I have a personal question to ask (possible TW).

  1. Unstable childhood/emotional abuse and some early adult trauma. I was diagnosed with lupus during the pregnancy of my second child at age 30.

  2. Almost identical for me! I had 3 kids in 4.25 years. I started having symptoms 4 months after my last child (the one in question) was born.

  3. Pretty happy childhood. No unusual stresses or traumas as a young adult besides the usual relationship ups and downs and transitioning to adult life and responsibilities. Strong family history of SLE/RA. Developed UCTD then SLE/RA/APS slowly over decades (15-33 yo).

  4. I believe you should look into the ACES study if your really interested in finding out how much childhood trauma can affect adult life. My ACES score is a six and it raises my risk for a lot of disorders and diseases.

  5. I had family related trauma throughout my entire childhood (was heavily medicated & had consistent therapy from age 4-12). My husband is very convinced my trauma is linked to my lupus, as I underwent extensive genetic testing to look for answers and was found to have absolutely ZERO genetic markers for ANY diseases. Doctor said it was the most perfect genetic results he has ever had. Yet, I have severe SLE that is drug resistant. I’ve been otherwise very healthy my entire life. (Symptomatic at 20/21, diagnosed at 23, now 25)

  6. Yes. I'm finally in therapy now for it. I started showing signs of lupus at 11 and i was diagnosed at 12. I suffered emotional and mental abuse along side religious traumas from a narcissistic father. I got diagnosed this year with anxiety and ptsd. Most of my life I've been in survival mode, putting more stress on my body.

  7. Yes quite a bit if childhood trauma. Was also diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, so I went through most of my life undiagnosed and had a very stressful life due to it.

  8. I had childhood trauma too, on top of being genetically predisposed to lupus, but what brought out the worst symptoms for me was taking the depo shot for birth control. So hormonal changes can also be a trigger.

  9. Yes a big amount of trauma in my childhood, late teens , I also believe it’s made my autoimmune disease worsen

  10. Yes. I grew up in 80s and 90s Northern Ireland, so during The Troubles. My parents worked very hard to make sure that we still had a happy childhood and lots of laughs in our loving home though, but we were still very aware of what was going on around us from an early age. My brother and sister still live in NI, but I moved away (moved away to study but always intended to go back, then met my husband and stayed).

  11. No I didn’t have a particularly traumatic childhood nor did I go through any major life events that may have triggered enough stress to cause disease. I have a family history of AI diseases, not really rheumatic, but I did get the chickenpox and get pregnant a few months before all my UCTD symptoms started

  12. My dad died while my mother was pregnant with me and then my brother almost died while I was nursing. I had a great childhood but the trauma I endured in the womb has messed up my body mentally and physically and causes me to go into fight or flight almost constantly

  13. Suffered from emotional and mental abuse from 4-19. I strongly believe that being in fight and fight mode all the time, and being severely, severely depressed triggered the start of my Lupus.

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