Rituals and spells I created worked!!!

  1. The world would be so much better if everyone practiced magic. Everyone is running around with the perspective of scarcity, thinking that in order to get something, they need to take it from others, when the universe has plenty to go around

  2. Everyone does practice magick. Thoughts create reality, some people are aware of this. Everyone is constantly thinking, creating their realities. The enlightened(successful) think constructively.

  3. Thank you! I was doing a tarot reading on myself on oct. 31 and I pulled the magician. I knew my hard work was about to pay off, literally!

  4. I would just start reading as much as you can and take the things that resonate with you and add them into your practice. It’s definitely not enough to just read though. You must actually do, and really get into the the act of doing it. If that means you need ritual robes, candles, daggers, music, crystals, the moon, to do that then go for it. However it is not at all necessary. You can do magick whenever, wherever, without anything but yourself. Create a moment in time and space where everything is possible. You have to perform in that space and be a really good actor. You have to really feel it, see it and be it. End the moment and then move on. Don’t dwell on the who, when, what, where, why, how. I promise that if done correctly the things you want will be well on their way.

  5. This was inspiring! I’m fucking broke right now and could absolutely use some prosperity and success! Thanks for all the cool ideas. Love y’all witches

  6. I connect with the moon greatly and during my last ritual there was a blue moon (oct 31) and I would say that was my most powerful and emotional ritual. So yes!

  7. No teasing meant! I just think it’s highly personal and that everyone should discover their own way of doing things. It was basically a lot of low magick mixed with high magick concepts. I just took what I liked and worked with that. For low magick, I just did simple candle spells, sigils, wrote down my intentions and released them into the universe. For high magick, I really focused on the concept of an HGA, which I really think is my superego. I got in contact with that part of myself through meditation and shadow work. I also focused on the theatrical aspects of ritual. Just asked myself what do I really need to get into it. Just told myself, “you’re an actor on a stage, this is your play, you’re the lead. Who do you want to be?” Turns out I don’t really need much to get into a flow state where everything is possible to me. During one ritual I wrote down all the negative things that have been holding me back. Went into detail about why they need to be let go, then I burned the piece of paper, covered my body in the ashes and washed them away in the “river” (bowl of water, shower, etc). That was so amazing and powerful.

  8. May I ask what types of work did you add to make your spells? Like sigils, candles, symbols etc.

  9. Except I have two friends that have been working there for a while and they confirmed this to me. They both started out making $6 dollars less than I’m starting at. So maybe just consider that you don’t know everything for a change? Maybe try asking questions first before you start making assumptions.

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