Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - November 20, 2022

  1. does the game sometimes shuts down for you with no warning for the past few days? the game straight up shut down with no reason, the game have closed like 5-6 times with no warning yesterday. i don't mean the disconnect error where you get booted to server screen (i still got those as well)

  2. No. Legacy engraving already gives cdr on hit during hypersync, just make sure you are landing your hits.

  3. Whatever time permits. Some days I don't even login my account for 3 days straight some I play every chaos, guardian. Priorities would be the gold earning raids (abyss/argos/legion) then chaos + unas(for alts u will push to higher ilvl since u need shards) then guardian raids (for leapstones you can sell/use).

  4. Is anyone getting complete computer hangs lately while playing? Happened 4 times today updated my drivers and verified files, still happening. Have to hard reset every time

  5. Gearing alt. What is most efficient way to gear them with a future 5x3 in mind while currently achieving 4x3? Let's assume I have the stone for it already and only 1 leg engraving, how do I go about it ?

  6. The way you go about it is build a 5x3. Then, you start subtracting accessories until you have a 4x3.

  7. I'm kind of in the same spot now that I don't feel like gearing 4x3 anymore for new alts, because every time I've done that I ended up throwing everything away when regearing for 5x3. That's a lot of pheons wasted even when you don't care about reselling old accessories. So the plan is - (1) start with a solid stone that will work for 5x3, (2) assume you have legendary combat engraving (e.g. grudge) but not class, (3) in the 4x3 build, have one Argos 3/3 earring and one Argos 3/3 ring as your throwaway pieces (one of them to be replaced with 3/x class, another with 3/5 relic), (4) try to get the other 3 or at least 2 accessories that you will keep and will work for 5x3, so they should be quality 5/3's except maybe neck if you have a good enough stone.

  8. Really depends on a few things, is your stone 7/7? Will you finish the 2nd leg book? Whats stopping you now? Etc

  9. I usually put in Tier and Rank of gem with the correct class and sort by time posted and look for the bid/buyout

  10. After you open the item in Codex, use Ctrl + right click on the image of the item to open the context menu and select 'Search'. This will open the auction house with listings for this exact item. Then, click on 'Minimum bid' column header to sort by bid. Click arrows at the bottom until you find the item matching the bid / sale price specified by the busser.

  11. The most common mistake I see is the class filter for a gem. If it’s a gem, by default, gems shown after a search will be defaulted to your class. If the seller has listed a different classes gem for you, then make sure you either choose the correct class to filter by or choose all classes to search for.

  12. For clown g3 Bingo: how do you avoid dying when you’re supposed to put the bomb down where hammers are gonna swing? Is there an indicator for when the hammers come flying or do I just pray that when the beeping sound of the bomb implying it’s going to drop will be right before the hammers kill me? Lol

  13. The hammers always fly out a tiny little bit after the bomb drops so it is possible to place the bomb and dash away at the perfect moment, but the timing is hard to get and with even a little bit of lag you'll die instantly, so it's safer to just use an alternative spot most of the time.

  14. there is usually an alternative for bomb placement except in case where its the 3rd bomb; in such case you may have to die or get lucky on the timing.

  15. When the bomb icon above your head disappears, you can move away even if the bomb itself hasn't dropped yet. I would recommend at least one person using the maxroll bingo assist, it gives you a few options for where to drop the next bomb (#1 spot being the most optimal).

  16. You try to do alternative spots. In some situations you can try to time it so bomb drops just before or just after hammers, but sometimes you just need to die to get an optimal bomb spot.

  17. Is the name lockout from deleting an alt still 60 days? I just deleted an alt and would like to use the name for a summoner.

  18. the best way to swap a name is to buy a name change pass, name change x -> z, and then change your summoner to x cause itll be available instantly. otherwise you gotta wait until the 60 days is up

  19. As far as I know, yes. There's no cooldown if the character is below lvl 10, but anything above has the 60 day cooldown applied to it.

  20. From what I've heard, tanky classes will be the best at first when progressing since they'll have no help from supports inside and squishys can die from even a small mistake.

  21. Those with 1445+ express characters, how many additional honing materials did you need to reach 1445? Or put it another way, if you only use free event mats, how far can you hone on day 1?

  22. Getting up to 1415 shouldn't be an issue, especially since you can also use honing books to increase success rate.

  23. I've only reached 1415 with the free mats. Luck also plays a part but the event doesn't give enough to just push from 1302 to 1445 without spending/grinding anything honing buff is nice tho.

  24. If ur swift stacking you and running entropy you switch out kbw to ambush. RC is pretty easy to maximize due to the mspd buff of demonic slash on both swift and crit stacking. If ur using nightmare crit stack you will opt out ambush for kbw. Maxroll is always just a beginner's guide, try looking at the lost ark community discord or try the builds on trixion whatever u like.

  25. For RH destroyer alt: how should I do mynstat distribution? I know there are at least 4 different approaches out there.

  26. I went with crit/spec kneck, 1 spec earring, 1 swiftness earring and 2 crit rings , and Im enjoying it . The choice was mande bases on accs prices.

  27. if we ever get the Yoz jar, are any tradable skins useable in it? Can we use the maze skins that we get out of the chaos dungeons?

  28. Should I stay at 21 wep? Or keep trying and hope I get 22/23? Currently at around 30artisan and my ilvl is 1497 (dps main) i want to do all 6 gates of brel but I’m most likely not gonna make it unless a miracle happens

  29. when transfering to brel you lose your honing progress (and the shards invested). So i would complete the hone before transfering. Thats alot of shards youve invested in it.

  30. You lose the artisian energy and the honor shards you put into the weapon transferring it. Basically at 30% arti i think you're in it to hit 22

  31. 22/23 wep is extremely expensive to obtain and doesn't transfer into Brel gear for the amount of gold it requires. I would instead focus on leveling alts, if you can get another alt to 1490 you'll make your money back to an insane degree.

  32. For the express event, do y’all think it’s worth it to force hone for the rewards? The thing I really want is the class books, my alt is currently at 1415. The calc says it would costs 1300 leapstones to push, but that like 100k+ gold worth of stones.

  33. What ilvl do you need or what is the requirement so Una tasks start giving you the new leapstones when Brel hits?

  34. Do you use matchmaking or party finder for T1 guardian raid? Im a new player and at the point where i cant solo anymore

  35. make a grp titled, "new player need help", wait a minute and see if anyone shows up. Otherwise just matchmake and hope for the best xD

  36. On my alts I just solo them. They scale to the number of players and are a fun challenge that helps me to learn to play my class better.

  37. as much as it might suck, do your best to join a guild or ask a friend who's been playing and far ahead to just carry you through T1/T2 guardian raids. If they're 1445 with relic, a single awakening skill should one shot most of them. Just flare/pheremone bomb for them.

  38. Don't bother with T1/T2 guardians. They're annoying, have too much health vs the damage you output, and the people you'd matchmake/party finder likely aren't that good. You're putting in a lot of effort for not that great of a reward. Prioritize Una tasks and Chaos Dungeons and try your best to hone straight through to T3 where the player quality (slightly) improves, as do the rewards.

  39. Do you guys buy the "lucky chests" from the frog merchant with each character? It's 5k per character and has a high chance of giving silver/card XP (which is useful to me, but 5k gold seems a bit steep); plus the rapport item chests which are a huge loss IMO.

  40. I did and I think it is not really worth it. It is a gamble for sure. I got 1 legendary selection chest out of 14 boxes while my friend got 1 out of 6 boxes.

  41. I personally do, but I have more than enough gold to spare. If you're not comfortable spending that much gold you shouldn't do it.

  42. What ilvl is required for a support to do Hard Valtan, Vykas NHH and Clown bus? Can i use my support build? How many DPS and their ilvl/engravings is needed for each raid? How much is currently for each of them? with the exception clown that i think is too early for me to do them.

  43. I have 4 bard(now 1460+) in 4x3 only and they all do content on ilvl ie 1445/1460/1475.I always get accepted in group at the minimum ilvl with 4x3 with no problem.The demand for support is massive hence why we can get away with that.

  44. Support can do any of the raids on item level and engraving wise, you just need 3x3 class engraving/awakening/expert, anything past that is just a bonus and to pad your pug resume. Piloting support well is more meaningful than item level or engravings.

  45. Having issues getting tai scrapper to feel good. Love the style, big meaty hits, and the cycle. But just not feeling great without endgame stuff. Is there some breaking point where it all clicks?

  46. Scrapper really started to shine for me once I hit 1445 and got my full entropy set + tripods. Most martial artists will not feel great without proper investment in their builds, but entropy set will fix your problems with needing crit rate and more damage. It also doesn’t help that you are missing engravings in your build too. At 1475 mine is running grudge, ambush, tai, and keen blunt at level 3 with level 2 adrenaline. You’ll want 50/50 swift and crit with at least level 5 gems to keep uptime. Tripods on your biggest hitters also helps a lot, such as all level 5s for death rattle

  47. Legendary accessories don't sell for anything anymore except MAYBE a really great high quality neck. Burn them for mats.

  48. Am I an idiot for buying a bunch of destruction stones while they're at a low price, I feel like when Brel comes out they're gonna go to the moon no?

  49. hard to say whats gonna happen with the market. The slow aquisition of the new brel materials might serve to keep prices down.

  50. The problem is the new honing doesn't use those stones anymore. There will be new ones for the next tier of honing and you can trade what we have 5:1 for the new ones.

  51. I don't think you're an idiot, no. Imo there's no way they won't go up in price, especially with whales chasing glow. They'll also go up again after they remove the gold vendor, which could be 2 weeks into December. (though they mentioned they might prolong it depending on how the economy's looking like)

  52. For 50/50 Scrapper is a swiftness or crit pet better? I built mine at 1026 crit 1129 swift after swiftness pet bonus

  53. It really makes little to no difference, mainly just preference. I chose crit since I’m running kbw and you need to maintain 85% crit rate to be effective with Entropy.

  54. My amulet auto dismantle is broken for some reason. I have tripods favorites in my notification tree but it doesn’t dismantle still.

  55. Did anyone do the math and see what is worth buying on the new weekly vendor (Twinkle Twinkle Exchange)? The one where you spend gold to buy a chance of getting xyz?

  56. From what I can tell, the honing ones are worth it, the engraving ones are worth it more often than not (or were on the first day at least) and the random ones aren't unless you really need card xp or something.

  57. To all the people who found their mains early and stuck with them, I'm so jealous. Finally found Deathblow striker. Shit is the class I wanted the entire time. It's really hard to get both caught up and the investment needed to make it shine (really sad I didn't do this before the tripod update). But this is the class I'll rock til I quit or the game shuts down due to players quitting via the heatdeath of the server room.

  58. What do you like about it vs the other classes you played? I enjoy my tai scrapper a lot, so I'm interested

  59. I've been searching for this on google for like a solid 2 weeks but I still cant find an answer for it: How do you get the Radiant Fiend weapon skins? I thought it was a skin on the shop but I noticed when trying to buy one on the market that it didn't require pheons, so does this mean you can acquire them in game?

  60. Most skins last on the money shop for 30 days and after the sale ends they are gone from the money shop but you can buy them with gold at any time you want from the market provided there is someone actually selling them.

  61. I'm a returning player, that quit just after hitting level cap. Never geared up or anything. Can I resume playing on my character, or is it easier just to create a new one? Can I still follow the old "what to do after 50" guides on YT, or are they outdated??

  62. just resume playing your char, gearing is faster and easier now. you can still follow the guides but youre gonna get through it much faster

  63. What's the current consensus on spec arty engravings? I cut a 7/7 cd kbw stone, so trying to figure out what to fit there as a temporary 4x3 until 5x3 becomes a bit more affordable

  64. Core is Barrage, Grudge, KBW and Adren, last spot you can do AoA/Hitmaster/CD depends on your preference. AoA lets you finish barrage mode faster, Hit master is higher dmg for no negative aspect, CD has highest dmg ceiling.

  65. Probably not. Quality is super important for necklaces (and it’s better to have higher spec than higher crit), the only time I’d make an exception is if it had the perfect +3/+5 for my build and this necklace is neither. Maybe someone would buy it for a budget build but I wouldn’t value it super highly.

  66. Prepatch argos vs post patch argos, are we getting exactly the same rewards if we buy only g3 box? It feels like a lot less and buying all the boxes also doesn't feel worth it.

  67. On current prices NAE it's still worth to buy boxes but with the increased cost I would recommend to only buy first two ( 300 +300 +500)

  68. Two of my weekly gold earning characters now have the “exceeded weekly gold limit” message when I choose to do legion raids on them. How is this possible? I chose these two characters as part of my six this week to earn gold. I’ve done abyss raids on them and have earned gold from that this week so why now that I want to do the legion raid it’s saying I’ve exceeded the weekly gold limit?

  69. Is there a chance that converting will be added for the other honing materials like there is for the honor to great honor leapstone, or has that already been ruled out?

  70. Once Brel / Ancient Gear comes out, we will be able to convert both leapstones and destruction/guardian stones to the next tier, but nothing else

  71. anyone have experience with playing lost ark on steam deck in SEA/OCE? been thinking of getting one but not sure if bypassing the region lock on the steam deck would be possible

  72. I just obtained my 4th Giant's Heart. Reward should be a skill point potion. I go to Wisdom Isle. The first time I click the NPC they just go "..." the second time I do I see the rewards screen and it says the potion has been claimed.

  73. check the codex alt+D, it has a list of all the skillpoints and their source, if you got it then that particular skill point potion should have a checkmark

  74. It's very fun in my experience and both builds are viable. Also, that underwhelming Z skill used in bonk mode actually feels like a skill and looks downright gorgeous. It really makes you feel like a gravity 'god' that can just create miniature black holes lol.

  75. pretty much got a ridiculous buff; with the appropriate amount of specialization you literally go into bonk mode every full skill cycle.

  76. So I am a returning player, I originally quit during the early tier 3 deadzone before argos even released after going really hard for four or so weeks. I'm at ~1425 now with my Bard, trying to catch up.

  77. There should be a lot of new 1415+ characters and "even" newer and more casual players finally reaching/deciding to try legion raids on their first character soon due to the express event, but in NAE and EUC this week a lot of people still have experienced lots of disconnections when trying to play at peak times, which put us off raiding and especially trying to learn to us new raids/characters until that's resolved, hopefully it'll be resolved with the next weekly reset (or maybe it already is, I didn't get disconnected today) so more opportunities for learning groups next week.

  78. Honestly find a somewhat social/alive guild. Guild folks will almost always have some alts that can do 1415 content with you, and it means you have a solution that's more concrete than a one-off.

  79. People still do Valtan and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Maybe there aren't quite as many normal modes but you still shouldn't struggle to find a group as a support

  80. People can hone to 1575 just like 1500. Theres ppl with 20 characters that can sell their daily leapstones for 28k gold a day. Theres ppl that can buy leapstones with real money (theres an in game store to swipe). Theres ppl that play this game super efficiently like using the AH to flip items for profit. At this stage in the game nothing is impossible

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