Lulu: much more than you wanted to know

  1. What exactly makes lulu fast? She doesn’t have any persistent steroid like janna, you can cast W on yourself but then it’s on cooldown for whatever play you’re trying to attend. Wouldn’t it be better to just focus on haste with transcendence and Ionians for more casts? I actually never thought about going domination secondary though, I’ll have to try that

  2. yes it's her W. it may not look like much at first glance but it's 25%+ for 3+ seconds. for comparison, phase rush on ranged is very fast yet its 15-20% at low levels. and the cooldown is not that long, either. at the very least you can W from base once and it will be 100% ready by the time you are mid. also it helps you clear wards faster and gank surprisingly fast from bushes if needed. keep in mind we have celerity and relentless hunter as well. not many champions can afford to take blue+red runes. later on we get lower cd, faster, longer W. also we can E on teammates for shurelia proc. also in most teamfight we don't fight much, just spamming WER on teammates. as long as you are not hit, u retain out of combat ms from hunter.

  3. What can you do when facing a karma or anything outpoking you and their duo is constantly pushing the wave ? Surely there's something else than praying your jungler put an end to your misery

  4. you can't outpoke a karma, that's for sure, but there are ways to deal with her. one way is catching up a favorable base while nobody's watching (after you got your tier3 boots) and come back quickly and try to force a fight while you are full. secondly, you can still sneak a gank or two in non-threatening situations although of course most of the time it is better to stay with adc . thirdly, if the lane is constantly pushing and your jung is a dumbass, mid can smell blood and gank too. if both of them are dumbasses and also dont react to pings, well, thats why i said try to have strong laning phase adcs such as draven. karma is not a threat to those. if you are stuck in this situation with a hypercarry, its not a big deal. he will farm safely and you can get to running around the map in the mid game when one of the towers is fallen and adc rotates mid. but generally speaking, most people understand that a constantly pushed bot is a treasure trove full of money and if you just began climbing and are among people that don't, you should be able to just play better than them, punish mechanically, get meta items and wait till one of them cries ff15

  5. Stopped reading after you mentioned building ardent, you should research that before telling others shit advice

  6. I'm not really a good player but I kind of hate how much people meme on ardent. I've always loved it and I know it's not as strong as it used to be and there's all this other stuff to build, but it can still feel nice.

  7. I mostly play top but I throw in phase rush and waterwalking on top of the movespeed runes you mentioned.

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