How can I fix my type of hair? I've tried almost everything but still dried and frizzy. I also attached an image of one of my hair strands. Thanks in advance.

  1. Unfortunately for this type of hair, the hairstyles are limited to fades, afros, to actually having hair lmao.

  2. try putting a generous amount of leave-in conditioner when its still wet after a shower. scrunch with your hands, never comb or brush. wash it only 2x a week max.

  3. You've got some good advice in this comment but honestly a lot of it is really bad as well. The part about "chemical" shampoos and "bad ingredients" is pure bs. Silicones are amazing ingredients especially for dry, frizzy hair. People tend to fearmonger them because they coat the hair, which is exactly what a proper conditioner should do. Sulfates can be very abrasive, however this is not the case when it comes to cosmetics. Formulation as a whole is extremly important and sulfate based formulas may contain certain ingredients like cocamidopropyl betaine to make them more gentle. Certain sulfates are also more gentle than the surfactants commonly used in sulfate free shampoos.

  4. Pretty sure this advice doesn't work for everyone because dry frizzy hair is not always the cause of such mentioned chemicals in shampoos and conditioners.

  5. I have very similarly frizzy hair, and understand how you feel. I shaved my sides to a low 1/ gradual to a 2, and make use of leave in curl conditioner after I shower, making sure to actually evenly distribute it especially in the back and sides. I toss my hair to the left as to let my curls drape over a little, and it makes for the right side always look shiny & smooth. Maybe this helps in some capacity, although I'm still looking for advice myself!

  6. I have this issue, it’s low porosity hair meaning it doesn’t saturate and moisture can’t be absorbed like other hair types. They’re coming from a good place but most of the time the people commenting simply have a different hair type so no matter what they suggest it won’t work.

  7. For me it helped to stop washing with any product. I just use water everyday and let air dry. After two weeks your hair knows how to moisture it self.

  8. I have similar hair to you in texture (your hair is actually shinier than mine), I’ve tried pretty much everything and nothing has worked for me (Suavecito Pomade does the trick sometimes but I live in a humid place so it doesn’t last). I went to the doctor and they told me my hair is like that because I have hypothyroidism. I’m not saying that’s your case but it wouldn’t hurt to get a checkup

  9. I have the exact same type of hair. What I did was to let it grow out (at least 10 cm) and go to the hair salon to straighten it. I do that every half a year. Now I can at least have a fringe or even do a slicked back hair style with some hair clay.

  10. Could be wrong but judging from that second picture it looks like you might have a lot of dead ends and that causes your hair to feel dry as fk.

  11. Hi, not really, the only thing that helps me control it or give it shape is leave-in conditioner and keep it short.

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