Keep hair tied up or leave it down? Its the first time in my life I have long hair

  1. I don’t think you should keep the long hair imo. No offence but your hairline doesn’t suit it and something like a buzz/bald + beard if you can would look dope

  2. My brotha. With all due respect. Ya gotta chop it. At least now you can move on knowing you tried. I grew my hair out during the man bun phase. It took a little convincing by my GF, but it looked terrible. My hair is way to straight and fine for it.

  3. Sorry man but u don’t really have a good hairline. Not saying u should but I reckon u would look dope bald, u have a good head shape in order to be bald (I know that last part sounded weird).

  4. Well, to be frank, none. You have a high hairline with accentuated temples. Both these hairstyles highlight those features which are generally not seen as attractive nor aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore your hair is of low quality (e.g dry and frizzy) which doesn't work well with longer hairstyles.

  5. Damn, I too have long “low quality” hair. Any more tips to control dryness and frizziness? I have a frizz control shampoo and conditioner with oil and it only makes it manageable until my hair dries.

  6. If you're trying to go for a conventional fashionable look, then the long hair and the hair line don't fit, but often long hair is about more than just fashion and if it feels good to express yourself in this way then go for it. If you find yourself in a professional setting, then tie the hair up and use some product to keep the loose hairs tight to your head.

  7. You’re a good looking guy…wear it whatever way makes you happiest! 🤗 You look so happy in these pictures! Happiest is best!! I change my hair all the time because I think it’s fun and because we all can. At the end of the day and especially on my ‘last day’ all that will matter is this…Was I happy both inside and out? Did I enjoy my life? Did I add value or make a positive difference in this world? ‘NO REGETS!’ Lol (Yes, I know I spelled ‘regrets’ wrong, Einsteins!) 🤣

  8. It's time to let go of it, the hairline is basically gone, and the shape of your face doesn't suite that kind of hairstyle. You'd look much better( and feel more relieved) if you were to shave it all off.

  9. I feel like this subreddit's kneejerk to like any hair style is just to tell people to shave it. Ive seen folks with perfectly fine hairstyles post here and seen guys go: "HAIrLinE LooKS awFUl TiME to ShAvE IT and go BaLD"

  10. Down looks better. I honestly don’t understand why everyone wants you to shave it. It’s your first time with long hair and you should enjoy it for as long as you can (if that’s what you want).

  11. Balding dude; sorry. However you have a good head shape and chin, I'd genuinely say you'd look years younger with a no guard/#1 buzz. I'd say stay with your current facial hair length or go a bit longer and get a #1 buzz. Good luck man

  12. Sorry for the bad news my guy, but I'm in the same boat. Hair loss sucks, buzzing or clean shaven is the way to go

  13. Man, that took a long time to grow so enjoy it. Why make a choice? Some days I have a ponytail some days it's loose as the mood takes me. One thing I did learn, with the ponytail don't pull your hair tight. Leave it some slack so there is volume at the sides. (But IMHO in your case it looks better down since you asked).

  14. Because we know he’s an eccentric funny guy, so it’s part of him as much as his humour. If he wasn’t famous & some guy in front of you at Starbucks you’d think he look weird 😂

  15. I'd have to say, you look better to me with it down. Too much forehead showing with it pulled back. I went thru the same thing when I grew mine out. But seriously admire the long hair look...

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  17. You have an awesome face shape and your head is perfect for a sick buzzed look. if you wanna amp it up get a beard and maybe one of those natural looking hairline tatoos. youd be hella hot

  18. What vibe are you going for? Either, your facial cues are telling me that you are happier with your hair up, or they tell me that you have different vibes with the different hairstyles. Hair up definitely comes across far friendlier.

  19. you look better in the second pic as compared to the loose hair, saying that as everyone said you’ll infinitely better going bald. i know i know it’s a difficult decision to make, but once you do it and compliments start coming you’ll feel great!

  20. With love, muh dude, you are a good looking man whose hair is doing him no favors. You've got the head and face geometry to buzz it. Just do it.

  21. Great facial features, but the hair is ruining it. Trust me when I say, if you chop it off, your life will change for the better. With the ladies (or dudes if thats how you roll), and just average social interactions.

  22. You’ve got a really good face and really nice eyes, I think shaving your head will accentuate your great features

  23. Keep it down. It looks good, don't listen to Reddit. They're obsessed with telling people to make a drastic change of shaving their head when they start going bald.

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