Is seafood really the most popular meat in Malaysia? I thought it would be chicken.


  2. From a Chinese household whom my father is allergic to poultry. We eat a large variety of fish for most meals. Even the ‘cheap’ fish can be delicious if cooked well. And with so many frozen/ processed options nowadays it’s not too hard to prepare.

  3. Possible. Anchovies, udang kering, ikan masin, budu, keropok lekor, laksa, so many dishes are fish-based. In case you forgot, sabah sarawak exists and their chicken’s price is slight higher than fishes. Also i believe east-coast people breathe fishes.

  4. Don’t forget ikan bilis and all its use in our cooking. That must’ve added to the supply per capita in this data.

  5. Depends. In coastal towns like mine, seafood is fresh and cheap(er than in non-coastal or high-demand-low-supply settlements). There are lots of seafood restaurants here.

  6. When I was a kid (80s and 90s) chicken was such a rare delicacy. It's fish and fish and fish everyday. Now it's the opposite.

  7. This is a false statistics and poor information, this persons knows nothing about all the world

  8. Most popular meat "to eat". Our seafood and fish varieties are great. Chicken wise, china have greater variety and suits my tastebud more.

  9. Man I wish I could eat ikan goreng everyday. Not only they're expensive weight-wise compared to poultry, but also a pain in the ass to prepare. Kena sianglah, buang sisiklah, buang siriplah, tajam lagi, bau lagi, apa lagi. But damn ikan goreng is so nice, especially with sambal belacan.

  10. do you eat more fish than chicken, pork, or other meat? for meat pork and chicken is at least 80% of what i ate personally. because pork/chicken is cheaper in zapfan and on some zapfan fishes aren't seasoned enough making them bland

  11. I guess chicken is crazy popular in klang valley area, fish on the other hand is popular dish for pantai timur and borneo peeps. Like we have variety type of laksa alone

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