The Infinity Saga (50 Hour Fan-Edit) (Final Update)

  1. I saw one of these years ago (the Ant-Man video they used was bootleg because it was still in theaters and a better source wasn't available at the time, lol). The "Fury's Big Week" stuff from Phase 1 is definitely a lot of fun to see cut together. Interested to see how the rest of it falls into place.


  3. Interested in link. Is there any chance you have a version with only canon content, iirc deleted scenes arent canon

  4. Someone dit it with Star Wars (he included clone wars inside episode 3) and it was taken down really really quickly

  5. My first thought was it sounds amazing. The second was (while reading it starts with the dark elves) man it’s gonna suck when he goes to edit in the Eternals. Third thought was “ya dummy it clearly says infinity saga”.

  6. I’ve gone back and forth a little about all the new stuff coming out...I think I’ve decided I’ll just start a new chronological cut that is contained in the ‘Multiverse Saga’..or whatever they call it.

  7. I can imagine you’re getting overloaded with messages lol. Good luck working it out! I wish you the best for making this massive edit lol

  8. Been wanting to do a rewatch for awhile now, and this sounds like a fun way to watch everything again. If you could send me a link, I appreciate it.

  9. If OP was trying to spread viruses, do you really think they'd say, "No, it's chock full o' viruses"?

  10. This sounds like it was an incredibly time consuming endeavour. Congrats on finishing it! And thank you so so much for sharing it with this community!

  11. Judging by the Google Doc timeline he based it off of ... They look to be spliced into The Avengers, GotG, etc.

  12. For the Endgame time travel scenes, I moved any scene to its chronological spot up to where the Endgame Avengers appeared and would start meddling. For example the New York avengers tower stuff is mostly set in its 2012 spot up until Loki grabs the tesseract. It makes more sense when you watch it and in my opinion still flows and makes sense for the story

  13. FYI, posting the link in the comments like you have will allow crawlers/scrapers to detect the presence of copyrighted material easier, leading to DMCA requests being issued quicker, leading to the removal of the post/link/material sooner, leading to less people being able to obtain the content.

  14. I've never seen an MCU movie so I guess this is a big leap of faith to take - you son of a bitch, I'm in - link appreciated!

  15. Can I have an updated link? The google drive link is giving a download limit error when trying to download a copy

  16. Any chance a new link can be made. The other one hit its limit for downloads and views. No rush; I’m sure you’re inundated with requests. This is the greatest thing ever and you are an incredible individual to do this.

  17. Could I have the link please. :) When I was a younger lad I, using a VCR and vhs tapes put Pulp Fiction in chronological order. It was a blast, friends loved it, lots of work but worth it. Great Job!

  18. Oh shit! Thanks for all your hard work on this I’m sure it will be a great experience to watch. may I please have the link. Thanks 🙏

  19. This will make explaining the whole thing to my girlfriend (who never watched all the movies) much easier! Send link please.

  20. Wow man, that's a lot of effort for something like this and I bet you worked your ass off to get it to a place that you can call "finished".

  21. On April 1st you should swap the link to a inverse phantom edit compilation that only has the scenes of Jar Jar Binks. Also Favreau should hire you as a consultant and Marvel Studios should formerly release this chrono cut from the masters.

  22. This is awesome! I have to ask. How long did this take you, and how big is the file, total size? I really am interested in seeing this, but I don't know if I have enough storage to hold it. Amazing job, either way!

  23. It took me about 6 months for the bulk of the edit, and I had been updating it as new stuff came out. The whole thing together is just under 100gb. I know that’s a lot but it started at 500 lol

  24. I definitely need a link been waiting for 2 days no message, someone out there with a link may the luck of world let you see this message

  25. I've got a link if anyone wants or needs it!! That is till my inbox gets overloaded and I cant send like everyone else haha but I'll do my best.

  26. Yo! I saw your work on some Italian entertainment news sites, awesome! Could you give me a link please? I wish you a very nice day :*

  27. I’m really trying to convince myself this is the final version. I’m not including anything from Eternals or most of the new stuff cause it’s too much and I consider those past the first arc. If Hawkeye has some very specific flashback scenes there’s a chance I’ll add them, we’ll just have to see

  28. First time hearing of this and you sir are an absolute genius. Marvel should send you to a premiere or something for this!

  29. I wish I can give you an award but unfortunately I don't have any, the best I can do is an upvote. I would really appreciate if you can give me link, I sent DM

  30. It seems like it'd be an insult to you and all the effort you put into this to not watch it now. Link, please?

  31. I’ve been waiting to see this come to fruition. What if… is officially on the back burner. Just sent you a DM!

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