Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - December 03, 2022

  1. Is there Any way besides p2w to get pheons? I got All the Amazon pheons already but its like Never enough, and i need to gear 2 more alts x.x

  2. Returning after a few months off and have the Mokoko buff despite my main being 1370 when I quit. When does it go away? Just got booted from an oblivion isle party because of it.

  3. New or returning players receive the mokoko buff until 1415. If you're not already aware, from 1370 - 1415 it increases your damage dealt by 10% and reduces damage taken by 25%.

  4. Question to ignite sorc, whenever I play my sorc I always save doomsday for the ignite rotation, I never use it for anything else, is this the correct move?

  5. dont skip out on explosion and punishing strike, use them for meter gain and they are always rdy in your ignite

  6. In a void, it's actually better DPS to use Explosion and Punishing Strike to generate meter and to benefit from the partial CD reset from igniting.

  7. If you're in a raid with frequent boss downtime, as an example valtan g2, Vykas g2, then you should use doomsday, explosion and punishing for both damage and meter. If you spend 20 seconds building up your bar, then 10 seconds bursting, then the boss going away in those 20 seconds ruins that plan. If you know this is happening you can safely use your longer CDs and push igniter a bit if necessary.

  8. It really depends on how fast you're building meter. If the cd comes back before you can charge your bar then use it, if not then hold it. Most important thing is to not delay your igniter window because you're waiting for doomsday

  9. It's up to you if you want to play G6 first or have a better weapon first. Reaching 1520 is a lot easier with multiple transferred armor pieces. If you have +21 weapon that should be good enough at 1520 if you have max tripods and maybe a few gem upgrades above lv 7.

  10. Is it worth pushing an alt to 1475 if I'm not planning on doing clown on it, just for the increased chaos dungeon drops?

  11. Someone did the math on this subreddit. Basically you still lose gold a bit more gold value from not doing argos VS doing chaos dungeon everyday (which might not be fun for u). You can always offset this by doing a 2-4man bus run which should net u more gold than running argos with 8man instead.

  12. SHD for utility, LK for damage. SHD is recommended for beginners and once you are comfortable and want to push more damage go LK.

  13. You can run Punishment just for extra weak point. Once you get level 3 VHP then it becomes quite enjoyable being a staggerbot and I find myself running Punishment on quite a few raids.

  14. Most of these attack speed tripods without any say regarding groups etc just shorten the time the skill casts. So no it doesnt. The skill will just cast faster

  15. How to earn silver?, Like a lot of silver, I just got my first level 7 gem and my happy face getting spit on by the crazy amount of silver needs to roll

  16. Like everyone said, rerolling gems is not a good use of silver, since you need silver for lots of important things where you can substitute gold, like honing.

  17. Anyone using an amd gpu? Is 22.5.1 the drivers I should be using cause I've been getting tons of freezes using the latest driver.

  18. Is it worth buying the chest in vykas/valtan at this point? My chars are getting bussed in HM (since I'm only at ilvl with mediocre engravings) but I don't have any relic left side gear just yet...

  19. Buy if you need the wings (or wings for stone of chaos). Without the value of those it’s expensive for what you get

  20. It's a matter of preference. Both PS and SRF are mainly just filler skills while your main shotgun and rifle skills are on CD.

  21. I mean all the top gunslingers are doing it so I think so. Your ps numbers look off, it should not be doing almost 3x under 50%. Lv 5 tripod is 96% and the pm bonus is 30% so it should be around 16m not 20, in which case Srf is clearly better. Also Srf has 20% more crit from pm 10% and iats 10%

  22. Hi guys Is artillerist swiftness build still viable now or after changes in korea ? I want to use powerpass and swift arti looks good but I dont want to change to spec later

  23. I dont think swift arti exist because of the change in fpe engraving, you will lack crit rate going swift heavy build. But crit main stat with swift on necklace 2nd stat exists.

  24. Can a veteran give a rough estimate how long the progression of each of Brelshaza's gate will take on average?

  25. Hi there! What's the recommended build for Scrapper? I enjoy working with my leveling build that includes both Stam and Shock and I enjoy trying to balance them in a fight.

  26. If you like balancing your meters then shock is the one you want. Taijutsu doesn’t manage meter. The only drawback to shock is that it’s slow.

  27. Recommendations on which 5x3 to go with on RE deathblade? The normal one with adrenaline and RE maxed or the cursed doll maxed, adren at lvl 2 and RE at lvl 1. I’ve tested both in trixion and the cursed doll build out damages just slightly.

  28. 4x3+2+1 does more damage than 5x3 and is probably cheaper due to not needing RE books, but you get CD negative and less AS / MS. The damage isn't huge enough where RE1 is vastly superior though, it's basically would you rather take QoL or <5% damage

  29. According to the deathblade community guide, RE1 and adren 2 does the most damage, though not by a large margin. Saves on book costs too.

  30. It’s pretty significant, your tripods only get you to around 83% crit at max for ruin skills so you’re definitely not at cap. Plus your awakening doesn’t have crit tripods. I’d recommend just staying at 4x3 if you are there already until you can afford 5x3 so you don’t have to rebuild twice, or plan to only swap one or two accessories

  31. I would assume there’s not much of a difference. You going to be hitting a crit on every ruin skill from tripods so I don’t even find adrenaline that useful for arcana unless you can go 5x3+1. Before patch I switched from grudge/barricade/hit master/cursed doll + adren 2+ empress 1 to grudge/raid captain/hit master/cursed doll/empress all lvl3 and it definitely does more damage

  32. Work on your dailies (chaos dungeons, guardian raids, and una tasks) which will start to give you more honing mats. Then once you hit 1370 you can run the argos raid to upgrade your gear to legendary quality. You should be able to progress quickly all the way to 1415 with the increased honing buffs.

  33. I feel like you probably want to finish out lunar before toad disappears, as it'll probably spike again once it leaves

  34. Is there a way to get the auction window back up? Often escaping out of menus and it fucking closes the auction window, sometimes I wanna wait around for a cheap quality stone but I had already accidently escape the auction window, lol.

  35. That is honestly a personal decision. If you go 1490 you can get the new honing materials right away and either sell or hone. On the other hand, the 1475 chaos dungeon is extremely worth it to push to. People have studied how much “gold” the 1475 chaos dungeon is worth compared to previous and it’s a significant difference. If you are not afraid of FOMO I would personally go for 1475 (even if you don’t spend gold for 5x3). Brel will be available forever, but the sooner the chaos dungeon the better rewards now.

  36. Push as many alts to 1490 as possible, and it's not even for Brel. Flipping upper relic mats will make you an obscene amount of gold for the few weeks of Brel launch, you can just buy the 5x3s with that.

  37. Probably 1490 since 1475 is kinda useless and 5x3 is expensive, only point is to prepare for 1490 but you only have 1.5 weeks probably

  38. Might be a very silly question, but considering I am just missing 3 accessories for my summoner, would it be worth it to spend 75 extra pheons and buy the accessories now and then transfer them on the summoner? Or just wait for release and buy them later even though the price and demand might increase?

  39. I think it is dangerous to pre-buy all your accessories except the class one, because then you will be locked into a very specific class accessory that will be hard to find and probably very expensive. You also don't know which stone you're going to get. Normally the builds go the other way with stone and class first.

  40. I bought the accessories I needed for scouter like a month in advance when prices were low. Checked them after scouter came out and they all went up like an extra 50-100k. If you have the gold right now I say it’s better to buy and hold on to them now. Worst case you can flip them if you end up not needing/wanting them.

  41. They're probably dead if you catch them. Its just nearly impossible to initiate onto a class that has stealth, ranged stuns, and high mobility.

  42. is it bots that are selling small stacks of red/blue stones in increments of 1 - 150? I haven't been able to buy 999 stacks for pretty much weeks.

  43. Pretty sure your level transfers, someone was saying KR players sometimes do Brel first for the gear before doing Kakul for the upgrade.

  44. Finally completed 5x3 on my main. 1462.5. Should I use fused leapstones to hone to 1475, or hone normally and then use my fl to hone 1490?

  45. shouldn't realistically rely on fused leapstones to actually level you up; if you're using them though, use on armor +20 since after +18 or so it consistently costs 16 anyway.

  46. do i have to wait to get the trusted status on my steam account when i add $5 to the steam wallet or does lost ark change the status instantly ?

  47. Is the 44% Attackpower buff Summoner gets on Sticky Swamp Moss and Carnivorous Lily the same one or do they stack?

  48. Where would I go to farm mushrooms? A lot of crafts I need to do right now are shrooms, and Lullaby only has two spawns afaik.

  49. Not sure what you mean, are you talking about lining up the cooldowns? You should always try to get your LTS and TE into the crit buff window of Lightning Whisper because not critting them is so bad

  50. Is there a reason why swiftness/expertise gunlancer is not a build for regular content like it is in hell/inferno as a support/staggerbot?

  51. Don’t need it for regular content, unless it’s a blue memelancer you are better off with spec for damage. They already struggle with DPS so not trying to lean further into the support role.

  52. Overgearing content means no stagger window to abuse. Boss already at next mech with refreshed/locked stagger before you even get to stagger it

  53. I don't think there's a set in stone requirement to solo bus since it vary a lot with player skill to do dps while having 100% aggro and mechanics. Some classes also performs better than others aside from balancing issues going for entropy class for example might be harder to pull off than just going in with reflux sorc. The lowest I personally seen is 1475 full relic 5x3 lvl 7 gems but I've seen better geared players fail.

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