for an average height woman to hug She-Hulk without having to avoid a face full of boob

  13. I have a feeling people are going to start using those four She-Hulk memes from Intellegencia and we’ll start seeing them soon.

  14. To go off topic, I'm still amazed that in every other project he's in, I just see Jason Mamoa playing Jason Mamoa. In GoT, he was and forever will be Khal Drogo (and that one easter egg of Mamoa as Drogo in Aquaman).

  15. This show is capturing what I like about the Jennifer/Titania rivalry in the comics: how enjoyably petty it is, how obsessed Titania is and how tired Jen is lol

  16. Not dissimilar to the comics, I'm getting the vibe a big part of why Titania hates She-Hulk is because her existence will always leave her as the second strongest hot woman around. Definitely some petty jealousy shit.

  17. Without a secret wars Titania origin you miss just how much Titania hates She-Hulk and why. This show is doing a good job of giving them a believable confrontation.

  18. Thats the kind of ballsy brilliant move that wont be appreciated until way after the season is over... but that was funny as hell and I loved this episode more because of it.

  19. You should check the end credits. That solidifies even more what type of person she is. That marriage isn’t lasting long

  20. I spent 2 whole min before figuring out why it just sends me to reddit's main page, and that's AFTER I already knew intelligencia is a reddit parody.

  21. Nikki immediately calling Jen about the death threats so nonchalantly had me dying! Glad we got to see her take the reigns on that divorce settlement, gettin’ that 20 second eye contact for Amy lmao

  22. There have been so many shots of Tatiana's bare feet in this show I'm starting to think the director's name rhymes with Barantino.

  23. I would honestly pay an absurd amount of money to see a movie/show/anything where Mr Immortal convinces Maelstrom to give up on his evil plan by committing suicide, just like in the comics.

  24. Read the idiots online like a fucking book and this isn’t even the first time in the show. I wonder how the response will be lol

  25. I think its so cool how this show is showing us how their are super powered people in our society without us knowing. Definitely going to help set up the X-Men!

  26. I also thought Lulu's behaviour towards Jen turning up as She-Hulk and not wanting Shulk at her wedding sets a nice precedent for how people will react to mutants, except many of them won't be able to change their form

  27. I have a theory regarding the ending. The man in the blue gloves may be a callback to the codename for Samuel Sterns, AKA the Leader in The Incredible Hulk. It may be a stretch, but I'm pretty confident that he is an overarching villain.

  28. Somebody up the thread just mentioned that The Leader is the, uh, leader of the villain group, Intelligencia (who create Red Hulk). I think you're right.

  29. The same reaction to her debut in the comics in 1980. Literally the same complaints from comic fans as mcu fans 40+years later.

  30. The second I saw Mr. Immortal, I realized he was Selena Myers insane ex-husband from Veep. Which made me think, holy shit, how meta would it be if the woman he was divorcing was Valentina Allegra de Fontaine aka Selena Meyer and Julia Louis Dreyfuss cameoed.

  31. Best casting choice in the MCU lmao, he was basically playing Andrew. Even a look of disgust on her face as someone suggests him for the team in Thunderbolts would be amazing.

  32. Yes, when Monica Rambeau un-blipped in "WandaVision" I instantly wanted a limited run of mostly regular people popping back in and what happened to them.

  33. She Hulk feels like an actual TV show not just a 6 part movie. Don’t get me wrong I love the other shows but this is refreshing and I wish this season was twice as long.

  34. Such a perfect troll of the audience to tease the daredevil mask only to have a self contained wedding episode next which they themselves call out as inconveniently timed with a forth wall break.

  35. The bride Lulu's drunken one-eye closed before she hugged Jenn was real dedication to acting. I felt her buzz, man.

  36. Patti Harrison is really good at making those kinds of faces. I'd recommend seeing her stand up or her skits in I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

  37. I love how Mr. Immortal was more than ready to split up his Apple shares and gold, but was about to balk at 20 seconds of eye contact.

  38. What’s funnier is a lot of people seemed so excited for Matt that they don’t realize Mr Immortal is technically in hindsight our second confirmed mutant since he is in comics. Haven’t seen people mention it yet.

  39. The Leader has been part of Intelligencia in the comics and seeing as he has been confirmed to be in Captain America 4 he might be in the finale

  40. And so, with the official appearance of Mr. Immortal, the cancelled pilot of New Warriors is 100% confirmed to not be in the MCU616. I look forward to meeting our new Squirrel Girl.

  41. Honestly, I would love like an 18-episode-long series of She-Hulk dealing with various legal shenanigans each episode, doesn't even have to connect to the main MCU, either way, hyped for the next episode.

  42. I would be down to have a She-Hulk tie-in episode after each movie or show. Just one episode focusing on the legal repercussions of what occurred from a humorous standpoint. Even a 10-minute short would do.

  43. I know they won't do it but man I really am hoping they greenlight this for a Season 2 that'll start airing next August. And 13 episodes please. 😭 This show and its writers really can maintain that.

  44. YO WE GOT THE INTELLIGENCIA? That's the group that makes red hulk. Made of Leader, Modok, Super Apes, and another C list villain.

  45. There it is! I was wracking my brain trying to remember why it sounded familiar (in terms of Marvel lore). I bet we're getting a Leader cameo before this is done. Makes sense. I thought it seemed random as hell that he was announced for Cap 4. Seems like several things will happen with him between now and then. Sweet. I'm psyched. I love Tim Blake Nelson. He's gonna have a blast going full arch!

  46. I was worried after last week's episode ending that Mallory would no longer be bitchy, but her eyes shooting daggers at Nikki to set next to the client, and then shaking her head when she actually tried to engage in the conversation was perfect. I laughed so hard 😭

  47. I won't lie, I'd watch a series about Mr Immortal, he's a handful. Short skits about life's problems, which most likely end up with him faking his death in hilarious ways.

  48. Yeah I'd be interested to learn more about him like how did he even get that power? When did he first learn about his immortality? Would be fun for some shorts like you said.

  49. She only metabolizes the alcohol faster in Hulk form - she seems to sober up pretty much instantly once transforming.

  50. The one thing that bothered me is that I thought the costume guy was supposed to be designing clothes that fit both Jen and She-Hulk. But they were still awkwardly large on Jen.

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