Joint pain

  1. First off, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis but obviously you’re not alone here. When it comes to this disease, medications can certainly help alleviate some symptoms, including pain, but they’re not a cure. I’m a 27 (M) year old and was diagnosed in 2017, and the pain has been on and off for years even though all of my numbers are in check and I’m in remission. I would stick on the meds and there’s a good chance the pain will lessen, but unfortunately this is a part of everyday life for me when dealing with the disease. I have become more tolerant to the pain, but it never truly stops for me. I wish you all the best, and feel free to DM me if you need to.

  2. Talk to your rheum about treatment goals. We were pleased when I got 50% relief on my 2nd med switch. But we are trying a 3rd switch and aiming for 80-90%. In my understanding most will have pain at times, and the goal is reduction, then management. It would be ideal to be pain free except for a minimal amount of flares, but many don’t get there. Especially if they have conditions like fibro, tendinitis, etc.

  3. It’s different for everyone but sometimes you need a little more. I flare up with my RA with things I eat or stress or pushing myself too hard. I was in pain every day and just couldn’t deal with it. I’ve tried Rituxin before and it worked for me so we did that again and it’s helped a lot.

  4. 60 mg/Cymbalta took away 80% of my pain. It does take 3 months to start working. I’m now in remission. I still get joint pain but it’s so much better.

  5. Did/do you have any side effects from the cymbalta? Did you try a lower dose first (30?) and that not work or go straight for 60? Edit: did you have any other positive effects, like mood or brain fog?—if they were issues before?

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