Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - November 18, 2022

  1. If you're looking at a legendary weapon, don't sweat it as quality will reset with relic gear later on. If its a relic weapon, I'd be happy to sit on 86% given how skewed quality is for relic gear.

  2. Main/alt? Minmaxed ilvl? Too much gold? Full roster? 86 is a good weap quality, is 100 better? Sure. Will you get it under 200k gold? Depends how much you pray to rnGesus

  3. Are Reaper's skills (Shadow Trap, Storm, and Persona) supposed to go through certain bosses, particularly G1 Valtan, G1 Vykas, and Valtan Ghost phase?

  4. Stronghold training, Cube, Bossrush, Raids. You can also buy XP potions from pirate coins and guild bloodstones

  5. Did paladin Judgement engraving change with the patch? The wording now says Punishment damage, which is also a skill name and I thought it used to be just all blue skills would give piety meter.

  6. Paladin's blue skills are called punishment skills and yellow skills are called holy skills. Nothing has changed about the engraving afaik.

  7. How do I consistently make the scarecrow work with the wolves in G1 solo valtan bus? Everytime either they ignore it, they both go for it or just taunts like one attack. Also, r engraving prices expected to drop more and more each week until the gold sink event expires? or will it be constant?

  8. My neck is 64 should I spend gold to upgrade it to higher quality? Currently 1565 spec would like it to be over 1600 is it worth spending maybe over 50k-100kg gold on one ?

  9. If the character is below lvl 10, deletion is instant. If above, after 24 hr, you have to click on the character again to confirm delete.

  10. Can someone give me a high level overview of 332 vs 341 empress arcana post patch? Which has the more stringent rotation? For 332, are Return and COD somewhat interchangeable in terms of being your "buff"? For 332 I guess return is the only counter now, right?

  11. Is new Hallu ever viable for Swiftflux?? Or is 6p Nightmare ALWAYS and ONLY viable relic for Swiftflux??

  12. Nightmare set is the only things that solves mana issue on instant cast reflux (both crit and swift builds). You can run 2 dom/4 nightmare too but I generally only use it for short/fast runs.

  13. after the patch I can hear some audios that weren't there before, Like my scouter's drone moving sound and earlier today someone's berserker's auto attack. Anyway to disable this?

  14. What do you mean they're gone? Are they missing from the hotkey UI? If that's the case then you can just rebind them from the trade skill menu. If they're missing from the menu then idk what's going on there.

  15. What's the point of being able to toggle between level one of a tripod and your highest attained? Why would you ever need to go back to level one?

  16. With a lvl 9 cooldown gem and high spec, you can barely fit in three A+S rotations on Shadowhunter. In that regard, which would be better: lvl 8 damage + lvl 9 cooldown Spec/Crit or lvl 9 damage + lvl 8 cooldown Spec/Swift?

  17. for trixion dps (so perfect rottion, 100% uptime, etc) the spec/crit with salvation will do more than spec/swift hallucination

  18. I’m not sure about the Im boom itself but the pack/bag the book comes in can be stored in your roster storage. So you can accept it now and still wait for summoner release to use it.

  19. Question about the new arty pressurized heatbomb. Looks like all I need to do is release the button exactly when the bar fills up to get that extra bullet out right? It seems like if I blindly just hold down my button, the bar fills up but there's an additional delay before the extra bullet comes out. Or am I imagining things?

  20. yep you get the full effect of the skill as soon as the bar is filled, that's how charge skills work.

  21. Legendary card selection sets: is it okay to use them towards Lostwind Cliff or LoS? Or should you just hold onto them until the last second?

  22. Using the selection chests towards LwC would be a huge waste as you only need to get it to 12 piece awakening and you get there easily by collecting the 2 non legendary cards. These chests are the most reliable way in the game right now to get the cards you need for 18 (or more) piece awakening of LoS.

  23. I used mine on LWC. I use that on every character I have and I’m not even remotely close to finishing LoS. So even if I’d still hold those I’m still a year+ out if not more. Meanwhile that juicy 7% Crit on every alt feels good.

  24. Valtan armor break is no longer necessary right? Since most pugs are so juiced, can't you just not break armor and just deal with the 10 or 20 percent defense buff since there is too much dmg anyways?

  25. I mean yeah it’s not necessary but you should try to do it so you run through it even faster. But if you’re holding dps to get it then yeah ignore it.

  26. Do skills have a hidden decimal point cooldown? Or does it round up if you have enough cd reduction?

  27. How many hours until the beginning tutorial is over with? I want to use this item called hope amulet. Currently bored, and I'm hoping it picks up the pace.

  28. It depends how efficient you can be but it can range from 10 to 25 hours, and that's just to reach lvl 50, then you get your T1 gear, then your T2 gear and then T3 (ilvl 1302), everything before this point is still a turorial basically, and it's not until you reach 1370 ~ 1415 when you actually get to taste how a class will play more or less, 1415+ is when the end game actually starts, the Legion Raids.

  29. For the use of sidereals like Nineveh do I need to be looking at the point I want to aim or just have my mouse over there? Thanks.

  30. Sidereals spawn in front of your character where you're facing, but shoot towards your mouse cursor. So in most cases it doesn't matter where you look, but where your cursor is, unless you're too close/far from the target.

  31. Nine has a minimum range so make sure you’re at least 1 inch away from the target. I usually face my char in the right direction but I don’t think that’s actually necessary

  32. 75th tap gives 100% Artisan, 76th tap is the guarantee. For future reference please use maxroll's calculator to see how many mats/tries/etc you need for gear. It will help you a lot when planning on pushing characters.

  33. im going to go 4x3+2 and the missing 3 be a +12 class book when the prices become reasonable. first week or two wont be as strong, but wont pay like 30-40% more

  34. It’s smarter to be patient and build a cheap 4x3 and just sell all summoner accessories for a few weeks. However, it might be not the most fun thing for you to do

  35. noob question: does uninstalling and reinstalling maintain my og roster? as long as i do it on the same steam account, right?

  36. Just getting into pet ranch am I supposed to have 6 max pets out for the ranch part? So I should be opening the pet boxes I’ve been hoarding like the vertus one

  37. Pets spend their morale way faster than they regen it. If you login to the game enough to do a proper rotation, the more pets you have the better the rotation is.

  38. 10 minutes left on rare wei card spawn, but your party just started G3 Vykas, you ask them if you can go get the wei card, but they don't respond, what do you do? I alt F4'd, but game crashed and missed Wei and nearly missed G3 Vykas, sad times.

  39. Fastest way is to switch one of your alts, ideally one that has an Anikka Bifrost, to buy Wei and switch back to your raid.

  40. Are the mat bags from gold shop worth it? Don’t have developed roster only 3 good ones above 1445 so gold income isn’t that great still

  41. They’re of high value due to current market prices of those materials. If you don’t feel the need to push faster or buy materials from the market, then you shouldn’t feel pressured to do the same with the gold shop.

  42. Any tips for a new reaper player? I struggle to do decent damage on her; I have all 4 swoop skills equipped, two shadow and two dagger skills. I have ~1000 spec and ~200 crit, and Lunar Voice is my class engraving of choice. Working on getting more combat engravings and better gear, but is there anything else I should do?

  43. We're just too brand new right now. My Reaper doesn't do the greatest DPS but when we get to level 60, have Entropy, tripods, etc. it'll get better.

  44. Another thing is Lunar simply doesn't function well at all until you have at least 1515 spec from Relic grade accessories and wealth runes ready to go with it. I'd honestly just go Hunger in the meantime

  45. Damage will feel rough since it’s new, few to no tripods, haven’t hit levels 55 and 60 for the level 11/12 skills, and more.

  46. I don’t run holy area, but I run Conviction on Sword of Justice and Judgment on Godsent Law. I run Light of Judgment for the meter gain.

  47. I will most likely get downvoted by other gunlancer mains, but i recommend you to take sa2 if you’re crit/spec or just buy a spec/swif neck. Will make maneuvering in clown much easier

  48. I've done it on my blue GL, 2 gates away from 6-piece lvl2. It's pretty chill in G1/G2 if you can dodge stuff the way you would in Vykas G3. G3 you need somebody else to kill balls for you for the most part, you should probably use a few sprinter's robes every pull, and your dps will probably suffer, but at least you can solo stagger. I'd only play g3 on GL with a strong party and good synergies.

  49. Curious what you think with your Artist flair. Also, hard to answer since everyone has different definitions of fun.

  50. I just buy them as I need them for the most part. I guess right now is a good time to buy books, but long-term you should still expect leg book prices to go down. I personally set up a bunch of my dudes to use leg adrenaline book because +2 adr before I go 5x3 is one of the better +2, and I like playing spammy classes that can take most advantage of it.

  51. So for anyone thats been on today, did the maintenance last night fix the server disconnect issues?

  52. For valtan, how can you tell the difference between 3 counters mechanic where he lifts up his axe for quite a long time and the other mechanic where he simply smashes down in a large aoe?

  53. He has a few "lift up axe then smash it down" moves. The main thing to look for is whether any blue energy pulses out from him when he does it. If no blue energy (he does a little horizontal swipe instead) then it's the normal smash down where rock lines go out in four directions.

  54. I bought heavy armor for my hard and don’t use any other leg book on my Paladin. I only bought HA because it was cheap. But the whole set up was under 50k each without them so I just took the cheap route.

  55. Neither. I use awakening expert on stone. These are your core engravings so you know you’ll never need to cut another stone if you use these two. For Lego books, you have options. Vital hit point, drops of ether, heavy armor, etc are relatively cheap for books, so you could buy them all. So if you ever need to change up your engravings for certain fights, you only need to change out the legendary engraving and 1 accessory.

  56. It’s only slightly less efficient. +20 is like 300 leapstones average, and +21 is like 350 leapstones. You aren’t losing much efficiency, so I think it’s worth it considering how long the wait for Brel is.

  57. If I have the bound mats, all of my gold-earning alts are pushing as far as they can up to 1505 except for 1472 dudes who aren't 5x3ish yet. I personally wouldn't hone unbound, but I also have been playing basically since day 1 nonstop.

  58. I'm doing just that. Got a +21 weapon on 1 alt and I'm working on it on another. Though don't break your bank over it, I'm personally only using bound mats.

  59. eh, it's like stone cutting ... when you've hit 25% success rate and you hit your neg engraving you expect it fail but it does succeed as well.

  60. I have one bugged quest one south vern is "At the Journey's End" when I use the stone for do the tunel I can't brock the tower .

  61. There is no indication but if you go close to the tower and press G it should break the tower, even if you dont see it.

  62. Hi, I'm trying to decide between empress arcana (332?) or surge blade on which to boost using the power pass on. I prefer burst playstyle (like igniter, deathblow, robust, shock). Which is more consistent performance wise and do easier burst on in legion raids like clown?

  63. It's usually quicker and smoother than Yoho plus you can get a Galewind rune if you don't already have the one for T2. T2 Leapstone prices have tanked so you probably get a bit more gold from running Yoho though.

  64. Do the legendary engraving selection chests given by the express event contain both class books and non class books? Edit:forgot to specify legendary ones

  65. If I run raids outside of my 6 gold-earning characters, can I still buy the legion raid box and get the normal drops even if I don't get gold from doing the raids?

  66. Which is the 2 most important tripods for thirst reaper? I would like to know which one to apply the hope amulet on. Thanks.

  67. I don't know hunger reaper so go with the other guy for that but I follow this general order in case it's helpful:

  68. I used both mine on Shadow Vortex tripods. It helps with a smoother rotation. Having cd reduction on itself and all your swoop skills helps a lot.

  69. If it were me for sure push wep quality. Cant live with 65 and with how worthless gold is right now, qual upgrades are dirt cheap

  70. IMO, right now is best time to buy leg books. You mention that you're not planning on taking them to 5x3 right now but do you ever plan on taking them to 1475/5x3? if so I think spending your gold on leg books right now is your best option since it's cheap right now because of the event. Once it's over the climb in books prices will happen again.

  71. How come I can never reply to a whisper? It always say that they are on a different server but I understand that. Then how in the world did they msg me?

  72. If you really need to answer it, you can always try to add them to friends, it works cross-server now and this will allow you to whisper anyone.

  73. if you're talking about entropy 3 spender eso striker, yes very viable. that's what I play. whole section on it here:

  74. I'm new to striker and play deathblow but I can run 3 spender tightly with good stats and enough wealth runes. Is it comfy? not really, if you have the boss knock off an ability it's painful.

  75. Skill tree notification auto dismantling kinda messed up for me. How do I set it so that it only keeps amulets that I need to upgrade at different levels?

  76. 4 man team for Clown dc'ed due game servers and when we tried to reenter, we couldn't. Our entry had been eaten and we received no reentry ticket. Great time AGS...

  77. Can I switch the character with express event? I choosed one brand new and honed to 1400, but now I prefer to use it on another 1400 to reach 1445.

  78. It seems to allow one time change up if you've used it up 1415. If you hone past that, you can't change the character any more.

  79. It should be mailed to you in game. I got it in my old main, the first character on my roster list (my Main is listed second)

  80. I used the hyper express on my 1385 bard coz i forgot summoner is coming soon. I claimed the rewards up to 1385, can I still switch it over to summoner if I didn't do anything other than that or nah?

  81. i think i've read that korea received one or more free character slots. when did they receive it (how many chars were out when each was given?) and will we (according to amazon, they wanna be less pay to win?) receive one finally? (has one ever asked in official forum?)

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