How far is your dojo or gym from your home or workplace?

  1. 45 minutes walking distance (don't have a bike or car available rn, don't want to take the bus), it's okay though I like walking and it's a calmer area (a couple of parks and a forest)

  2. I train in a few different places. Judo and Bjj are in the same place, it's a 15 minute drive. The other Bjj place I trained in moved, they're about 45 minutes away now so I stopped going. I might visit the odd time.

  3. 2 minutes and it uses to be an hour. Training frequency has gone from 3 classes with a couple of s and c at the local gym per week to 5 classes and 5/6 s and c sessions as it's all round the corner a week

  4. Currently about 3 miles, after I sell and move like 30+ but I work past the gym so I'll continue to go as I drive by it to get to new home whenever that happens.

  5. I teach about a 1 hour drive away from either my day job or my home. Only have class twice a week so it's not too bad and gives me a chance to separate from work

  6. Mine is a 20 minute drive. It’s notable that there are a few solid locations closer than that, including one about two minutes from my house.

  7. Boxing gym is about 1.5km/1 mile from my flat, so I just walk there. BJJ is only 2 stops away on metro, so about 10 minutes of walking and 3 minutes on the subway.

  8. My Judo dojo is a 15 minutes drive away. Ninjutsu is around a 45 minutes drive from home, but since it's at the university I study at, I train there after my lessons. (the availability and it's dirt cheap price were the two reasons I wanted to give it a try despite Bujinkan's horrible reputation lol.)

  9. 8 minute drive. There’s one 1 block from my work place with lunch time classes which is tempting though

  10. My gym is a 15 minute drive, it’s on the opposite side of my city but I live in a pretty small city so everything is about 8-15 minutes away

  11. About 45-50 minutes. 25 minutes of a train ride, and at least 20 minutes of walking, only thing that sucks is there is a lot of incline/decline on the walking part.

  12. 1 hour away from both. I teach a HEMA class in the city one hour over, followed by attending a BJJ class 15 minutes later. 3 times a week. Going from teacher to student within the same hour feels very odd. Lol love it all though.

  13. If I go from home its 45mins or more. If I'm working then its about 15. I live in the country and work Monday to Friday so it makes sense. I will still gladly make the treck from home as well. Its one of (I believe) 2 or 3 schools in all of Canada. To me its worth it.

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