Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - November 29, 2022

  1. The general consensus about GL seems to be that they're really easy to play. But for some reason I struggle with knowing wtf to do half the time, and yet I have no problem playing classes like Deadeye and Bard. Worse, I'm trying out a 1370 blue GL and I'm somehow struggling. Is there something I'm missing?

  2. I don't know about bard but compared to DE, blue GL would have a much more straightforward skill rotation.

  3. Where can I find the maintenance schedule? I just start playing this game yesterday and already got hit by maintenance twice.

  4. Generally they are every late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning and if there are others they will inform us through twitter or the forums. What happened yesterday was out of the ordinary.

  5. When os brelshaza suposed to come out? O stopped playing like 3 months ago ando i hace no idea when it's coming

  6. We have no exact date yet but since we got the teaser yesterday it can't be too far in the future. Most likely on the 14th I'd say.

  7. I just tried buying a lvl 6 gem from the AH. It took my gold and said transaction complete, but I never got mailed the gem. usually my purchases are instant, anyone else ever have this happen?

  8. It's an isometric MMO u don't really need precision. If you're really into the idea there are MMO mice with like 12 side buttons. I prefer just 2 side buttons though (use it for my identity keybinds since I play GS).

  9. Yes if we are talking about your buffs, because your buffs scales from "base" attack power and not "total" attack power.

  10. Something still happens, you do less damage. But as a support, you don't do much damage to begin with, so it's a negligible malice.

  11. if the drestuccion stones are 3 per 10 pack, is it worth it to buy some now? thou im still buying the boxes from the frog, the gls are quite expensive

  12. Yes, but you can also wait later down the line when Brel mats stabilizes the market though that might take a while.

  13. I know we can get the new crafting mats with bloodstones once Brel drops, does the same go for the weekly pirate coin vendor?

  14. Got my Sorc weapon to 98 quality so I think it's time to give her proper gear. Currently running 5x3 swift igniter which is actually fun and does decent damage, but I wanna go all in.

  15. When I built my 5x3, it was 150k excluding the book price with HM9, igniter12, aoa7/cd7 stone, getting grudge +5 was fairly cheaper since most have grudge12 book. Only "expensive" piece was my igniter3/cd5 which went for 80k.

  16. Surge damage mainly comes from hitting surge which doesn’t benefit at all from super charge, so it would be quite considerable.

  17. Not sure, but it’ll only give you 20% extra damage on Blitz Rush and Soul Absorber. So it only gives a very small overall dmg boost since the majority of your dmg will come from Surge.

  18. I just hit 1445 thanks to the honing buffs. Is it worth saving up/selling supplies for the next buff (i.e. is there likely to have a new pass and buff in January?) or try to push as far as I can?

  19. Late January or Feburary is likely to be the specialist base class and artist release, which will probably have a hyper express pass. You'll likely want more characters anyway, so you can use those events on those.

  20. If anything it's worth pushing all the way to 1490 to be ready for the next end-game content (Brelshaza raid) coming in 2 weeks. Though it's highly unlikely you'll make it to then (unless you mass swipe I guess...), so take it slow for now.

  21. 7+8. It's same for all card sets. For example WMA has 10% defense at 8 awakening I believe and then 20% at 15 awakening, they stack and become 30%. Umar family has a 2% back attack dmg for 8 awakening and 10% for 15 and its 12% total if you have it fully awakened.

  22. So how long are the Cm's gonna ignore the shadowhunter threads with 1k+ comments and 18k+ views ? Most clicked thread recently yet no answer(the answer we got was a lie so it's unnacceptable. A statement why you lied despite knowing people can check it, would be appreciated as well. (The fact that a whole office had not enough foresight to knew people will go check is hilarious in itself)

  23. Obviously PC-ing (or at least a pathetic attempt at it) is more important than public argument; what are you even talking about?? /s

  24. Business-wise, they already addressed this. We already got a half-assed statement that the decision-makers deemed "good enough" to be put out into the public. They have no more reason to address this further unless it hurts their bottomline. It doesn't matter to them if the public fact checks everything and prove them wrong. That being said, players should still push the issue.

  25. For all previous raids, if you had armour below ilvl and made up for the ilvl difference by honing weapon, such as +20 weapon and +18 helmet for Clown, you take quite a lot of damage from most raid attacks.

  26. Igniter doesn't really care about minimums, but it just scales really well with spec so the more you can shove in there, the better.

  27. I have a 1370 bard and a open slot and I also want to make a new control glav alt. How should I utilize the hyper express event and the express event that’s ending really soon for both of them? Want the glav to be 1445

  28. I believe you can go to Maxroll's calculator, set the region to Korea, then choose the 1490+ tier of gear

  29. Any reason as to why destruction stones are dropping so low? Thinking of buying a ton before Brel comes out and just converting.

  30. Golden frog. All my characters I bought the honing chest for has at least (2) stacks of 9999 destruction stones.

  31. Someone posted a while back a chart of how many crafting mats it takes to make the new fusion mats that come with Brel but I can't find it. Does anyone have the link to a general amount of mats it takes to craft for different professions?

  32. https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/y4123a/what_are_the_conditions_to_craft_brel_oreha_mats/

  33. For my alts at 1480-1475, should I just prioritize pushing these to 1490 for the new Chaos Dungeon? Otherwise, would they just be in limbo prior to that?

  34. Push as many alts to 1490 as you can afford, even if you don't intend on doing Brel on them. The amount of gold you'll get from the first few weeks via selling new mats will make up for it.

  35. Should I buy honing chests from the frog on characters that are close to 1490, but won't be using destructions since weapon already +20? Or should I upgrade to +21?

  36. If you are planning to push them to 1490, sure. dest and guardians are "common" pulls while the SSR are shards and leaps(depending on your server).

  37. If you only ever plan on honing with bound, the frog chests are not worth it. You're basically getting discounted on stuff you wouldn't have bought in the first place. If you're close and risk having to burn unbound mats to hit 1490 at Abrel, then buy the chests unless your only bottleneck is leapstones. If your bottleneck is shards, then it's an amazing return.

  38. I haven't and won't buy frog honing chests because I'm only honing bound, and I'd rather get the card chests and 5x3 my dudes rn. I've already got 3 chars 1500+ tho and my top 6 are at least on the cusp of 1490.

  39. why do i sometimes geht double the rewards from unas and sometimes not? is there something like rested aswell?

  40. Yes. For Una's tasks you can see 5 horizontal dark bars at the top of the una task menu. If they're filled green, you have rested bonus.

  41. Does anyone know the dmg breakdown of blue GL’s skills? Trying to figure out which gems to prioritize.

  42. Hi, I'm thinking of starting the game which EU server should I play on? Are there specific servers that are only for certain languages?

  43. Im in the same boat. From EU and also and looking to start playing, but I dont know which server has the highest population

  44. Can someone share an up-to-date Empress Arcana guide? I'd love to see if the main build changed and to see what the changes were.

  45. Thoughts on throwing dark vs corro on turtle? Just had a run where the second stagger check lingered until after he popped back out of the ground and then he got stunned for longer(at least it felt longer)

  46. They do different things . . . I don't throw dark until after 1st pheromone or shell break. With a good group you can skip the second pheromone phase.

  47. Anyone here knows how much brelshaza's fused leapstones will the armor pieces ask for? On the convertion to +19 to whatever + one brelshaza gets. Like 16?

  48. There was a thread about this today! I think after conversion one armor piece will cost 12 of the new fused leaps

  49. For the honing support selection chest (solar blessings) which do I choose for most effective, im honing with em

  50. Yes, you eventually hone everything to +16 to 1430, then +17 to 1445. You might transfer to relic gears once you craft them with Valtan/Vykas materials (the red ones; the orange ones from normal mode are useless).

  51. is it worth it to push for a level 10 doomsday damage gem before brelshaza? my accessories are good but my gems are 2 level 8 (doomsday) and the rest is 7

  52. You can do that. I personally am noteinvesting that much in gems for now. Full lvl 7 gems is enough for all content atm

  53. Personally I went for 3 level 9 dmg gems for the big 3 dps skills instead. I'm not sure if it's better than a level 10 doomsday gem but that's just what I did

  54. Looking for opinions to decide my next character. For people who play both red GL and GS, which one is more fun?

  55. I main Gunslinger and have a red GL lopang alt. Obviously my recommendation's gonna be skewed but really it all depends on what type of gameplay you enjoy. I always main-ed ranged gunner classes in most games (e.g. adc main in league, demon hunter in diablo 3, etc.) so GS was a natural fit.

  56. Can I still get rewards from thunder wings by killing it on my <1460 alts? I’ve beaten vykas and valtan many times on my alts but have never gotten any stones of chaos to make their armour sets. Can I get the stone of chaos from thunder wings even though my alt isn’t at 1460 yet but my main is?

  57. Does anyone have a striker alt that they can list a tier 3 chest piece & tier 3 gloves on the AH from? I just broke into Tier 3 on my striker and I didn't get them to drop from my two daily Chaos dungeons. I'm on NAE - Una btw.

  58. How do late-game characters with non-swiftness builds have such high move/attack speed? Is it the rage rune? Relic set? Just trying to figure out why my 1415 spec/crit arcana is so slow compared to others I see in videos.

  59. Free carry both no bid = they will do all the killing in both abyss dungeon, in return you don't bid on the auction (this gives the person a chance to get cheap book for gold)

  60. there is no need to ever spacebar through them. Just run around, even through the fire if nessecary.

  61. It will depend on the distance of your dash, since the hook hitbox needs to overlap with the immunity frames of your dash according to the server. With ping you're going to rubberband into it quite often, so I'd urge you to not even try. If there's a wall of hooks with no opening, just go all the way to the edge and take some inconsequential fire ticks for a guaranteed pass.

  62. Space close. I get caught too much if it's too far. Although ofc the right play is to not spacebar and just run around.

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