Is this card good?

  1. Counterpoint: the flavor text is an obvious quote of Jurassic Park, so it's a Dinosaur flavoured card.

  2. It's unfortunately lacking the dinosaur subtype, which is relevant in tribal decks. However, it's a hard counter to [[River Darter]], which is a sideboard all-star.

  3. I mean sure, but you’re completely vulnerable to gut shot + gut shot + hornet sting + hornet sting + hornet sting + hornet sting.

  4. Cards alright, it dies to double [[lightning bolt]], or triple [[shock]], or hexa [[gut shot]]. Not being a dinosaur means you don't tremble when it's around, so the lack of panicking leads to a clear mind on how to deal with it.

  5. It's green and it's power and toughness are not its mana value + 3, doesn't gain you life nor draws you a card, and it lacks incidental hate?

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