1. Dialysis nurse here…. talk to your dialysis center’s dietician. Your nutritional needs will change based on your monthly lab results. You probably can’t do what most people do to gain weight because you have to watch your protein, phosphorus, potassium intake. You need to know what foods are ok for you to eat—and it may change month to month.

  2. Do you have a low appetite or is it normal? Try to eat lots of healthy fats and high calorie food. Nuts and nut butter are very high calorie if you can eat them. Also Using a lot of olive oil helps. But for your teeth and overall health it’s better to stay away from refined sugars. I like juice (preferably fresh squeezed; no added sugar) cos it’s easy to digest.

  3. I’m 22 as well. Gosh my weight is so hard to maintain. If I miss I meal, I’ll lose weight. I actually have to like overeat. Any exercise will actually make me loose weight… I tried weights and dropped a kilo 😅… not normal but idk 🤷🏻‍♀️. Try eat food high in fat and calories and carbs … olive oil, potatoes, rice, dairy

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