Can I go into a sauna with lupus?

  1. Wait, you can get this kind of reaction to the sun with Lupus? I’ve been noticing if it’s VERY hot, I get lightheaded and my heart will race. I never thought about it being connected to lupus I just always thought sun = rash. I feel like I realize something every day that might actually be caused from my lupus lol

  2. Second this. I have POTS and UCTD and any sort of heat is absolutely debilitating, especially in sauna temperatures. Sick for days after!

  3. For me, using a sauna depends entirely upon how I’m feeling. If I decide to go for it, I’m extra cautious and listen closely to my body.

  4. So infrared saunas helped me more than regular saunas. The infrared actually relieved my joint pain when I used to get it a lot. Regular saunas actually would trigger them

  5. I don’t do well with saunas or hot tubs and was advised to stay away from them by doctor. Reading other comments above there are those who don’t have a problem with it .So I guess it depends on the person .

  6. This is a depending question. It depends on your current body’s reaction to temperature. For me, I can go into a sauna and last 20 minutes and feel great. For others, it drains them and makes them feel exhausted. I don’t think trying it for a few minutes hurts, but if it turns out to be beneficial to you like it was me then keep using it!

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