Land of the Free / Home of the Brave

  1. The good news is Ukraine taught us to put Styrofoam in Gasoline for our Molotov cocktails when the revolution starts.

  2. And yet somehow nobody seems to notice that's what's actually going on. How sad the state of things are. Hopefully us younger folks (40s to teens and beyond) have rebellious fever and we can finally change things.

  3. On the contrary, they have a clear understanding of how the people they are suppose to serve will take their decisions. Which is why the fence is going up.

  4. Thats right, good point. They put up fences on January 6th because they fell out of touch with the majority, no way even 10% of the nation being mad about something could warrant public buildings needing protection. Only after 50.0000001% of Americans are angry do the fences go up.

  5. Planned Parenthood can’t have a safety parameter because it violates free speech, but these rich old conservatives are given a safe space? And they wanna call us snowflakes. 🙄

  6. They literally have a free speech exclusion zone outside of the Supreme Court. They should check the constitution, I thought we had an amendment about that, and if we wanna be textual...I don't see any exceptions in the text

  7. America is a filthy shithole and getting worse all the time. These right-wing lunatics will be the death of everything good.

  8. You’re right, I am an immigrant. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I learn the language and talk about how much I hate my country, just like they do in the country I’m in.

  9. Pallets are readily and conveniently available in alleyways everywhere, presumably DC has some pallets. Plastic or wood, doesn’t matter. Instant ladders at just the right height to pivot over these.

  10. When you know full well the decision you are about to make is going to piss off a lot of people but you are hell bent on doing it anyway:

  11. Grapple hooks tied to rope netting should make these easy to scale. Basically rope grid blanket with hooks to throw over the top

  12. Don't be an idiot and protest at the courthouse. They have too much security, there's too much of an advantage for them and it's easy for them to ignore.

  13. I don't know if protesting at judge's homes is a good idea. It is literally illegal to intimidate judges so they can arrest you for being there.

  14. Alito's brief said that not only Obergefell v. Hodges was ruled improperly, but also Griswold v. Connecticut, Loving v. Virginia, Lawrence v. Texas.

  15. I read they’re going after free education next. States will no longer have to offer public education. Don’t have the link to the article anymore but I’ll look for it.

  16. You don’t build barriers if you’re going to piss off the lgbt community, let’s be realistic. Its going to involve something much more important.

  17. Our government hasn't worked for us in decades, that shit went out the window when Nixon was pardoned. The politicians realized they were fully in control and could just rig the system in their favor and suffer zero consequences.

  18. Cowards. January 6th was about "taking back the presidency," but god forbid a bunch of well-meaning people protest as you strip them of their rights. At least this time the anger is not based on a fantasy.

  19. 5 of these judges were appointed by Presidents who didn’t win the popular vote. It’s literally the minority ruling the majority. That’s why Americans are so miserable.

  20. "It's the home of the brave, / And the land of the free, / Where the less you know, / The better off you'll be." ~ Warren Zevon, "Disorder In The House"

  21. They let a bunch of conservatives nearly overthrow our democracy, but heaven forbid liberals protest the unjust and religiously motivated actions of the Supreme Court.

  22. Why is ANYONE surprised. They imprisoned themselves because they KNOW they are on the wrong side of justice, and of history. This is what far right radicalization looks like.

  23. The brave aren't sitting on their asses making terrible choices for the population. I really hope they find karma in the worst way.

  24. The leaders of this country really don't have any fucking clue what this country was founded on. If you fear enough to put up a fence it's probably because you fucked up.

  25. cowards. typical government trash. can't face the people and answer for your ignorance. just hide behind a fence

  26. oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? nope. It waves over some corpo oligarchy military industrial bullshit. Now with fences to protect the highest bidding corp's fancy man.

  27. News goes to show you it's bias because there was already fencing after that environmentalist self-immolated in front of the court. They added more after the leak.

  28. Actually, they are hoping for another January 6th but with lib's this time so they can use it in their campaigns. Look, look what they did. Okay, is our base properly mortified and pissed at our lies? Cool. More tax cuts for the rich. What about the poor? Fuck 'em. Their chattel to our burgeoning theocracy and monarchies.

  29. They know they fucked the majority over and they are afraid. Not that they have to be. The middle and left have no teeth. We'll wring our hands and take it lying down waiting for the next outrage.

  30. Has the Supreme Court actually substantiated any of this? Like an actual document has been signed? Or is this just meme warfare where someone throws up a few pics with words and gets everyone angry? Are the fences actually up? Are there any other sources reporting? I will not look into it, someone else please let me know. Thanks.

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