[Giveaway] Made a Infinity Gauntlet LED neon light and I wanna give it to you, I will pick one random comment in 24 hours that will receive it and Im covering all the shipping costs. Avengers, assemble! Good luck!

  1. I learned yesterday that shipping from outside Australia to Australia is ridiculously expensive even for cards so you may want to do a quick disclaimer of "if the shipping cost is outrageous I pick someone else" xD

  2. It is for sale on their website. It is nice that they constantly have these giveaways. I guess it’s an easy way to advertise.

  3. This is amazing!! But I’ve entered stuff like this before, never won. I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately like I’m right, yet fail none-the-less. It’s frightening. Turns the legs to jelly.

  4. As of right now it’s a 1/32k chance. Winning the lottery is 1/14mil (rounded) so if u bought 438 lottery tickets u would have the same odds. But on the bright side. Ur 438x more likely to win this than the lottery so best of luck!

  5. This is fantastic. If you lose, you can say you had predicted it all along. If you win, for the first time you're wrong, and what an amazing way of being wrong!

  6. Hey dude, great work. Don't choose me cause i live in Turkey and the shipping costs doesn't worth it. Just wanna say great job.

  7. The fastest marathon ever run by a person dressed as a banana was recorded at 2 hours, 58 min and 20 sec (Barcelona marathon 6 march 2011)

  8. OMG that would be perfect to add to my marvel collection in my house. Also you are giving it away and by covering the transportation costs? What an amazing person you are ❤️ Whoever should get it will be soo lucky.

  9. Please please please this is amazing craftsmanship, would really love to be able to look at and appreciate it every day.

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