band dilemma

  1. This! Rehearsals were practically unbearable before i made a couple friends/ started to interact with people more and it wasn’t such a chore.

  2. If you want to try to make it to rehearsals and work you could try to talk to your boss at your job to see if you could come to work some days, so that way you would be able to work and go to rehearsals. And with the band fees you can always explain do your director the situation and they can help.

  3. I'm sorry for my lack of punctuation. I never learned how I had a very bad elementary education just like I don't know how to divide. They told me to write how I speak and I just never learned how just how I can't pronounce certain words I'm sorry. Also I told my job but they scheduled me anyways.

  4. I feel like my comment was really harsh now, sorry. When it comes to your job, I'd honestly recommend looking for a new one if they treat you like that. You're a high schooler with other responsibilities, not a fully grown adult paying for rent.

  5. people are being so fucking dramatic about the punctuation lol girl you’re fine. fellow tuba player here- i think another comment already said this but absolutely try to make friends in band. this will help motivate you especially because it’s a positive shared common interest and if its a main topic of conversation you’ll always be connected with them. that’s not to say band has to be your whole life or your only friends, but having that connection honestly just makes band wayyyy more fun. band is easy to make friends in too chat with the people next to you there’s always something to talk or joke about. another thing that helped me with motivation was listening to more jazz and concert music. there are so many types of concert music out there that you can definitely find at least a few pieces that stick out to you. if you’re in marching band, you should check out DCI and the Blue Devils- look up Blue Devils Metamorph victory run on youtube. it’s super cool. i would explain your situation to your director and section leader and let them know you know you made mistakes in the past but you are willing to put in the time and effort and made a change. good luck! :)

  6. I was in the exact same position as you over the summer when my band was doing band camp, and just like you I'm a freshman, a female, and I also play tuba/sousa as well. When band camp had started for my band I didn't want to go, the sousaphone would make my should go numb and hurt like hell. So, I would use that as an excuse to get out of going outside and practice our marching show. What I would suggest to you is go to rehearsals, don't let your band down by making them think that you don't care enough to show up.

  7. Honestly, if band isn't fun, just quit the program; from my point of view I'd rather see someone fulfilled rather than band being some sort of anchor holding them down.

  8. It's not that I love band and its my escape from my crappy life I just don't have ways to get there I almost did quite but I love it too much to let go.

  9. I recommend talking to your band director about the situation, they may have some solutions for you with things like fundraising or some kind of fee reduction. Also talk to your boss about not working as much/at all during the season if possible, and give them a copy of your band schedule so they know what to schedule you around. Stand your ground and say that band is important to you, people will take you more seriously if you are firm.

  10. First off, Google basic punctuation and its uses. How you made it to high school and got a job without learning how periods and commas work I have no clue.

  11. i say just show up when you can, sure you’ll get hazed because of said reputation but being there is better than not, especially if you make some friends

  12. Just show up. The more you show up, the more you’ll enjoy it. But you have to take the initiative if you want to be seen as anything other than the one who skips all the time.

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