Be honest, left or right

  1. What product would you use for dry frizzy hair like his? I have the same hair. My hair is also very short but want to style it. Would wax or pomeade be best for this type of hair

  2. He said be honest so we can say things like: "Your head on the right looks like an amish tennis ball." without feeling too bad about ourselves.

  3. Tbh left hair with right beard or right hair with left beard. Depends on what you want tho, you look country with the first one and like a florida guy with the other. Both look great though imo

  4. Left beard, and right hair cut, just needs a bit of hair product, you look asome. Also try exercising a bit with good diet to get better skin as a bonus.

  5. There should be a no beard photo as well 😂 I’d say left beard and right hair would be fun if you blended the hair a little better at the sides

  6. you need to condition your hair man. i feel like there might be some nice small curls in there somewhere but your hair looks super frizzy

  7. It depends.. whats u like. I like changing once longer once short. If u are young try new things ;) for me beard left and hair Little shorter than right

  8. Depends what look you're going for. I think both look good on you! Right seems a little more "lightskin" and left seems more business. Not sure about your personality type.

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