/r/malaysia daily random discussion and quick questions thread for May 29, 2021.

  1. Currently a fresh degree graduate, any opinion on whether to go for a job right now or continue masters, especially during MCO 3.0

  2. Hi I’m a fresh grad as well although I got some work exp, it’s really what you want to get out of either option. If you can afford it and you’re genuinely interested in whatever masters you intend to study or you feel like it will boost your job prospects or you’re really just studying for the sake of not wanting to work yet (which was honestly me), go for it but think about whether you can handle doing online classes for at least another year.

  3. I actually got a glimpse of hope for the first time in months when my mum got her vaccination appointment today. She’s getting it next week but I hope the queue won’t be long (she’s not in KL). Like aren’t you only supposed to show up 30 mins before your slot? For non AZ vaccine?

  4. Wanna purge my Instagram and unfollow all those ppl I don’t stay in contact anymore and also remove them as my followers but then the realist in me was like, fuck what if I need them as a connection in the future )= how fucking sad to see life in this manner but then again 😕

  5. anyone knows of any realiable third party storage solutions at selangor PJ area? I need to temporarily store my stuff for a few months. Cuz MCO and I need someone to help me move+store my stuff. urgent.

  6. Used to have a stall at a local craft market selling handmade zero waste personal care stuff (think soaps, shampoo, skincare). Then lockdown happened and idk what to do now lulz. Online sales also quite bad and practically zero. Any advice is welcome

  7. Spent the last 3 days working day and night for 3 slides that are fancy looking lol but somehow still proud of my work heh

  8. Hahaha I saw this tweet somewhere about how this year’s UCL final is one of the quietest finals ever because it’s 2 small clubs with hardly any fans (in comparison to Real, Juventus) to hype it up.

  9. Sushi mentai near my house just closed down. RIP to my favorite cheap sushi place :(. I know there are other sushi places that are better, but sushi mentai is really cheap

  10. Damn, I'm a huge fan of Sushi Mentai. I think the sushis and set meals like bento and curry rice are really cheap compared to other places. Hopefully the one near my place won't shut down too.

  11. To me, baba nyonya are the true malaysian. A perfect fusion of different cultures that combined in harmony. Or something, i dont know cause im not racially sensetive.

  12. If anyone wants to donate blood, can go to AEON Shah Alam, floor G, tomorrow. Gonna guess that the blood bank will run low like usual during lockdown so do go if you can.

  13. My housemate has went back to China during March last year to be with her family, so it's been more than a year since she left this place. But half her belongings are still in the room.

  14. Offer to ship her stuff back or store it somewhere else while she foots all the costs. Or charge her slightly less than half the rent as ‘storage costs’. It would be unfair for her to stop paying rent when her stuff still takes up space but it would also be shitty if you just chucked her stuff after she stops paying. That being said, if she still refuses to pay anything, let her know that you won’t hesitate to do whatever with her stuff

  15. Offer to store her stuff in those storage places but she pays for the costs. After all, its still her stuff. Or just say we are no longer happy to let you rent here and dispose the items (donate, etc.)

  16. It’s RM15.70, comes with nuggets, fries and diluted coke for me. Also two disgusting dipping sauces that make me appreciate BBQ and Sweet&Sour more.

  17. I feel like people who said they are overpriced haven't seen recent McD's prices. They have been at that level for some time now

  18. I totally have no career aspiration. I dont care about climbing the career ladder at all. Whatever little that i currently have is enough for me and my cat. So why am i feeling guilty for just living?

  19. I have! But it’s not climbing up ladders. It’s more like building a huge net so I can roll here roll there roll everywhere. About feeling guilty, not sure why unless you have some underlying incident that’s making you think that way

  20. girl, you are so not alone in this. I am the same as you. I have a number of friends who are already eyeing key positions, and good for them I say. But for me I just want to live a slow-paced life. As long as I have enough to pay my bills, food on the table and relaxing with hobbies and friends, that's good enough for me.

  21. Everyone is wired differently bb. I think just accepting who you are is something even the most ambitious can’t do and yet you accept yourself.

  22. Same here. I’m still in uni and I feel odd for not having strong career aspirations. I just want a simple life which is peaceful and where I can make others happy.

  23. This reminds me that in college, we had this friends who was BIGBANG fans.He always used BB as acronyms to talked about them, and my mind always defaulted to BB

  24. prudent to just wear it everytime you go out the door really, even if short or simple task. all it takes is for one passing infected fella to accidentally sneeze or cough on you, then kena lah.

  25. No because the rubbish room is right across from my unit. Only wear it when I need to use the elevator to go down for stuff

  26. My advice is to be cautious of the time flow. Getting stuck in lockdown will really mess with your sense of time. Weeks will go by really fast and before you know it, your assignments are due.

  27. Super Junior's erstwhile rival. Don't know much about their songs, but I like this one from the subgroup Double S 301

  28. Hey not sure where to post this. My kid is going to have routine her vaccination appt in a hospital KL (im based in shah alam, shes being followed up there ever since born) on the 3rd of June. May i know What’s the procedure? Do i need to go to the police station for approval?

  29. But if want to be extra safe, just bring 2 set of photocopy documents and get police approval (there pdrm for on online). You don’t need since it’s it’s allowed but it makes roadblock travel so easy since you don’t need to explain yourself. I did this for my dad appointments.

  30. If you have b&w proof of appointment, they’ll most likely let you passed. Never encountered problem when doing so, regardless of which MCO. Harap2 this time also same

  31. I brought my kid for one of his vaccine during mco last year. I called the police and they told me no need letter. Just show appointment card if stopped by police.

  32. Day 1 of umpteenth attempt of quitting smoking, hopefully for good. My weakness has always been when I'm drinking, the combo works so nicely together. And at the risk of sounding super privileged, I aim to be healthier this lockdown cuz have gained weight from raya food. And to think I like to fatshame my cat, so Tuhan bayar cash balik kat I ಠᴥಠ

  33. Uff the burning sensation on the throat when you take the first drag while being slightly tipsy but still functionable

  34. I don't smoke. But pre Covid time I was kinda a regular drinker, preferably while listening to a live band. lol. During one of those intermittent period where government allowed those joints to open I did go recently. But the vibe isn't there anymore. Maybe the atmosphere idk.

  35. Guessing f&b will be included in essential services, people still need to eat and it's safer for delivery riders to make contactless deliveries than for people to gather in supermarkets more often.

  36. lol this afternoon wtckl is a mess. there's no clear instructions of where to go and queue and the police had to keep shouting the time. my gf go in 1 hour late because of the delay. there's some reporters around there and i overhear 1 police dude telling the reporter to not write anything bad about them because they already did their best to control the situation. the reporter just keep nodding and agreeing to him. so of course when the news came out just now, its all the rakyat's fault again for coming too early... lol

  37. It’s crowd control at the outside and entrance coming in causing issue. Last time I went in from different entrance through loading bay.

  38. Anyone seen the video posted by someone on Twitter showing the queue lines for vaccination at pwtc today? Where are all these people coming from?

  39. If you check the link to the Twitter thread posted here, someone there actually said that the delay is due to them sanitising the whole area, as earlier there was a covid close contact who decided to come in for vaccination there today

  40. Booked somewhere else but still got PWTC. Nothing much can do la, priority is want to get vaccinated quickly

  41. People are showing up waaaay too early. Thats why KKM keeps telling you to arrive on time. You are only allowed in 30 mins before your slot. Thats why theres a huge crowd outside. If it was bad, you’ll see crowding INSIDE.

  42. according to my friends and family who got it earlier, some weekends also, there's no queue or mess like this. i dont know what happened, but its not normal. but there's actually no long queue to get in. people naturally queue beside the road under the sun because they thought its the line to go in. actually they will just shout the time for you to go queue infront the checkpoint. if you're slightly late they will ask you to skip queue and go in directly.

  43. Weird comment. Miles Davis is one of my favourite artists and for a large part of his career he had hair like a balding poodle. Who gives a shit if they look like "sissy sohais(?)" they're a music group. Obviously looks is part of it for a boy band but people like them mostly because of their music. Deciding if an artist is good by googling pictures of them isn't necessarily the best way to judge.

  44. I mock them too but tbh if there’s McD set for MCR or any band that I love, I’d probably queue up too lol

  45. Does anyone have any charities or organizations you trust, that assist underprivileged or refugee organizations? There are a lot of charlatans out there, but especially at a time like this I'd like to see if there's someone I can help.

  46. You can check out Dignity for Children Foundation. They provide education to the underprivileged. They also have several enterprises to equip their students.

  47. What should I do if my desktop is experiencing packet loss when playing games due to WiFi? I can't move my router because only got 1 telephone socket.

  48. Do a ping test to your router. Assuming your router IP address is, then run “ping -n 1000” from the command line. This will ping the router 1000 times. If the packet loss % is high then it’s your own WiFi network issue. Get a better router if you are still using the one from unifi.

  49. If it's unifi then it's just unifi prob I think. Lots of packet loss and shit when connecting to servers especially during the night. The routing is just shit

  50. Was in a long-distance relationship for half a year. Now that she's back and only 30 mins away, still can't see her and probably won't be able to again unless mco ends by mid July.

  51. I’m in an LDR as well... fortunately was able to travel to see him and just got back now in quarantine :) but we were struggling before, weren’t able to see each other for 1 year.

  52. Just got back from buying groceries. The Jaya Grocer near me have started to limit the number of people who can be in the store by using numbered cards; you get one when you enter, and you give it back when you leave. So if it's your turn, but they ran out of cards, that means there's a maximum number of people in the store and you'll have to wait for someone to finish and go out.

  53. yup, they are now strict about this, because too many faked their details when they wrote in the book. I once saw a phone number above mine; 88888888. What a fucking troll.

  54. In the event of jammed traffic in the supermarket, i hereby declare that i’ll eat whatever that i have in the fridge. Say hello to the chicken breast that has been there since december 2020. But damn, now im craving for ice cream. I dont even like ice cream.

  55. Shopee Microsoft Office cd key quality is down the toilet. Most are using recycled key, but many of them use a phone activation site that does not work. I bought a key from one, used another seller's activation site to activate.

  56. my idiot brother complain jalan jam la..that idiot lari balik kelantan.my parent also " balik la kalu cuti" .not cuti la...

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