I have a question about lupus when it comes to food

  1. I eat anything and everything I want. The foods I eat don’t have enough of a negative impact to cut my favorite foods out of my life. I’ve noticed junk food specifically makes me feel a little worse, but everything in moderation is my motto

  2. Did your brother receive another official diagnosis, such as celiac disease, in addition to the lupus diagnosis? Because if not, lupus itself doesn’t impose any particular dietary restrictions.

  3. Everyone with lupus can have a different experience, so it's going to come down to your brother trying to figure out which foods if any have an impact. I've noticed that I can't handle super greasy or fatty foods as well anymore but I'll still enjoy the occasional pizza. There's certain recommendations of diets that reduce inflammation like the Mediterranean diet, but again I don't think you need 100% strict adherence. There's definitely a balancing act of eating healthy to reduce symptoms and still going out and enjoying foods.

  4. This sounds so strange to me. My diet didn't really change after my lupus diagnosis. Although it's true I do notice my lupus symptoms improve somewhat whenever I eat healthier in the long term like when I did the paleo diet for six months.

  5. I have no idea if my lupus impacts my gut or if it is the Crohn's disease. Doesn't really matter. Once I started paying attention to what foods ended up having me feel off, bad, or rushing to the bathroom, I ended up avoiding them. The risk just wasn't worth the result. Although if I HAVE to have some chocolate peanut butter ice cream (because it's chocolate peanut butter ice cream after all), I make sure I have no plans for the rest of the day and binge eat several servings to justify the "gastrointestinal distress" that comes soon after, and I'm good not having ice cream for another year. As your brother ( or family members if he is young) get better at identifying the triggers, it be easier to identify which foods are a hard NO, which ones are Proceed With Caution, which ones are always a Green Light even in a flare, and to adjust accordingly. Beware though, it isn't an exact science. It seems everyone has their own custom food list and while there are some commonality in the lists, they are in no means all the same. What works for someone else may not work with him. And it changes. Without warning. With a medication change, or not. Or because the wind is blowing in from the East today. Even with the best record keeping, the body will throw a wild card reaction in, just because, just to let you know that the calm isn't to be taken for granted. It gets easier as you naturally tend to gravitate away from foods that don't work for you and towards those that do. Keeping a food journal really helps spot the trends. And then it almost becomes instinctual.

  6. I avoid carrageenan, because it’s apparently an inflammatory agent, and I drink lots of water so I’m not putting extra stress on my kidneys. I also don’t do much red meat because of the increased risk of heart disease. Other than that, I eat whatever I want. Eating healthy can give your brother’s body a little extra support, but there’s no “lupus diet.” Take that guy out for pizza.

  7. Please refer to this article from Mayo Clinic, each one is different, i took extra omega3, cumin extract & fucoidan to help with water retention and inflammation. It will require a lot of trial and error.

  8. Garlic is known to sometimes irritate lupus conditions, as do some nightshade vegetables, and red meat. But it's very individual according to what I was told

  9. my rheum told me to avoid smoking and red meat because they cause inflammation but apart from that he didn’t mention any restrictions! I’m reading the immune system recovery plan by Susan Blum which is overwhelming and honestly there’s so much to deal with in terms of symptoms and pain management already that I think changing your diet completely and restricting foods that make you happy isn’t necessary in the long run. One of my symptoms is no appetite and extreme weight loss so if I feel like eating an entire loaf of garlic bread in one sitting it’s better than nothing! I personally do feel much better if I’m eating fruits and veggies everyday but if he isn’t having any reactions from his favourite foods there’s no point in restricting! Also keeping a food diary and tracking if any foods give him negative reactions (headaches, tummy aches, weird poos, increased body pain and weakness the next day etc) would probably be helpful! Good luck n wishing u the best :)

  10. One of my Rheumatologist said diet doesn’t matter than another said to go on the Mediterranean diet. I just started working w a nutritionist and am eating clean for 1st time in a while. I feel so much better. I do get 1 cheat meal a week. My nutritionist said the Mediterranean Diet has a lot of fats and carbs. I’m trying to loose weight that I gained from being inactive for so so long.

  11. There is no proven link between lupus and food. There are some things out there that say you can heal lupus through certain foods and so on but there is no scientific backing. If there are certain things his doctors recommend because of how his lupus if effecting him then that’s a different story. For example, some people are advised to cut down on sodium for their kidneys, but that should be discussed directly with his doctor.

  12. Was diagnosed with SLE and lupus nephritis and the only food i was strictly prohibited from eating was vegetables/fruits that had vitamin K which is very dangerous for me. But honestly I eat everything and anything that my body craves, moderation also helps a lot. Your brother will find out what’s the thing that it’s not good to him. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine!

  13. It really depends on the person. I was diagnosed with lupus about a 6 months ago and started getting symptoms about a year ago. Food didn’t start bothering me up until just before getting diagnosed. For me, it’s incredibly hard to eat at a restaurant because of how much food I have to limit. Some people can eat all of their favorite foods and feel fine and foods can be perfectly fine one day and terrible for you a month later

  14. My lupus mainly targeted my kidneys/stomach so I was on a low-sodium for a while, and I like to avoid things high in salts and grease but there have been days where I cheated a bit but nothing too bad

  15. I have lupus (SLE) and so far the only food restrictions I've ever read about are alfalfa sprouts and garlic. But I haven't changed a thing about my diet. I mostly (99% of the time) only eat homemade food (as I've always done), and so far nothing has been of any issue

  16. Foods high in sugar make my inflammation and pain worse. My lupus effects my joints so I’m very sensitive to increased inflammation.

  17. Alfalfa sprouts aggravate symptoms but I don’t avoid / keep a strict diet. Eating healthier options and less junk food was more from me getting old than Lupus related. :) I hope your brother finds a happy balance soon. It is very thoughtful and caring for you to post on behalf of your brother. Having an ally is very important, especially in the beginning when everything is top side down.

  18. Lupus doesn’t exclusively mean you HAVE to make a diet change (unless your doctor recommends something specific to you). A lot of people with lupus chose an anti-inflammatory diet which can help manage symptoms, but each person is unique. Personally I cut out meat and chicken and I try to limit dairy as much as possible. It has made a HUGE difference. But a lot of it is trial and error as it will be unique for each person. Keep track of what he’s eating and see what affects him and what doesn’t

  19. I also eat whatever I want for the most part. I personally have slight allergies to soy and stone fruits but I don’t think that’s lupus.

  20. Like others,. Ive heard the merits of Mediterranean diet which is basically clean eating. Avoid the junk on a daily basis,, but splurge when he needs to. I was craving a good, juicy, grillled hot dog with alllllll the fixings yesterday, so I had one. My joints hurt today, so I'm paying for it today. It was worth it!!! He has enough to worry about right now. Do what's best for his kidneys. It's super cool that you are this concerned for him. That support is better than ANY diet.😁

  21. Your brother should not have alfalfa sprouts and garlic anymore. Those are the only things specifically identified on the food list to avoid. Everyone can have them if they want to, no one will stop him and it effects everyone differently, but it’s recommended those with lupus avoid them. I’ve noticed people like to ignore this advice because it’s inconvenient. I won’t get all judgey here but I’d suggest looking into garlic free versions of his favorite food. It’s inconvenient but doable. For instance if I go out with friends for pizza I order Buffalo chicken pizza because it doesn’t have red sauce which usually contains garlic. I also eat a lot more homemade pizza. I’m including a link to what I’m referring to. My doctor switched my acne meds from Bactrim (on the list) as soon as I was diagnosed based on this list. You’ll hear a lot of people talk about avoiding sunlight too which is on there. There are a lot of theories about other diets and how they can help but none of those have any studies behind them. They can’t hurt for him to try though. I personally fell better when I limit junk food, which sucks because I love it.

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