Mullet and Mustache or Clean Shaven with Mid Fade? M23

  1. That is one nice ass scar you got my friend. The first one looks like a young evil billionaire. The second one looks like his crazy cousin from Australia that kills jacked kangaroos with a boomerang. Both are good looks and that scar is working em nice.

  2. The first photo says you’re only for one group of people. Second photo says you’re invited to everyone’s cookout. Choose wisely.

  3. I'm 34f and while I think you look cute either way, there are probably only going to be so many years of your life that you can get away with a mullet, so I'd pick that one for now.

  4. Clean look is basic. You look good, but you look like 75% of the daily corporate commuters you’d see in any metropolitan area. Mullet is trendy right now, and gives a much more dynamic look. Also looks good, don’t know why there are so many haters in the comments below. It’s very on trend. Personally, I want to talk to mullet guy.

  5. Oh boy. Number one definitely Number one. Sorry dude but the other pic looks like bad 70s porn. (Unless that’s what you’re going for) but WAY better No mullet no stache

  6. Picture 2 if you’re in porn or music. Picture 1 otherwise. Might experiment with short beard or shadow.

  7. Please shave, unless you want to be mistaken for a meth dealer, who homebrews moonshine in his spare time. Coincidentally, your look nice with a clean shave.

  8. Pic number two definitely ages you, but in a good way. Both look great, but if you got the confidence to go with a mullet and stache in the first place, that’s what I’d go with!

  9. Clean shaven with the fade for sure my man. Sharp as a razor. The mullet and Stache look good, but don’t strike me as the better looking option.

  10. UPDATE: for now i will be keeping the mullet, as many of you stated i look more conventionally attractive/professional in pic 1, and i look more interesting in pic 2. given i am currently pursuing a career in the music industry, looking like i fight buff kangaroos with boomerangs on the weekends is kinda nice. as for the dating scene i’ve gotten an equal amount of attention in both styles and mostly am looking for a style that suits my personality best. thanks for all the advice and hope you all enjoyed my post!

  11. Can you grow a full beard? I don't like the mustache alone it makes you look creepy. Maybe mustache + beard would be better, otherwise you look great with a clean shave

  12. pic2 makes you look like a more interesting person, while as in the first pic, u might look nicer but also quite boring.

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