Long time lazy Magician and I just scared myself sh**tless staring into a mirror. Need advice!

  1. Mirror gazing is one of the practices to achieve gnosis or deep meditation states. Those can be similar to tripping on psychedelics. There is nothing to fear, it is all the shit accumulated in your mentality is getting released. When looking under the veil of your established world view and understandings and encountering something radically opposite, and seeing that you were shitless wrong about every single thing in life, that might be terrifying in the beginning. But there is no other way except facing the truth and aligning yourself with it, just go slowly and comfortably at your own pace.

  2. Yep, this is where my vote goes. You gazed into the abyss of yourself, OP, and saw something that didn't sit right. I suggest you look into starting some shadow work, if it really bothers you, but I wouldn't be too worried about it for the moment.

  3. If u stare at anything for long enough, especially yourself, it will change. Not magic. Physics. I can’t remember what its called but it’s a thing.

  4. Go for a drink in the cafe. Whatever the realization, it will be in equal parts less terrifying and more profound when you bounce it against the social a bit.

  5. I have something overcome my reflection every once in a while and it takes over and makes me pick at my pimples until the point where I am trying to pull myself out of the mirror but simply can’t until I’ve created a huge sore and make much worse. It only happens when there’s a strong cosmic energy Like the full moon in July 4 2020

  6. I recommend looking into a dimly lite mirror, staring, and making your reflection look as scary as possible. In the dream world, you face the same reflection.

  7. I'm pretty sure your answer is in the title of your post. Magick isn't a part-time endeavor. It's not game where you can change the rules of play, or a book you can cherrypick what parts you want to read and believe. It's like the kid who hears about the concept of bleaching hair, then washes their hair in laundry bleach and goes blind because of it. You know just enough to push yourself into dangerous waters, but not really enough to bring yourself back. The word "lazy" is your key, friend. Fix that and you fix the rest.

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