Is it bad taste to shadowbox at a weight-lifting gym?

  1. Didn’t see it in the other comments, but this could definitely be the case because he was in a squat rack. Weird situation regardless, but using a squat rack for shadowboxing would definitely be considered bad gym etiquette.

  2. Why does anyone care what other people do at the gym as long as they are safe, wipe equipment, and put their weights away?

  3. I wouldn't say what you're doing is necessarily wrong,but I'd be careful not letting strangers know you train. (Shadow Boxing in their vicinity can be a form of that)

  4. Thanks, I’ll keep this in mind. I train MT every weekday but Sunday’s my leg days so I wanted to burn my legs with some leg blocks; Something just felt off when there was 3 other empty squat racks with mirror and he decided to pick mine.

  5. This is actually the real truth of the matter. Letting people know I do any sort of training always results in some stupid shit happening. I don’t try to let people know I watch anything either for the dumb conversations too.

  6. Nothing says alpha like "I spend $5 a week to bathe in other men's sweat because my place is too small for a home gym"

  7. Anyone who’s bothered by it has security issues imho. That said a lot of people are insecure and thus a lot of people will be bothered by it on some level. The only thing we all need to decide is how much we’re willing to let someone else’s insecurities determine how we want to workout.

  8. One time I was doing a jump rope workout at a gym in their “Zumba room” or whatever the hell they called it (basically the place where they had group classes where all of the walls are mirrored). A few other people in there doing yoga etc. Some guy came up to me and asked “when’s the next fight tough guy?” And I just said “soon” and he stared for a minute before walking away. People are weird.

  9. Weight lifting gyms are funny to me. So many big dudes with fragile egos and angry all the time who couldn’t beat their way out of a wet paper bag. Martial arts gyms are also funny to me. Full of the nicest skinny computer nerds who will pop your head off like a dandelion

  10. Yeah, gyms are for, you know, working out. It is really weird to me the number of people in this thread who care what other people are doing at the gym.

  11. Same. The only thing that has happened to me is other martial artists will come over and talk shop with me sometimes.

  12. Makes u look like a “hey guys look at me” type of person. Imagine if a wrestler started to sprawl and shoot double legs between sets🤣. That would be funny asf but also be viewed really weirdly in a weightlifting gym. I can picture people thinking “this guy…” U can do watever u want aslong as management is okay with it but doing it in a weightlifting gym wouldnt be ideal. In a mma gym completely normal

  13. I have a guy in my gym that does this. Won’t lie, I laugh. But it’s whatever, I’d prefer to shadow box at home and not attempt at coming across as a wannabe “bad ass”. Plus, I’m pretty sure his coach is YouTube.

  14. Seems the issue is with you to be honest. If you're judging people for exercising at a gym, you're a dick. It's literally what gyms are for.

  15. Why does someone working out in a gym come across as a wannabe badass to you. If he was doing yoga would you find it weird too?

  16. All these comments about “oh don’t do it it’s embarrassing or you’ll start a fight” what kind of lame ass shit is that. Practice your art of boxing In front of the whole gym and don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about you. Because as for me I like seeing people shadow boxing I’m interested to see the different styles people use. Also In life you shouldn’t be giving a singular fuck about what anyone thinks, that’s how you truly become free. And you know what keep doing you, that’s how you attract like minded individuals.

  17. Yeah, "It's only embarrassing if you're embarrassed". Too many of us have a part of ourselves which is slave to majority opinion, even if we know that there's literally a logical fallacy called argumentum ad populem: "Many/most people believe X is good/true, therefore, X is good/true". It's bullshit. We spent billions of years not existing, get to live an average of 70+ years, then go back to not existing for the rest of time. As long as you are actively harming no one by indulging yourself, go spend your brief moment in the sun expressing yourself however you like as best you can. Those people won't even remember that they saw a guy shadowboxing two days from now, in all likelihood.

  18. I think the cringiest thing to do at a gym is care what other people do. Go sweat however you want! I love it when I see people finding creative ways to sweat.

  19. Shit I do it at my local gym for an hour straight, I'm fucking wrecked at the end of it, nobody ever seems to give a fuck but we do have a dedicated area for boxers and gymnast's, I guess it depends on what gym.

  20. I've trained combat sports for about 17 years and trained in ''normal gyms'' for about 12 years. When you see someone shadowbox in normal gyms they generally tend to be weird wannabe tough-guys. I've done hundreds of strength workouts with serious fighters in normal gyms, and I could count on one hand the amount of times I saw them feel the need to shadowbox in those gyms. And I'd have plenty of fingers to spare.

  21. The dude styled on you and he was right. Nobody likes try-hards. It's similar to the people who start walking shirtless or screaming so hard during their sets that the neighboring gym hears.

  22. I don’t see an issue, just getting some practice in, wear a martial arts shirt and people might be more understanding

  23. Ignore the haters. It is weird to me the number of people here who have opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do in the gym. Sweat however you want as long as you are respectful.

  24. That's what you're training for. That's what he's training for. I reckon yours hurt his ego because his doesn't seem bring him real confidence. When the flow hits you, flow man, ignore the looks because they don't fight 😂 shadow boxing is a fundamental part of understanding your body and it's internal and external flow as a martial artist.

  25. If you have to ask it most likely you know the answer. If the place has seperate room or area then no problem. If you are flailing your arms where others are working out - then its a problem especially if you want to practice your footwork properly - lots of side to side movements.

  26. Yeah, gym etiquette. If your are using a weight machine, use the weight machine. Don’t do a bunch of different crap between sets. People are waiting for you to get done.

  27. As another martial artist no it's not. You're no different than the person doing body weight exercises or kettlebell routines in the corner. People just like to act weird because it's fighting adjacent. Just do what you can to stay out of the way and not be a big distraction and you'll be fine.

  28. While technically not illegal, anytime I see someone shadowboxing anywhere that isn't their actual martial arts place, I think they're a chooch. Trying too hard to show off and be like "look what I can do...I do kung fu....oh yea I'm badass...".

  29. Sometimes it’s hard to find places to practice after hours. I tend to go to 24 hour places when it’s either empty or few people. Locally, there is a quality in gym with decent mats and a heavy bag. Very low charge per session and it’s pretty well empty most of the time.

  30. I think shadowboxing in the weights area is extraordinarily embarassing. Weights area is for lifting weights. Just because lifting weights is 'doing exercise' and 'shadowboxing' is doing exercise doesn't mean they are the same. It's not the same thing as shadowboxing in a supermarket but it's in the same area of 'fucking lunatic'.

  31. While I’ve certainly seen stranger behavior in gyms (especially games like LA Fitness,etc.) any activity outside of using the types of equipment they have is going to attract attention.

  32. Why do people here care what anyone else does in the gym. Besides that shadowboxing itself is a good warm up routine or good to loosen your muscles in between sets.If someone tries to start a fight with you because of shadow boxing doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, by that logic you should drive way too fast in front of people tailgating you so you don't make them want to start a fight.

  33. There was a guy at my gym who would do karate style punches and blocks in between sets and that I thought was a little odd. Shadowboxing seems a bit more in the category of jumping rope or running in place to get a bit of cardio in during lifting.

  34. Shadow boxing between sets is a form of active recovery. I would say as long as you aren’t getting in the way of others you are good.

  35. Me personally, I don’t think it should be a “big” deal, but when I’m at a lifting gym I rather be in the secluded section of the gym practicing my shawdow boxing. Them guy usually don’t no shit about combat sports or martial arts so they can be a little weird at time.

  36. The only people who think it’s “try-hard” to shadow box are assholes. You’re just getting in some solid HIIT in between sets. Fuck the haters; put on your headphones, blast your jams, and ignore everyone else.

  37. if the shadow boxing is a legit part of your workout/routine, then do it regardless of whose around. If you're actually shadowboxing with focus and intent, who cares what others say/do/think? I've done tons of solo grappling drills in public gyms and I'm sure I looked stupid af to lots of folk but its part of the WOD and this is the way.

  38. It's absolutely it's fine. You're there to train, shadowboxing is training. But people outside of fighting don't understand the uses of shadowboxing and would probably interpret it as showing off or something like that. But who cares, that's their problem.

  39. If you’re doing it in a controlled manner with slow/medium pace I wouldn’t care. I’ve seen a couple of guys shadowboxing with max intensity though and they looked psychotic.

  40. I mean just try not to do it out in the open, because then people might think you’re showing off. But you shouldn’t care about that and if you don’t it doesn’t matter. It’s bad taste to throw weights around and scream but that doesn’t stop the people who lift weights from doing that, so why shouldn’t you shadowbox?

  41. I don’t see why it is. Reading through some of these comments makes me rethink my urge to always do some kind of martial arts moves in the gym. No one has ever given me any problems or funny looks but with the mentioning of gyms being ego boxes that brings up a good point and maybe it’s best to leave it to the MA gyms or at home.

  42. I don’t really care what other people do but I would think you’re trying to get peoples attention. I don’t even touch the punching bag at my gym because of that.

  43. Yes it is. I had my gym hoodie on when I was weight-training and this dude near-by started shadowboxing in the same area. People were looking at him like "wtf". He kept following me around the gym shadowboxing. When I went into the cardio room with the heavybags (the proper area to shadowbox) he followed me there too. I started shadowboxing to warm up before hitting the bags and he finally left.

  44. They have areas for stretching where he could do that. At my old gym, there was actually a heavy bag in a corner where you could do that. Half the time it was amateur ufc hours with arm-punches and no gloves. The other half of the time, the space was occupied by some dude doing kettlebells or box jumps.

  45. I dont think it'd be rude as long as you do it out of the way of other peeps, but doing that in public away from the MMA gym is a bit of a meathead magnet. Granted, some times you can get good conversations and buddies out of it, but you can also have to put up with self important dudebros that think they just see red and won't sucker punch you to test your skillz honest why are you looking at me like that bro huh huh huh I got the power of God and Anime on my side I will fuck you up- oh, sorry, my mom is calling for me to get ready for school, see ya.

  46. TBH it comes across as meathead behaviour. People who ostentatiously shadowbox out of context tend to fit a particular personality type, and the personality type isn't 'really likes training boxing'.

  47. It does make you look like a tryhard, for some reason I saw alot of people shadowboxing in gym fails video, and someone shadowwrestling too. Even if you had great form, you'll look like an arrogant dick because for average people, it screams "Look at me, I can fight"

  48. I love wrestling but I'd never shadow wrestle in the weights area. I have a dedicated grappling gym for that. I question people who shadowbox in the weights area because I'm not convinced they do anything remotely related to boxing outside of that.

  49. Here’s my two cents as a guy who did martial arts as a kid and gets caught shadowboxing anywhere/everywhere. The people who judge you for training are the first to die if shit hits the fan. Let them laugh cause you’ll get the last laugh

  50. The point of the gym is to use the equipment that they have there that you don’t have at home. There’s nothing wrong with SB.. but you can do that elsewhere. Get in, workout, go home. Don’t take up space doing something you can do at home or elsewhere. Same reason I don’t stretch or do sit ups at the gym. I do that at home.

  51. Well it is free country but if the gym doesn’t have any boxing equipment ie heavy /speed bag .. some folks might look at you funny

  52. There’s a free standing heavy bag at the YMCA that I work out at, I like to go hit the bag in between sets, it’s great way to get in a little cardio in between lifting, not flexing on anyone, I’m there to work out don’t care if others think it’s weird I’m not there for them. Do you boo keep shadowboxing

  53. Just make sure you aren't doing it next to a hallway and someone pops up and you punch them accidentaly.

  54. Most commercial gyms have a rule against cell phones in the weight area. I would ask the front desk and if true report him. People like that are better off training at home

  55. Depends. If it's specifically a powerlifting or olympic gym then yeah, if it's just a fitness gym with power racks then no.

  56. I figure because your body is dialed in to combat you're gonna naturally slip into practicing your moves. It's hard not to. So I don't think it is.

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