How do I enhance up my tiny (6.5ft x 6ft) laundry room?

  1. add floating shelves above and to the side of the machienes for storage. and maybe a bar that goes across the top to hang clothes when needed

  2. Some folks say shelves which is a good idea. A folding station would also be nice! Instead of dumping your clothes and folding them near your closet, you could have a table in there to fold them on, and make it easier to put away!

  3. If you can, push the units to one wall. Then, add a skinny table across the other to use for storage and a place to fold/organize clean laundry.

  4. Common in the UK when you have a laundry/utility room to still build them in with cabinets and then it doubles as a storage room or pantry

  5. Push the laundry unit to the left and put a table to the right for folding and hang a tall shelf with an underside to hang shirts up as well as somewhere to keep detergent and stuff. Maybe a poster with laundry instructions to explain the tags on clothes.

  6. I would place the mechine right beside the wall. This way you will have more shelf space one you install one

  7. A laundry prep area. Nothing crazy, a small table (preferably with drawers and/or space underneath) from Home Goods should do the trick. One side has your soaps and the other is empty for folding and pre-treating. Do that, slap a decent Bluetooth speaker or home assistant in the corner, and you’re ready to party

  8. Yes floating shelves in one side is fine in a rack to hang clothing and the other side full height pantry so you can store undesirable things to look at

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