Bruh moment

  1. Entertainment. Memes about good martial artists tend to just be either dry or cultish. It's a lot easier to agree on who sucks and laugh at them than to try and discuss the top of competition.

  2. Guys like what? Guys that work hard, and bravely test themselves against fighters bigger and more experienced than them?

  3. The hilarious thing is that's Logan in the pic in the pic not Jake. He's the one who's a bigger and better athlete, but also a shittier boxer and fighter. It's also weird to include him because Logan's like Costa sized and then the next biggest person in that group is walks around at 185 tops McGregor.

  4. DK is a delusional kunt. Bradley didnt decimate him to teach him a lesson but he took it the wrong way, he thought he did well, ego inflates and had the audacity to continue with his bullshit. He should stick to demonstrations and punching helmet visors off his conned followers.

  5. Xu got collared by the chinese government, unless Yoo paid them and ask them to have a fight with Xu legally which is something he will never do

  6. Xu said he did good, and was surprised. You're just a hater lol. Also, xu isn't a professional fighter. Brad was a professional fighter. The fight would have been completely different against Xu. Dk would have won

  7. Oh yeah doesn't deserve to fight the great "mcgregor" the guy that beats up old men at bars, assaults people, and is a genuine piece of shit. Dk Yoo, the meditator that spreads positivity, is totally below him and doesn't deserve a fight. Right. What a warped view of reality you haters have lol

  8. I hate these exhibition matches. We're just paying money to see some guy who's shit at fighting try and fight. I feel it damages the reputation of the sport.

  9. I love this guy. His first fight, and he fights a professional fighter 2x his size. And doesn't do too bad. He's a man of his word. Does what he says he's gonna do, and doesn't back down. I bet he's been training really hard for the second fight. Can't wait to see it. TEAM DK ALL DAY.

  10. He will absolutely get whooped by any one of them (yes even Logan Paul). His safest bet would be Floyd though as far as long-lasting damage or not getting his shit absolutely rocked because he’s more likely to try to carry him for a little while for exhibition sake but it will still be terribly one-sided.

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