Daily Q&A and Open Discussion - November 17, 2022

  1. Hey are there any artillerists using the new pressurized heat bomb with the KR voice pack? The skill has no sound with it on, but it works with the english voice pack.

  2. How do you warn a bot in chaos dungeons? It always says “warning failed, player in an invalid area” regardless if the bot has moved or not.

  3. Before the patch, tripods used to drop in the form of broken gear. It couldn't be equipped, but you could use its tripods either to save to your library or to attempt the chance-based tripod upgrade.

  4. So my reaper got a 10/6 stone and Im wondering what I should do. Right now Im 4x3+2 with 12 nodes in hunger, so buying hunger books would finish my 5x3 and give me the ability to go 5x3+2 with ancient. On the other hand 6/3 ancient accessories will cost a fortune for a long time anyways, so maybe it would be better to get a legendary combat engraving and go 5x3+1 now? I have grudge and would buy either CD or ambush to go grudge, ambush, adr, raid cap, cd, thirst 1. CD books I would only have to replace 2 accessories, but ambush would be more useful for my other classes. Or again I just buy hunger and stay 5x3 until way down the line when ancients become somewhat affordable. Not sure what the better investment is

  5. You are asking if its better a better investment to rebuild your Reaper that you just bought Acessories for?

  6. I saved a decent amount of boxes from the event vendor, I actually had more than enough in shards, GHLs I had to use about 500 unbound ones though and so did my friend.

  7. Just my daily rant. I'm from Australia and these past 3 nights in a row of prime game time (7pm to 10pm) has been overtaken by maintenance. Fml. And I have a busy weekend ahead. Not sure if I'll have time to do all my weeklies sigh.

  8. Not cheesed, you'll still have to watch out. Though pathing near the bottom and occasionally through the fire has made it really easy to get through, regardless of what character I'm playing.

  9. I can barely play the game either I get dcd or another teammate. Sometimes multiple players dc at the same time. Can u plz fix this

  10. Out of ironman u have a skill that applies synergy. Inside of ironman everyone around you gets 6% atk increase until you go out of form

  11. anyone having issues with chain skills and their new meter for the time left? Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. To fix it I need to relog to that character. Don't have much chain skills on my alts but it's happening lately on my reaper with the skill Nightmare(The dagger you throw that can counter at the back)

  12. Reaper life be hard. Can't even get into a Valtan HM with the clown title when the party is full of DPS 60 ilvls over. I'd "make my own party" like they always say but there's no way someone's joining a party with just a Reaper.

  13. I got into vykss group that apparently just took me to drive up the price on the wings box, none of them needed it. I just bid a few times before lettint them have their 2.5k chaos stone box

  14. Saw multiple legion raids where they had "NO REAPERS" in the title, it wasn't that bad with machinist. It's sad.

  15. That's how every new class release is. Not maxed lvl, no tripods, no relic set, no practice on that class. Even if ur 5x3 ur dmg will be way lower due to relic sets. Either just power through and hope someone will pick u up, get a guild, or buy bus.

  16. It isn't even a reaper thing. Scouter and Arcanas were gatekept the same way. It also isn't an issue with DPS being 1500, it is more of an issue with you not having relic gear, tripods, levels, etc.

  17. Thank atk. Imo he's the one that made the image of reaper bad or he warned us already so gatekeeping is expected.

  18. Is there a way to see which gear pieces have transfer unavailable without opening the tripod transfer menu? It's gonna be really annoying checking these one by one otherwise.

  19. I just started Lost Ark this week and most days there have been downtime because of maintenance and fixes - is this common or just an off week to join lol

  20. are the servers still fucked? ican't log at all it just dcs me then when i come back it says im logged ffs

  21. Yup, probably worse now than last week if you can believe it. They said they're testing a potential fix, but no eta yet.

  22. The first step you have to take before starting a kick vote is warning the player you want to kick. All 3 of the players in the party with them have to do it.

  23. I like his design and his abilities are cool on paper, but I was disappointed in him. He feels like a worse Demonic Shadowhunter where you have to button mash a ton to achieve a fraction of the damage, plus one of your abilities has a front attack requirement. The big ass shield makes it easy to survive, but I want to actually do damage so I’m switching to Arthinean to see if that’s any better.

  24. Anecdotally, I don't find him as fun as I thought I would, the transformation rotation has some stuttering in it because with a level 7 CD gem it's still not totally fluid. The untransformed guy is really squishy and I've been caught in bad situations sometimes. Overall it looks cool but it's not my style.

  25. That is entirely subjective but I play him and I find him fun mashing buttons. He's a class that you can definitely turn your brain off and still do decent damage.

  26. I made a new alt with the express for a Sorceress Igniter. I'm planning to go spec/swift on my necklace and spec on everything else. Should I go for CD or PD as my 5th engraving? Also, is Hallucination set more practical to use now with the balance update?

  27. I haven't switched to hallu (and am not sure if I will, I'll need to do more research) but my second main is a spec/swift Igniter sorc, and Adrenaline is much, much better than CD and PD if you have no crit neck.

  28. If you had a char with tripods saved from a removed skill the wishful amulets will be in that characters universal storage.

  29. which classes are best (synergy wise) with Gravity training Destroyer? I’m thinking of Bard and Deathblade but idk what the third one could be

  30. prob Deadeye and Striker for positional dps that has crit synergy. GL too but you wouldn't really want 2 taunts.

  31. Where can I ask to see if an accessory drop is good and how much to sell it for? Almost posted in discord region chat but ehhh I dont want someone to give me inaccurate pricing to scam me lol

  32. Rightclick - search automatically opens the auction house with all accessories with the same stat and engravings, quick way to check prices

  33. You can go to the Auction House, register, and then see how much the other accessories are going for. There’s also a “recent prices” tab that shows you past sales if there aren’t any up currently. Judge off that. If there are no past sales, it’s likely an off-meta and you can base that off your own judgement

  34. If I want to save the Punika pass for Summoner. Do I just leave it in the mail or can I open it and only use it when Summoner comes? I'm scared I might forget its in my mail and expire lol.

  35. Both the powerpass and the express event are staying around for summoner. You can safely claim it and just wait. Or make a mage now without choosing a class and use it

  36. you can make a new character, make them a mage, then leave them there in trixion without picking the advanced class. Then use the powerpass on them.

  37. So are all the hyper express pass rewards character bound like the last? I don’t think I’m going to make a new alt and wanted to know if I’ll just be eating the simple fusion material or am able to save it for the future.

  38. when you're fusing you're trading rewards for time so up to you whether you have the time to run more lower rarity maps.

  39. Is it bad to use the hyper express event on a 1370’bard? Or should I be using it on the alt I’m gonna power pass. I think I’m gonna play bard more

  40. I still can not use ANY of my engraving chests on my reaper.. Not just the regular 20 i got from the hyper express event but also my earned ones. Do i really have to pray for a fix from ags? -.-

  41. I’m preparing to buy my first set of legendary books for 5x3. I’m planning to build a 5x3 re deathblade and tai scrapper in the future. I’ve been thinking about just buying 20 adren books because they are reasonable compared to grudge.

  42. The only bad thing about getting legendary adrenaline is that adrenaline is one of the few engravings that you can leave at 1 or 2. Something to consider for the future, especially when ancient comes out.

  43. How am I supposed to go from 960gs to 1100gs if nobody is queueing for Gate of Paradise abyssals? Honed my gear to +12 but its not letting me hone it anymore

  44. Got a question about moon reaper, what’s a proper way to use shadow trap during raid? Do you move your mouse behind your character so you can intentionally move forward the boss like the identity skill?

  45. I'm still experimenting as yesterday was my first day on reaper but it seems to be the case that all maneuver skills should be cast so that you are still within mid-range after the movement.

  46. It can be, but generally Adrenaline is run at 1 or 2 with ancient accessories just due to how efficient the engraving is… that doesn’t mean you can’t run it at 3 and run others like Cursed Doll at 2 instead.

  47. If you're maxing all your engravings, then it's fine. The downside is the lack of flexibility. Like for your Gunlancer if you're going 5x3+1 down the road then yeah it's fine but if you're going for 4x3+2+1 then you don't really want anything other than Adrenaline at level 2.

  48. Since people wont make supports, if you join a supportless run, it's gonna be hard and you need to dodge. Please just be able to dodge.

  49. Lately whenever lost ark is on a loading screen my computer does a mini freeze whenever I alt tab to do something else. Sometimes it loads back but other times I have to restart my computer cause I can't interact with any other application Any solutions?

  50. This happens to me ever once in a while. It freezes at the loading screen in between maps. I can’t exit the program and am forced to reboot my entire computer. What specs is your computer? I wonder if it’s just an issue with the game.

  51. one lil nice thing about LOS18 is that it's more family friendly. killing mobs emits golden dust instead of blood splatter

  52. Been trying to figure this out too. The gold per run is the same but chests costs more and I’m pretty sure they give fewer leapstones now. Would love some data/confirmation.

  53. If they're shit even them doing M1-2 will cause raid wipe anyways. I personally only do 1-2 (sometimes 4) due to my bad ping. As long as someone else can cover the other mario it shouldn't matter. Mario is a crucial part of the raid for sure but it's a totally different game than the regular fight outside.

  54. Nothing wrong with them wanting to do Mario 1 or 2. How is this any different from someone saying they only do Mario 3 or 4?

  55. It's a bit of a red flag for me if someone immediately says "I can only do m1/2". Unless you have really bad ping, there's no reason for everyone to not practice and get confident with every mario. Plus, m4 is actually easier than m2.

  56. Probably just you. I have a group that occasionally has to pick up a pug dps, and we let them pick any Mario they want.

  57. What are the new best auto dismantle settings so I don't have so many amulets with useless skills after a dungeon?

  58. On maxroll there are 19 skill tree abilities listed, if I’m going full swiftness thrist, what skill tree would I drop? Thanks!

  59. Yea, from Maxroll you drop Nightmare - Back Attack, it contributes essentially zero damage. The Reaper guide also recommends dropping one of the two Shadow Storm damage tripods for the Distortion - Tailwind, but that's a personal preference choice you can make.

  60. Probably back attack on Nightmare since it’s just a little bit of damage on that skill which is generally more utility for the counter and reposition anyways.

  61. If you ever want to know why you shouldn't roll a specific gem. I just spent 10 minutes clicking non stop for a cooldown gem on my event gem. Needless to say, save your silver, if that was a real gem, i'd probably be at 0 gold.

  62. The new Selection Card Packs that will get post-Elgacia will have Kadan but sadly it isn't retroactive to the old ones.

  63. Probably lore reasons. Kadan was missing since the chain wars, so we didn’t even know where he was until the we got the update in march. Dudes just been hiding, even from your selection packs. Probably why we can’t use his sidereal in legion raids either.

  64. There may be an actual reason, I'm not sure why. But it's not a bug, there's a reason going after Kadan for LOS is known as the "Kadan Trap." He is the only one of the seven cards that drops exclusively from RNG card packs, he's much harder to level.

  65. I just hit 1475 on my main (Paladin) recently and my "static" wants me to pug the raid first to learn it before I play with them. Should I find a new static or just accept that I'm going to be pugging this game from now on because I can't keep play content on Day 1 when they actually have the patience to learn and teach?

  66. I think it actually depends. Is this a static that was created from a group of friends, or was it made out of convenience to get the raids done fast every week? If they're your friends, it's definitely a red flag that they won't spend a few hours with you to teach you the raid. If it's just one of many statics that they have for clown, I can see them being hesitant to spend probably at least 3 hours teaching someone they hardly know the raid.

  67. Unfortunately I agree with the others. If they don’t value your time as a support main to teach you and journey with you, just move on. If they’re saying that now before Brel and future content, they may have that same attitude anyways.

  68. You can probably find a new static with no/minimal clown experience than they can find an experienced support without a static. I wouldn't necessarily say you should burn that bridge but if you find a more accommodating static then I'd say it's fair play to ditch them.

  69. Find a new static. When a couple of people in our Vykas static finally made it to clown we actually split up a reclear clown party and turned it into two teaching parties.

  70. If they're behaving like that to a support main like you I don't think they deserve you. Leave them; it's going to be easy finding a new static as a support anyway.

  71. Is it worth to buy the 1k gold bag from the frog in hope of getting a legendary card pack selection ?

  72. Worth? Probably not, unless you have gold to burn. The select pack might have the lowest chance from that bag.

  73. How do I get to 1340 armor quickly with the event pass? Is Argos the only option? I KT"d my char through South Vern and I want to do 1415 chaos dungeons

  74. how do I view my support ticket submission? I replied to the email but I got an auto message saying that I shouldn't reply to the email

  75. Is there someone I can see other peoples skin mods? Im wanting to dye a skin but I wanna see what everyone else has done for some inspo

  76. Shadow vortex swoop activation and quick prep is what I did. Those really improve the fun factor of your rotation to get your red skills up.

  77. not a reaper player but I would wait to see what important tripods naturally drop and use your hope amulets to fill out the rest.

  78. Could someone point me out the latest guides for Artillerist? I checked a couple of the popular ones but they're outdated, I just made the alt and I have 0 idea of what I'm doing :v

  79. Iirc Wineblue on twitch is currently writing one so you could go check it out see how far its done

  80. For shards, do the punika egg one in starsand, the titataka kill monsters, and the one in vern. All are quick and don't need to lok for crooks

  81. Hopefully, but this is how it was up until like 3 weeks ago when they made the change. People dealt with it then and may have to again.

  82. whats the preferred pet bonus stat for hunger reaper since its 50/50 on stats? i assume spec for more damage since im not sure how much the 10% swift would actually do

  83. If you’re going 50-50 and have 1000 swiftness, it’s up to you if you want slightly more damage then go spec, or if you want a slightly smoother play with speed and CDR, then go swift.

  84. With the new tripod settings, do we no longer have to worry about them when gear transferring? i.e they're saved elsewhere?

  85. Honestly I started playing Arcana because I thought it’s unique and fun and after playing it for a while I realized it’s just nothing special, at least for me.

  86. Let me break out my mathematically perfect fun meter to give you an exact objective number value of how much fun each class is to you specifically…

  87. If you’re intent on farming for those sets, the best you can do are card runs through all abyss dungeons and also opening Strong Courage packs from challenge abyss as I believe that has the LWC cards. I would double check and preview the packs though.

  88. I'm not trying to be rude or a Debbie downer but the point we're trying to make is that if any of the legendary cards were farmable in any way then lots of people would have 18 and 30 piece.

  89. People who have 30 awakenings (or close to it) have been running 6 sets of card runs a week (aka t1-3 abyss), either card islands or pirate islands to get coins to buy cards from peyto/fermata, bought cards from Mari Shop, bought Legos from Challenge Abyss, and got very lucky.

  90. A lot of people have been saying the honing mat chests from the gold shop are really worth it so consider that. As for engraving i would still say grudge since its universal and I hate playing with cursed doll as well.

  91. NOTHING. That shop is for whales. Rng is not great on anything it’s meant to be a gold drain to lower prices. You should put everything you have in getting the 1460 to 1490. That will give you access to Brel and crazy gold income when Brel hits.

  92. At least in KR they never went up again afaik after the store, I already finished buying all the legendary books that I will ever need, so I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be on the same page once the store gets removed.

  93. I'm certainly not selling mine. In the morning when I checked, the prices were similiar to when the bots were farming them. I didn't sell then so I'm not selling for the same price now.

  94. Once the gold shop event ends the book prices will go back up; I'd suggest holding onto them unless you're short on gold atm

  95. My skill tree notification auto dismantle settings do not appear to work. My wish is to auto dismantle anything with less than level 5, however, they keep appearing in my inventory. I have Amulets checked on my settings, relic and below, excluding gear with set skill tree level or above. My notification threshold is level 5 or above, I'm excluding fully transferred effects and I have unchecked the other box 'include fully transferred effects'. I'm still getting legendary drops with level 2s on them and it is quite frustrating.

  96. Another question : How do i see people with 1490 Reaper already ? Was i dumb for month, can we transfer Valtan & Vykas mats to others characters ? Or did i just see legendary armor 1490 and i don't remember.

  97. Relic gear doesn’t give any ilvl bump over Argos/Oreha gear so you can get as much ilvl as your gold/mats can buy right now (as long as you don’t get gated by chaos dungeon gear drops pre 1302 or argos/oreha mess ups)

  98. Some people were 1490 before Valtan even released so relic gear isn’t a requirement. They probably just used power pass+hyper express+ a ton of mats they were sitting on.

  99. If you saved up a ton of mats it's super doable, even if you haven't done any raids yet. You can do Oreha HM for 3 pieces and Argos for another 3. If you hone those all to +20 you end up right at 1490. With relic pieces from Valtan and Vykas they can get even higher.

  100. The only one truly guaranteed to be worth the gold is the honing chests, they are on average about a 200% return on investment. Buy those on every character you intend on pushing.

  101. In Nia Village, it’s the pink icon right by the triport next to the honing station. In Vern Castle, it’s clumped near the bottom with the other event shops.

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