how long does your malar rash last?

  1. Mine happen 3-4 days after sun exposure, take 3-4 days to peak, then take weeks or months to heal and fade. Lupus rashes typically last for days to weeks at a time. Without a biopsy, there's no way to know if a rash is truly caused by lupus. Unless it's a discoid rash, a visual evaluation really isn't enough.

  2. I don't think mine has left my face in 24 years. But when it gets REALLY angry it takes weeks to calm down and go back to "normal".

  3. I call mine my “mood rash”. It’s caused by stress and goes away after I rest a bit. It could be 5 minutes or 5 days.

  4. Mine really is set off by stress/sunlight/flaring and it last only a few hours. It only gets actual bumps/hives if it’s REALLY bad. It still definitely doesn’t last all day

  5. It never completely goes away but it’s a whole lot better since I’ve been on HCQ. When I flare it gets VERY red.

  6. i get it almost every night and wake up with it completely gone, when i’m warm it’s just a light shade that’s barely noticeable but when i’m cold it’s dark pink and looks like i got a bad sunburn across my face

  7. I get one every afternoon/evening. Sometimes it’s just my nose; sometimes my whole face minus my nostrils and eyes are red. Sometimes my neck is blotchy. Sometimes it’s raised. It usually is gone in the morning.

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