(23yo) What can I do about my thin hair?

  1. I know there are some hair loss methods that can help and if you are interested goto a doctor and see if they can recommend someone who can advise you better(this depends on location and money obviously), but you might want to just bite the bullet and commit to shaving your head.

  2. Too far gone my man... shave it off and embrace it... you have a nice shaped head for it... no need to waste your money on that other crap...

  3. You will look great with a bald head. It will take some time to get used to but will save you money on shampoo. Please embrace it now, you will never regret it.

  4. You should probably go to a doctor and make sure It's not something else, that's a concerning amount of hair loss

  5. You could try finasteride, minoxidil and derma rolling you might respond super well maybe try it for year see wha happens atleast you would of given it a go

  6. Thoughts: there are products on the "OTC" market like "Hims" and "Keeps" and a few others. There are medical products to try. Yes that takes a doctor to Rx it. You can get on a supplement diet. I guess it all depends on what you want to do. This is 2021, and there is no real reason for anyone to be balding like you are. I won't lie to you, it will take work and it will take a while to change from where you are now to something better. I was thinning on top but not to your extent over a year ago. It took me a year to gain it back. Possibly you could do that same! Got any other questions, just ask. You don't need to be bald or shave your head.

  7. Mine is more filled in than yours and I shaved it off to a buzz. That plus grow a beard if you can.

  8. You don't want to be known as "that guy" who holds on to his shedding hair until the very last strand falls off. Society secretly mocks those dudes. You will be respected more if you bravely accept your fate. You will grow from it. Seriously. Do it.

  9. Shave it and start hitting the gym. It's too far gone that i think even with the best and most aggressive hair loss treatments it'd still be a lost fight.

  10. My Dr. told me three years ago to use a prenatal vitamin, I was shocked as I’m not pregnant. My Dr. said it has every vitamin to fight against hair loss and it has work great.

  11. You can always consult a trichologist, they specialize in the study of hair loss and scalp conditions. I know there are definitely plenty of lines out there that work, but one that I like a lot is from a company called Eufora and they use what’s called a pro amino peptide complex and what it does is it blocks testosterone and the five alpha reductase that tend to meet together and suffocate the hair follicle

  12. I also wanted to add if your scalp is super tight and shiny (like waxed floor) there is very little to no hope of new hair coming in, but if it looks pretty normal and has some wiggle room there is more hope

  13. You’re not too far gone at all, since it’s diffuse thinning if you hop on finasteride, minoxidil plus micro needling, and nizoral you could recover a full head of hair. It wouldn’t be as thick as your baseline but if it’s important to you you could have respectable hair for at least a couple more years using meds

  14. Hi, skin and haircare nerd here. The only over the counter hair loss treatment that is proven to work is minoxidil. If you've already tried that, I would suggest seeing a dermatologist who could suggest certain procedures to get your hair back.

  15. Shave it off, or go full in on a hair regrowth treatment. Finastride, dermaneedling, and minoxil after derm needling. Disclaimer though, its expensive AF

  16. The "big three:" finasteride, minoxidil and 2% ketoconazole shampoo (prescription needed for 2% but you can buy 1% over-the-counter). Also check out dermarolling

  17. From the front I don't think I looked too bad, but from the top...not so much. Doesn't help that I'm not very tall lol I don't think I look to bad as a bald man!

  18. Check out Derek from More Plates More Dates on youtube and look at his hair loss playlist. I personally haven’t used his information so I can’t endorse it, but he is a wealth of information. He isn’t a salesman and isn’t pushing product (except his brand of exercise related products). Just gives lots of solid information. He has a website as well but check YT first.

  19. I saw the after pic, looks so much better. You suit a shaved head. Give it a few months & you (& everyone you know) will be so used to it that you'll wish you did it sooner!

  20. There are thickening creams generally for those who grow dreadlocks, but I've known plenty that use it just to thicken their hair. Beauty salons & black hair care places have them. Best of luck!

  21. Get on FINASTERIDE ASAP that's your only hope. From there you can explore additional treatment options but finasteride Is the start.

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