They added this, but it is not in the patch notes.

  1. This was my thought for the other zones... Why was it so cheap to KT to lvl 50 and so expensive to KT the later zones. Then after doing feiton for the 20th time, I understand why they dare charge that amount cos it gets really repetitive. That said, SV really isn't worth 3600g, not taking into account the reward u get, cos if u do it on a higher ilvl char, it's really a walk in the park.

  2. I bought it so I can return home from work ready to enter 1415 dungeon, instead of spending the two hours I get to play pressing G. Im guessing there are quite a few ppl in the same boat. 7th toon and yeah, it’s getting old.

  3. I've done it 8 times and I don't mind doing it 8 more. That's the only run I would do because of cards. Idk if I was lucky but I've got like 5 Los so far. So I sure would do more

  4. Added a purchasable South Vern Powerpass available in exchange for 6600 Royal Crystals or less depending on how far the player has progressed. Players will be granted Item Level 1370 gear and are placed in Vern Castle after the Powerpass has been used.

  5. I honestly can't remember if there's a limit. And also you can only use knowledge transfer every other character AND at the same time any power passed character counts as if you did the entire MSQ. Quick example, first time ever you had your 1st character and you finished birth Vern that lets you use 1 KT BUT They give you a north Vern pass which let's you skip (complete) north Vern on your first alt as well as the second one. So with 3 character right at the beginning you can KT other 3 alts from lvl 1 to 50. Now as you go all the way to punika with your main, you can KT your next alt. Then you DO HAVE TO do all MSQ on your 2nd alt (3rd character) so that your 3rd alt can have KT available. Then they gave us a feiton power pass! :D which completes all the MSQ so that gives you another KT all the way to feiton. So 4th alt get power pass, 5th alt uses KT and both have to do punika which is not bad at all and also gives good xp. At this point you have a full main roster (6 characters) and you only did 0-punika your first time, North Vern-Punika and 2 punikas alone. At this point I hope you get the idea.

  6. If they didn't mention it in the patch notes, be careful using it. You might find your character back in Rethramis one day. /s

  7. People are gonna cut down on number of characters or burn out when Brel comes around, so no one is going to do Elgacia 12 times.

  8. Nice, but then again, if I had done KT on my powerpassed soulfist this week, then I wouldn't have got that juicy Zinnervale card..

  9. I ended up buying a south vern pass on my powerpassed character bc i didnt want to do the questline for the 7th time. Not even 5 minutes later, I went into my stronghold and just realized i couldve knowledge transfered it instead… thanks ags and/or smilegate

  10. I played some mmos and loa has the worst one yet XD why? It looks like they translated text ctrl c ctrl v into Microsoft word document and added random photo. I pointed this out earlier that we cant even check prices outside game (pass, skins etc) or even event shop. Look kr patch notes. Look maxroll patchnotes haha they all look normal and welldone. Wake up amazon its not 2009 anymore

  11. I found it pretty fast. Thought I was looking at my KT limits for Punika , to deside on where I would use the powerpass.

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